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This is a question: I have a pair of Church's Edgware almost exactly one year old, and otherwise holding up well. I just noticed this tiny tear in the leather on a seam, and am wondering if this is something I should get professionally repaired if possible, complain about to Church's, or just not bother with.. any advice?
i actually wasn't impressed with the 12 or 17 but the pulteney 21 was quite good, if a bit expensive (i won mine in a tasting-lottery, so didn't shell out too much). i second the talisker recommendation, though would recommend the storm over the 10 (even though I like the 10). I haven't yet tried the talisker port ruighe but the profile is interesting.
Also, the 10 refers to the absolute youngest of the casks in the blend, so you could theoretically have something that's 80 percent 17 and 20 percent 10 and it would still need to be called a 10.I actually think the no-age-statement taliskers are better than the 10, but they can't charge as much because the youngest element is probably around 7 years old rather than 10 (which doesn't mean it isn't better).Also, different casks require different amounts of time in them to...
I would try the Talisker Storm rather than the 10 - it's a smoother scotch for the price than the 10.
Peat and Salt is All You Need Talisker 18 is my favorite .. .. .. .. Standard go-tos are now Talisker Storm (NAS), Coal Ila 12. There's a place around here that has Benriach Curiositas 10 for super-cheap, so I always have one of those. I used to buy more Springbank but they've become over-priced where I live - I still love me a 15. Same with Ardbeg. I also enjoy Lagavulin, Jura makes some nice ones for the price as well. I generaly don't like Highlands, although I had a...
hey I just checked their return policy and it seems you guys are right - I was basing my sell on the fact that it asks to please try on the shirts before washing to ensure fit. even if they only give me a credit I'm fine with that!
Hey, thanks for the reply - I'll check with them! I'm a pretty regular customer as I'm hard on my shirts, so maybe they'll do a guy a favor.
although that last one was a stinker. beggars can't be choosers, I suppose. where did you thrift that suit, if i may ask?
very nice. send my greetings to hennes..
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