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most of my bits are pretty old. more recent than that, even:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/foursqwar-foursquare-goes/id392517125?mt=8
everyone citing his likeability problem is right - it's his biggest problem and the one that i think removes him from the group of plausible candidates.
ugh. ok, you've been waiting for it, the story behind my out-of-date and tragically no-longer-hilarious SF handle, so here it goes:i did design the name to annoy people, but not in the way you have assumed and not for style forum. it was for a dumb iphone game in which one can attack and take over other peoples' territory on a google maps overlay. at this time the company i worked for was doing dilligence for an investment in the developer. the developer and most of the...
i didn't "design" my username to do anything but be hilarious, which it undeniably is.are you insulted by someone poking fun at the freedom fries fracas of 2003? i think even those responsible would laugh about it now.
i don't know how many restaurants changed french fries to freedom fries, but the house cafeteria did (also freedom toast made it onto the menu. not sure about freedom-pressed coffee or freedom vanilla ice cream). that, btw, was a truly worthwhile use of congress time. not sure how ironic it is that that is my username.
it should be quite obvious: i'm getting that you used an inane title in order to be inflammatory, before using a quote that essentially invalidated it. that is, unless obama is sitting up late every night checking every recommendation that comes out of every federal agency to make sure it's kosher, which i doubt.as with the "christmas tree tax", this is a non-story designed to keep stoking mindless republican outrage about the president while distracting them from their...
did you read your own post?
this terrible thread > tebow
don't get a 2nd hand bike until you know what you're doing. as in clothing, fit is the most important thing. try to find a good shop that you can imagine yourself spending some time in, and where you get along with the staff and mechanics. they will fit you for a bike, and answer other questions regarding sizing, materials, clothing (you will need to buy shoes, helmet and some decent outfits), and gear.these days you can get a very nice, light road bike for € 1000.
nothing per se wrong, but intense has no history in making bikes like that. it will also be likely over-priced. if someone were to force me to get a fully rigid it would have to be be titanium, and from a maker with history in ti bikes.
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