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i 100% agree with you; I was rather surprised that you knew this already as a student, rather than having to experience it first-hand (that boss suit didn't last more than three years, incidentally!).
so first off, one of the locks has malfunctioned such that it technically "locks" inasmuch as the button doesn't depress fully, but the latch flips open at the slightest insistence. this to me is a significant fault in a 6 month-old cabin bag that costs 600 euro.second, there is really zero give. there is no "sitting it to make it fit" flexibility. i have heard the plastic rimowas are easier here, but then again why would you pay so much for plastic? i think if i would do...
So Spark's post was insanely comprehensive and not too much to add; however, a couple points:Also a FF for mostly mid to long-haul 3-5 days trips. It may be that my destinations are typically better for this type of service than others (i.e. developing/emerging more so than developed countries) but i have found hotel laundry service for shirts to be generally affordable and extremely convenient. often the express service will be expensive, but if you plan well you can do...
drinking this: i can confirm the 6.5% alcohol content.
that is a good tip. i'm a bit surprised you spent 900 euro on a suit as a student - I studied here and upon getting my first job after uni thought i was being embarrassingly extravagant in buying a hugo boss suit in the 1st district for 400. anyways, i have vowed to stop buy j&n this week to buy some cloth and find out when the neapolitan tailor is in town. i will report on the schedule if there is one.
i've walked past jungmann & neffe a million times and never gone in - is there a schedule one can find for the visiting tailors? i have seen a few suits from the primary house tailor and the style is not quite what i'm looking for.
Vienna is as we all know famous for schnitzel, schubert, shoes, and perhaps some other sh/sch words. I haven't seen anything here on the dusty old place for awhile, so a refresh post. I've been wondering, also, if there are any good suiting tailors that might fall somewhere between the clearly heinous rotknopf (, and places like Knize and Niedersuesz? I had a very nice telephone conversation the other day with Johanna Kastner, but at EUR 3200 for a...
i would have said the SC looks slightly too wide in the shoulders, but i think it's the posture. assuming the SC is correctly sized, the jacket overtop does not look at all oversized.
very nice - also interested in the jeans. i recently got a pair of simon miller that look very similar.
any suggestions? i've heard quite a bit about the scene, but haven't really considered bespoke shoes too seriously as it's generally quite easy for me to find very comfortable shoes in normal sizing. the only person i know who has bespoke shoes purchased two pairs at scheer for an ungodly amount, but claims it's more than worth the price because he has some foot size/arch and leg-length issues that make off the rack shoes physically painful..
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