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Drop to 550 - last one.
Drop to 600
Drop to 700
This is a new, with all tags, Eidos Ulster coat in grey herringbone, purchased from No Man Walks Alone (unfortunately too late for exchanging), size EU 52, but in my view ACTUALLY a size 54. The description from NMWA is as follows: Grey herringbone soft tweed double-breasted Ulster overcoat, 21 oz wool A striking double-breasted overcoat made up in a beautiful grey herringbone soft tweed cloth from Moessmer that is softer than it looks. Double breasted overcoat; fully...
there is no sweater that i can wear regularly and won't destroy the elbows on, eventually...
Thanks! I stopped by the shop last night. It is really quite imposing. It is very Viennese, in that one is immediately given the feeling one is in the wrong place at the wrong time upon entering - totally empty.. shopkeeper scampers out from behind some boxes.. "gruess gott?" in a questioning tone .. "yes is there something you want?" Even though the woman is clearly not Austrian, it seemed she had taken up the Viennese aversion to customers with gusto In any event, she...
i've had this done on several older suits and trousers and really any alterations tailor can handle.
yes, i also considered the additional room. as an update, i just contacted the local rimowa store and they told me to bring the case by whenever to have it repaired within 24 hours. we'll see if this pans out.
if we didn't have absurd tax rates, we wouldn't have probably the world's cheapest and best public transport, free child care and parks/playgrounds on every other corner. i'm totally OK with the taxes here.
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