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i think the fee is administrative. the state department has fees for practically everything: passports, additional pages in passports, visas, and various other certificates one tends to need while abroad. really sad for the visa applicants, who pay hundreds in fees even when rejected.
i stand corrected.i thought that all three requirements (including the non-compliance one) were necessary, rather than just one of three.that is pretty shitty. although i guess i don't have much sympathy for americans who want to renounce their citizenship to save some money on taxes, especially for canadian citizenship of all things.
it's not an exit tax, it's being held accountable for not paying their taxes. also, what exactly is meant by the statement: they "come from a time where people could just pick up and move"? is that no long possible or something?yeah it's somewhat obnoxious to have to fill out a 1040 in addition to my other tax return, but i don't make near enough money to have to actually pay anything (i think it's somewhere like 100k per year AFTER taxes from wherever you're living).also...
mr porter is one of the few places one can buy the high-level grensons, which i think is called the G1 range. They are not comparable with the newish line with names (fred, sharp, stanley, etc.), and are more than double the cost. the lower level shoes are made in india and finished in england, the upper level are made entirely in england, and from what I've seen are more at the C&J level.i have a pair of sharp boots that i got for 80 GBP on a half-price sale, and if...
i have a pair of the new line grensons and they are not poor in workmanship. it's not at rose/masterpiece level, nor is the leather, but then again they cost significantly less. they are IMO as good as or superior to loakes, which are in the same price range.
nope. i just found the forum a couple months ago while trying to find a decent alterations tailor in my city.
finally figured out thanks to this post. i am not the user formerly known as hey man, who it appears is from canada.i do not like canada.
the inspector general was appointed by george w bush, so it makes little sense to refer to this office as the Obama administration.
non sequitur much?
still do not understand.
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