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has anybody here ever booked an end-of-year long-haul flight just to avoid missing out on star alliance gold? i'm seriously thinking of booking a day-trip to singapore or something in december (and by day i mean probably around 3 days in all), but i can't shake the feeling that this is an outrageous thing to do.
it is a pain in the behind, but i have not had the feeling that the IRS is out to get me or anything.not yet, at least.
the original quote did not contain the most salient paragraphs from the article:
this is mistaken. just because you may qualify for US citizenship does not automatically make you a US citizen - you still have to apply and/or register for it. in this case, the individual in question would have canadian citizenship, not US citizenship, and there would be no reason for the IRS to bother them.
i think people are not reading the posts all the way through. up to a certain point, if you are a US citizen and you are a resident of another country and pay taxes in that country, you are not liable to pay US taxes at all. if you are living in a western european country for instance, and your income is the dreaded richman/poorman 150K, and you are taxed at 40% (which includes health care, social security, and all payroll and income taxes), your net income after foreign...
i've only been to two of the top 50 (that i know of), and neither one would be in my personal top 50, so personally i am not on board.
this plan was initially hatched in 2008, while george w bush was still in office. thus, calling this an obama tax is misleading.
^^ bravo
ok, according to what you just posted, the figure refers to "average net U.S. income tax liability" . this is the net amount of taxable income, not income.
i think one thing that the initial article made confusing was the amount of tax liability american citizens have as it relates to what people are referring to as the exit tax. it is not someone making 150K a year or over, but someone who has had a tax liability of 150K a year. there is a big difference.and again, there is a clause to prevent double taxation, and up to a certain point US citizens do not have to pay taxes. if I am living in the netherlands or something with...
New Posts  All Forums: