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hey I just checked their return policy and it seems you guys are right - I was basing my sell on the fact that it asks to please try on the shirts before washing to ensure fit. even if they only give me a credit I'm fine with that!
Hey, thanks for the reply - I'll check with them! I'm a pretty regular customer as I'm hard on my shirts, so maybe they'll do a guy a favor.
although that last one was a stinker. beggars can't be choosers, I suppose. where did you thrift that suit, if i may ask?
very nice. send my greetings to hennes..
very nice. send my greetings to hennes..
this is the crux of the entire thread and it didn't seem to really get answered - namely whether or not a really high-quality double sole will keep your feet dry in heavy rain and other wintry weather, and if so whether it will then last as long as a high-quality rubber or dainite while doing so. i have never in my life experienced foot odor or fungus or anything (knock on wood), so this is not my greatest concern.
i just saw this tie at an outlet last week, if you have one near you. €90 is what they're going for i believe.
my favorite part is the "was 900" when was that again?
I'm not sure I would agree that most people on this forum are looking for the latest fashion trends in footwear, at least on the classic menswear side (I wouldn't even know what the latest trends in men's foowear are). But regarding the other point - I'm not sure long even a very well-made shoe will last me if I'm generally using it for winter duty, especially when you're living in a place with harsh winter weather.
I do like Dainite soles as my biggest gripe with leather is that they leave my feet wet and cold after walking about in rain (my feet always seem to be cold anyways). Still, in my experience Dainite doesn't seem to be very grippy at all. I have a pair of country shoes with commando soles that I use for work if there's actual snow/ice. It looks a bit daft with a suit but my place of work is full of people wearing odd get-ups.
New Posts  All Forums: