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because tax cuts have done so much to create jobs in the recent past.
^^collar stays?
i don't think the crisis would have an impact on your business - particularly if you're looking at the UK. nothing is going to change regarding the open market (nor with demand, i should think). what are your specific worries?
+1 - i really dig the coat in these pictures, and assume it is 100x awesomer in person as is usually the case with cashmere coats of this quality.and who said it needed to be a staple coat? and why are we being asked - are you considering selling it?
i think this outfit ain't half bad in theory, but it's a bit fashion-forward, which i think calls for a closer fit - if the pants and in particular the jacket were slimmer this could work. finish with tan suede loafers. or maybe that would look worse.
took it out. i don't give a shit if you have your head in the sand as to what everyone else on earth thinks about this.
i'm not going to start on the history lessons but there is one thing you should understand: unless you want to spend the rest of your life in the southeast united states with only white friends, you need to get rid of that flag and the bullshit that goes along with it. because everywhere else in the world, people will think you're either ignorant or racist or both for sporting it. maybe that doesn't matter to you, but then you probably wouldn't be here.
we have a winner - nice job and good decision.
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