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did you have to tanya harding her to get her home? i used to have to walk tons in dress shoes, but the poor shoes soaked up nearly all of that. you could go the civil servant route and get eccos
i will admit you have some of the most amusing posts on here.but for serious, try wearing band-aids over the heel spots for awhile (i get something similar but only after a few days into a backpacking trip) , and do see a doctor about the toe because that looks like a fungal infection.also why wear thong sandals when you can wear camo-crocs?
ah, i love my tenzing (i suppose it was the precursor to the mallory, but looks practically identical) and it does get better with wear. also it should fit a bit larger to accommodate some layering. but with a sweater and the mallory vest that jacket can take some seriously cold weather.
this is classic - you can't catch a break can you.moral of the story is to never shit at work again.
+1.also i've not been around long enough to know ctp's illustrated history, but if they're all like this i really hope he continues posting.
oh yes. oh god yes.
you just need to unbutton one more button and you'll be good to go.excellent suit.
if the cuff didn't make this full-on asshole, the hat would certainly put him over the edge.100% douche.
this guy looked like he took his girlfriend's jacket by accident when he ran out the door.
"slight water damage" - those shoes should have a salvage tag. why would someone buy these?
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