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Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 This wasn't worth reading at 3:30am on the toilet suffering through a night of food poisoning Thanks, happy to be on the forum! What a stellar contribution. Sticky this individual comment, mods?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zeemon ----- Your mother. Quote: Originally Posted by landshark A skinny jean is what example 1 is. A slim fit jean is what you are describing as a silhouette shaped jean. I'm not going to lie, I chose the term skinny to bump up the views because 'slim' just sounds too middle-of-the-road to encourage debate. I suppose my preference lies somewhere between the conventions of 'slim' and...
Hi all, first-time poster here, and I come bearing thoughts. I would describe the concept of skinny jeans as one of the most contentious issues in casual male fashion. One extreme consists of fervent supporters, who fervently insist the tighter the better; and in the red corner, there are the opposition who hold that anything slimmer than straight-leg, you may as well be gay. I'm here to argue that skinny (or at least slim) jeans are not only sartorially sound, but...
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