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I need help identifying these black trainers as well, thanks
I ended up with some loose buttons on my Barba dress shirt and took a moment to redo them last night. One thing I noticed was how fine the sewing thread on the original buttons was compared to the cotton thread I was using to sew them back on. A bit of a detail to be sure, but you can really tell when you study the shank and even the visible threads that hold the button in place. Can anyone share where they buy high quality threads for basic repair work? Tailors, would...
I've got a few shirts that are size 15.5/39 and I typically wear a 15/38; the sleeves are about an inch long, naturally, as well Washing on hot and drying on medium heat for a bit longer than necessary; is it worth a try? The shirts haven't been washed, and I only need them to get a bit smaller... nothing dramatic
I'm looking to replace my 5-drawer dresser (tallboy) with something a bit more interesting. It turns out I know a bit more about chairs and what not but nothing about dressers, where I'm basically looking at stuff at Restoration Hardware, etc. Would like to expand my horizons and get some inspiration from folks here if you have some ideas. Thanks
PMed yesterday with a list of items
Sent a PM some days back but haven't heard back
I've got a pair on pair on brand new cotton Mabitex pants in size 48 and color navy. Waist: 16.25" Hem: 8" Price includes shipping within the US
I've got a pair of like new APC New Standards in size 30. $110 shipped within the US
Nom de Guerre peacoat, tagged size Medium (fits small) Color: Heather grey Top of collar to bottom: 34" Bottom of collar to bottom: 30" Shoulder: 17.5" Chest (P2P): 20" Sleeve: 25.5"
3. Tim Hamilton chunky heather grey turtleneck sweater (detachable turtleneck) - Small $220 4. Miharayasuhiro white shirt / vest (Small) $150 5. Express heather grey V-neck vest (small) $5 6. Club Monaco cashmere turtlneck sweater, heather grey (Small) $30 7. Old Navy V-neck sweater (navy plaid, small) $5 10. Gap leather jacket (tagged XS) $60 Shoulder: 17" Length: 26.5" P2P: 20" TIES: Daniel Figueredo (FIG)...
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