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ist's tie looks like that because it's tucked into a sweater.
do you know who makes that RTW?Also I wonder why they're selling this at all, as I can't imagine anyone who knows who rubinacci actually wanting it, and i'm guessing if you don't know rubinacci the 1300 SC isn't going to make you want to set up a fitting. oh well.
i think the country association only really holds true for england. i once (before i knew anything about clothes) thought of tweed as sort of an all-purpose sport coat fabric for academic/intellectual types.
great fit, tie is for the long haul - i also like these collars, although i thought they were just called round collars (or penny collars, i guess), but haven't seen them at all on SF. i also liked them before boardwalk empire, which i've actually never seen, but after edward hardwicke in the granada sherlock holmes.
this is great.
like the others said, sales experience is important. if you're going part-time and have a flexible schedule (i.e. you can work evenings, weekends and holidays), i would bet that just being good-looking and personable can get you a job in a place like RL or NM.
i think it depends on the situation and the subjects. in interviews, i am generally impressed by someone who has had enough interest in a subject other than their major to fulfill the minor requirements in it. i think if your field does not require any flexibility in intellectual ventures this is probably less important.
i disagree with your first statement. a minor means usually that you took enough of that class for a major, but did not fulfill the other requirements. i majored in a social science, and minored in biology, which required only one fewer bio course than a major if i remember correctly. if i had taken two more chemistry classes, i would have had a bio major as well.i think in the united states the minor track lets you get relatively in-depth into a subject not related to...
did you have to tanya harding her to get her home? i used to have to walk tons in dress shoes, but the poor shoes soaked up nearly all of that. you could go the civil servant route and get eccos
i will admit you have some of the most amusing posts on here.but for serious, try wearing band-aids over the heel spots for awhile (i get something similar but only after a few days into a backpacking trip) , and do see a doctor about the toe because that looks like a fungal infection.also why wear thong sandals when you can wear camo-crocs?
New Posts  All Forums: