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marcusmalmborg.com is what everyone is raving about above, and is EU (Stockholm), so should be a similar e-commerce experience to mr porter. not so sure about the level of stock - already sold out of the suit i was eying in my size and it's only been live a few days.
this looks really nice: the whole ensemble of course, but especially the suit - i wish there was a tailor in my town that could make a suit like this for under 5K...
comments like this and worse, usually in absurd foxnews soundbites or memes but still often in mystifyingly inane blurbs like the above, which are hardly more productive, have demonstrated to me beyond a doubt that a large part of the american populace is irreconcilably and irredeemably ignorant, hateful, misogynistic and very likely racist. clinton was incorrect about the basket of deplorables only inasmuch as she vastly underestimated its size.
i too love the side-tabs, except mine never hold for more than 30 seconds. is there a trick to this or should I just sew them a bit tighter? also: very excited about malmborg - really excellent work in the site design and execution, and look forward to ordering.
i think the trump-brexit comparison is lazy and misguided, other than that racism and ignorance have been the two driving forces behind both phenomena.
it is indeed the first time ever, according to them. unfortunately, the venn diagram of FP readers and probable trump voters is approx as follows: o o
former senator/secretary of state ~ real-estate scion turned reality tv star in terms of qualifications to be potus. ok.
this is truly a game-changer
this is the reason i don't ship to the EU from US - more than the cost, it's the totally unpredictable experience. In on instance all went well - package delivered and duty paid to the postman upon delivery based on declared value, but other times i've found myself on expeditions to customs centres in the suburbs manned by kafkaesque bureaucrats that would put american motor vehicles department employees to shame.i am lucky in that i still have access to a US address and...
photos? where did you get the suit, and did someone already attempt to get pants let out or did your tailor just look at them and tell you it ain't happening?
New Posts  All Forums: