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the dreaded bathroom shot - this collar/tie combo is not gonna make a lot of people happy, but so be it: [[SPOILER]]
ha, yes i'm the same way weight-wise - also wanted suede dms but ended up finding some suede zegna brogue-ish shoes that i really liked, so did that instead (we shall meet again, but probably not till next year, double-monks...)
those shoes are beautiful. who's the maker of your suit?5 pounds ain't much my friend - you can lose that after one long run (albeit in water weight). get concerned when you need to lose 15+ .
somehow i got mixed up while multiquoting and thought the facepalm was for a differnet quote (the one about spoiler tags), although i happened to agree with lufty's sentiments, if not perhaps his enthusiasm.
jedem das seine: i, personally, do not like shiny cufflinks for normal usage - that is to say, not necessarily on formal occasions, but under dressier circumstances. therefore i appreciate silk knots, which allow one to wear french cuffs and embark on some interesting coordination for little money.
Silly name aside, has anyone heard of / had experience with Xuits of Frankfurt and Köln? It seems like a smaller version of the suitsupply operation but all MTM and with some nice fabric choices, but nowhere on the site can one find where the suits are made and by whom. http://www.xuits.com/
this is so much win i can barely believe it.
thanks for the reply!i unfortunately do not have access to a decent tailor at the moment, but will try to get this looked at in a couple months.
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