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my favorite part is the "was 900" when was that again?
I'm not sure I would agree that most people on this forum are looking for the latest fashion trends in footwear, at least on the classic menswear side (I wouldn't even know what the latest trends in men's foowear are). But regarding the other point - I'm not sure long even a very well-made shoe will last me if I'm generally using it for winter duty, especially when you're living in a place with harsh winter weather.
I do like Dainite soles as my biggest gripe with leather is that they leave my feet wet and cold after walking about in rain (my feet always seem to be cold anyways). Still, in my experience Dainite doesn't seem to be very grippy at all. I have a pair of country shoes with commando soles that I use for work if there's actual snow/ice. It looks a bit daft with a suit but my place of work is full of people wearing odd get-ups.
This is what happens when you buy 4 shirts from the same place you always do, wash them all upon arrival to remove wrinkles, and then realize you've ordered the wrong sleeve length. So: four new, non-iron, unworn shirts, all 16/34 (40-41/86cm) as...
UPDATE for anyone interested in Zegna customer service: So after writing through the Zegna International customer service portal on the Web site, I had a response from the Salzburg outlet store manager within 24 hours, and within 4 days of sending the shoes via post to the outlet, a gift certificate in the amount of the purchase, for use at any Zegna store. So all in all a very pleasant surprise in a land not known for its accommodating customer service or its smooth...
update for those interested in customer service: zegna has responded and wants to talk about finding a solution to the problem, so will keep posted. i haven't exactly had great experiences with customer services on this side of the pond so i'm curious how this will end up. EDIT: So they evidently will take a return and issue me a coupon, the worth of which is yet to be determined. Not bad, I suppose!
yeah i was afraid of this. well, just sent of a customer service request and will probably ring the outlet shop some time this week, but i wouldn't say i'm very hopeful.
Got these about 1-1.5 years ago at the Zegna outlet in Salzburg. They were around €260, so about 40% off. I really like the shoes, particularly the dainite for the rain. Any thoughts on whether this can be repaired? I'd just go ask but I have a hard time making it to repair shops given their hours, so would like to have an idea beforehand. Cheers
many thanks!
could anyone update this - i.e. cobbler(s) in vienna?
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