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You're welcome. Glad I could help. I figured someone would notice my low post count. I've been content to just read for most of my time, but I had to share this workaround because so many people were complaining about the problem in this thread. Now that I've broken my silence, maybe I'll go post in the NBA thread. (Thunder, baby, Thunder!)
I found a workaround for this. When the page jumps to the top, look for the "xx unread posts" under the thread title. Click on that, and it takes you to the right place.
Thanks for the replies, gentlemen. It seems that those who dismiss Atkins as being unhealthy do so based on the misconception that it completely eliminates carbs from your diet.  This is not the case.  At the beginning, the plan calls for the consumption of no more than 20 carbs per day for at least the first two weeks.  This forces your body to burn fat to keep up with your energy needs.  After that, you begin to increase your carbs.  As you reach your goal weight,...
Anyone here on the Atkins diet (or "Atkins Nutritonal Approach" as Dr. Atkins preferrs to call it)?  Nearly everyone I know who has been on it has been successful, so I just wanted to see if anyone here has had any experience with it.
Like many here, I am a refugee from the GQ Forum.  The worse that place gets (can it get much worse?), the more I enjoy this forum.   I don't post here much because I am still very much a sartorial rookie, but I have probably learned 90% of what I know by reading the posts here. Scottmag:  Go to Esquire.com, click on "Style" near the top of the page, then click on "Modern Mannequin".  This brings up a virtual mannequin in a suit that you can click on to learn about...
One look that bothers me is seeing guys who take their ties down a little and unbutton the top button.  This MIGHT be passable if you're working late (I usually just take my tie off at that point), but to appear in public like this is similar to leaving your shirt untucked:  It just looks sloppy. Also, anyone who wears a short sleeve shirt with a tie should be hung by that tie.  
How do you tell if a shirt's buttons are plastic or mother-of-pearl?  Can this be done visually, or is there a price point above which the MOP buttons are more common?  Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
New Posts  All Forums: