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I don't know about the golf thing, but I will back up my boys in Germany on their complaints regarding peoples' everyday manners, especially vis-a-vis strangers. One of the few things that nearly all Germans I know who have visited the US have remarked to me upon is how nice, friendly and polite strangers are toward one another in daily life - at the grocery store, on the sidewalk, etc. This is not an illusion. And it makes me wonder why if everybody finds it so great they...
Hmm, take away the hair, the scraggly beard, add glasses and some style... yes, I see it!
Certainly correct on the PS (fixed), and as well on the jacket - it is RTW which I brought against my better instincts to a untried tailor who did a poor job taking it in (in addition to a poor job on the trousers). I had planned on having Will Field fix it in November when I'm in town for a couple weeks, but may try somewhere else in the meantime.I was thinking the same thing about the shoes, but I'm not too concerned about the socks.
I wonder if I can set up a "praise heartily" auto-reply for all of PG's photos.Sheesh! My goal is to one day, god willing, look half as good as this.
ah well, something appears to be going on with my left shoulder in these pictures, although it doesn't look like that now - also the trousers are too long, and are going back to the terrible tailor as soon as i have time.
i have a feeling you do quite alright in your negotiations. wonderful outfits, as usual, although your jeans do not conform to my personal jeans-wearing style. ashamedly (or not) i must confess my hipster-ness in all things denim.
that waiter was literally insane.but in all seriousness, people often take me for a student despite my advanced age (for american standards), and i have never had a tip refused anywhere, by anyone (in france, other europe, or otherwise). i believe this happened, but i'm wary of taking it as an indicator of tipping practices in general in france (i can say with certainty it is not the case in the DACH).
My opinion diverges with just about all of these except the last one (pants too long), as I have nothing against slimmer lapels and narrow ties.I do think a smaller knot is warranted, however, which would (GASP) perhaps even call for a smaller collar.
Servers in Europe do not view tips as an insult. One doesn't tip as much as in the US, of course, but if you don't tip at all you will look like an ass.
Ha! Good one.
New Posts  All Forums: