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somehow i got mixed up while multiquoting and thought the facepalm was for a differnet quote (the one about spoiler tags), although i happened to agree with lufty's sentiments, if not perhaps his enthusiasm.
jedem das seine: i, personally, do not like shiny cufflinks for normal usage - that is to say, not necessarily on formal occasions, but under dressier circumstances. therefore i appreciate silk knots, which allow one to wear french cuffs and embark on some interesting coordination for little money.
Silly name aside, has anyone heard of / had experience with Xuits of Frankfurt and Köln? It seems like a smaller version of the suitsupply operation but all MTM and with some nice fabric choices, but nowhere on the site can one find where the suits are made and by whom. http://www.xuits.com/
this is so much win i can barely believe it.
thanks for the reply!i unfortunately do not have access to a decent tailor at the moment, but will try to get this looked at in a couple months.
hi all, posted this in WAYWRN but not the appropriate place - i noticed this strange "bubbling" almost of fabric on the shoulder seam of this suit jacket: i can run my finger on the inside of the fabric and smooth it out from the other side (the jacket is partially-lined), but can't get it to go away. it's only on this side. any thoughts?
derek, i'm not sure jpress will work for you. for me, the shoulders are too padded for you and even slightly too big, there's some unnecessary fabric hanging out around the arms, and the cut seems off.were i you, i would send this SC on its merry way to a more appropriately-proportioned/styled owner.
no fit for today yet, but noticed this on another suit - any thoughts on this action at the seam? it was on a pretty crappy hanger for awhile, i noticed.. :
also a cool read. i always really liked the style of the TTSS and smileys people miniseries. with some exceptions, of course
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