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+1, or wear with a more appropriate (for that) outfit, like seersucker or something. looks strange with the dark sc.looking good, victor. i think you should grow a beard. i don't know why, just do.
consignment shop? those things still exist?great find in any case. i'm looking to replace my only blue SC, which has mysteriously disappeared, and am debating whether to look for a deal or just wait out the winter until i'm in a position to get one made.
you're lucky i have a laptop.what a difference a button and a week make. nice job. may i ask for details on the jacket?
^^ yes, good eyes - although i wish i had brought some cash along with me on my ride and been able to replenished the electrolytes at fageralm instead of this terrible coffee shop, but i digress. i hope you're having some lakeside quality time in this weather...
ikely my last appropriate opportunity for this. i only drink this when i'm in the midst of a long hike or bike ride.
it's sunday. italian shoes.
everybody's on that jacket being too slim - i can't place the issue on slim, but something looks strange on it, particularly around the shoulders. it doesn't at all look like you can't button it, in fact i'd wager you have too much room around your gut when you do. have you had it altered? can you take another picture of it buttoned?otherwise i like the outfit, but would exchange the red stripe shirt for some strip that works better color-wise with the pants.
this is some fantastic news. i don't know your business model, but within the eu you have an immense spectrum of business-friendliness in terms of regulatory and tax policies. it may pay off to look at someplace more exotic...
i have been a much happier snowboarder since replacing my mid-level burton bindings with high-level flow bindings. but from what i've heard you really have to get the best (read: most expensive) ones to ensure you don't lose too much on stiffness. check 'em out. it's especially nice if you're out with skiers as well, since you don't have to make everyone wait while you're strapping in.
New Posts  All Forums: