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ten days? this should have been talked about weeks ago. to think this would not have come out, which is clearly what they were thinking based on their response, was madness.
how does that sum up obama's foreign policy?
What, exactly? The story is that not one but two women who worked for the national restaurant association under Cain accused him of sexual harassment, and were given 1-year-salary settlements to get out and be quiet about it.I hope you are not trying to argue that this fact - and this is a fact - is not something that should be reported on? Is not something that voters should know about? Every serious presidential candidate for 30 years has had their lives picked apart...
what evidence have you seen that could reinforce cain's allegations of racism against him.
it is that terrible, and is exacerbated by cain's other performances when discussing international affairs. it betrays an utter lack of understanding and awareness of the geopolitical arena as a whole and the united states' place in it.
this statement is obtuse.
somewhere between 6 and 7, unfortunately reawakened a hip injury i thought was on its way out. i hate getting old.
i meant utilitarian in the colloquial rather than philosophical sense, which was a mistake given your comment.
it's utilitarian pragmatic. i have no desire to live in a place ridden with desperate and overstressed people. it is at best unpleasant and at worst life-threatening.
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