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quick question: i quite like these beltless tenero suit trousers, but the side adjusters seem not to really work (they don't hold). i always have trousers taken in and these are no exception, but i suppose the tailor left a bit of room to accommodate the adjusters. is there a trick to improving their hold, or do i just need to get them taken in again? [[SPOILER]]
thanks! tenero makes sense, although it's a 2-btn so was thrown off.
sorry, i meant which fit is the trunk suit. i did manage to figure out that the bloomingdales is balthazar...
so nobody has responded to my super well-researched question about how bloomingdales compares to random other shop... j/k, so after reading through all these fits i still can't figure out which one is this: https://www.instagram.com/p/BEv3NAHvTeY/ or slideshow: http://www.trunkclothiers.com/journal/index.php/eidos-napoli-ss16-at-trunk as i recently procured this suit on a whim and it fit so well i immediately ordered one of those bloomingdales ones (for a frankly...
hard to say - i'm not at all scientific about fits, but notice i do well with EU52 out of italy in general - caruso, boglioli, RLBL, etc. one thing that is always a bit off is the shoulder; i always have shoulder dimples (although usually only on one side). i got an eidos suit from trunk, and it's so far my best-fitting suit, so i'm hoping the shoulder/drape or whatever one calls it will be similar. one day i will invest in a bespoke suit and make sure to follow the...
ah - for some reason i figured all the suits would have more or less the same fits. if i were to purchase an eidos suit from trunk clothiers, for example, how would it compare to the bloomingdales suits? i took advantage of the sale to snag one, but won't even see it until the end of december, and am wondering if i can assume the fits will be similar...
glenfarcas 12but then again, i would never spend my own money on macallan of any vintage.
i cannot fathom how you could consider the 10 to be superior to the 18, but i do kind of envy the financial implications for you of that preference.talisker is one of my favorite distillers - i think the storm and the port ruighe are both more interesting than the 10, which I enjoy but it's only marginally less expensive than those two.
i won a bottle of 21 from a tasting once - it's quite nice, but seemed not nearly smooth enough for a 21 year old.for the money i would go with the 18 talisker, which is similar on the salt, though also peatier.
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