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has anybody here ever booked an end-of-year long-haul flight just to avoid missing out on star alliance gold? i'm seriously thinking of booking a day-trip to singapore or something in december (and by day i mean probably around 3 days in all), but i can't shake the feeling that this is an outrageous thing to do.
i've only been to two of the top 50 (that i know of), and neither one would be in my personal top 50, so personally i am not on board.
^^ bravo
mr porter is one of the few places one can buy the high-level grensons, which i think is called the G1 range. They are not comparable with the newish line with names (fred, sharp, stanley, etc.), and are more than double the cost. the lower level shoes are made in india and finished in england, the upper level are made entirely in england, and from what I've seen are more at the C&J level.i have a pair of sharp boots that i got for 80 GBP on a half-price sale, and if...
i have a pair of the new line grensons and they are not poor in workmanship. it's not at rose/masterpiece level, nor is the leather, but then again they cost significantly less. they are IMO as good as or superior to loakes, which are in the same price range.
somewhere between 6 and 7, unfortunately reawakened a hip injury i thought was on its way out. i hate getting old.
give the guy a break - this is his next-door neighbor:
also running up hills helps with the calves.i actually had to google this forefoot/heel strike business after reading, i have no idea what i'm doing. i think i'm usually landing forefoot, but i'm wearing cushioned shoes which probably doesn't make sense then. but i've never had running injuries in 10 years so i feel like changing up could be a recipe for disaster.
were i in your position, i would keep the shoes and the discount.
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