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if you're buying a cashmere throw blanket, you probably don't want people to think you stole it from your last flight.
has anybody else on the Continent shown any interest in this?
http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=EUR&to=USD&view=1M let's just keep this going through thanksgiving...
14 yesterday therefore: 0 today
ist's tie looks like that because it's tucked into a sweater.
do you know who makes that RTW?Also I wonder why they're selling this at all, as I can't imagine anyone who knows who rubinacci actually wanting it, and i'm guessing if you don't know rubinacci the 1300 SC isn't going to make you want to set up a fitting. oh well.
i think the country association only really holds true for england. i once (before i knew anything about clothes) thought of tweed as sort of an all-purpose sport coat fabric for academic/intellectual types.
great fit, tie is for the long haul - i also like these collars, although i thought they were just called round collars (or penny collars, i guess), but haven't seen them at all on SF. i also liked them before boardwalk empire, which i've actually never seen, but after edward hardwicke in the granada sherlock holmes.
this is great.
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