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give the guy a break - this is his next-door neighbor:
also running up hills helps with the calves.i actually had to google this forefoot/heel strike business after reading, i have no idea what i'm doing. i think i'm usually landing forefoot, but i'm wearing cushioned shoes which probably doesn't make sense then. but i've never had running injuries in 10 years so i feel like changing up could be a recipe for disaster.
were i in your position, i would keep the shoes and the discount.
+1a lazy tailor once took in a SC of mine at the center seam and it did not look good. i had to have it fixed at a later date by a good tailor elsewhere.
but in all seriousness, i like this outfit a lot. although you'd better not be wearing a hat.
try to time your visit with a mina visit though, if you do. i keep missing her by like a week.
hmm, time is ticking. i'll be on the road starting the 14th and not back till dec 1, will this box find enough homes before then?
don't worry, you can leave a watch and a pair of shoes too.
"picked up a $1100 vicuna tie for $100good dealOctober 12, 2011"guy's gotta make a living.
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