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still do not understand.
possibly, but for different reasons.privileged insiders in france and some southern european countries intentionally created their situation, whereas the united states has either outsourced or automated a lot of positions not only relating to IT and its implementation, but also myriad other medium-skill positions. the upshot is that entire career paths are being rendered obsolete, and are not being replaced with new types of positions at an adequate rate.
i just googled him and his show is on HBO, which i've never had access to.
i only vaguely know who he is. i seem to remember not being particularly fond if him, but i didn't know he was still around.
bill maher? what does that have to do with anything?
this statement is insane.
that is neither here nor there. i was pointing out that cain would not be the "forerunner" were it not for his success in said pre-primary season polls (and a certain mormon's continuing non-success).
this is incorrect. self-described republican voters declared cain "top tier"
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