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Hi all, I'm trying to identify the differences between casual and formal collared shirts. Take, for instance, the two below: Aside from obvious differences such as pockets, and the manner of wear (buttoned up, tucked in, with a bow tie etc.), what distinguishes the two? Both are 100% cotton, yet what gives the formal shirt its crisp appearance and sheen, and the casual shirt its softer hand and matte appearance?
Hey, I'm looking to have a casual collared shirt (such as the one below) made by a tailor. What is the structural difference between formal and casual shirts that gives the latter its softer hand and appearance?
I appreciate everyone's input. However, I'm still unsure: how does all this translate into specifics I can provide to the tailor?
Thanks, Reevolving. Aside from the collar, what are the differences in the body of the shirt? It's always perplexed me that both shirt types can be 100% cotton, yet casual shirts have that softer texture than formal shirts.
Hi all, I'm planning on having some shirts tailor-made in my upcoming trip to Vietnam. In addition to formal shirts, I also plan to have some more casual shirts (similar to the one below) made. What is the material/structural difference between formal shirts and the one pictured above? How would I go about explaining what I want to a tailor? Thanks.
Here's a difficult one! How should I treat/care for these shoes? As you can see, the central 'petals' appear to be patent leather while the borders of each are a cloth-, even suede-like material. I'm told that if I apply a conditioner, it will mat the clothy borders; however, if I don't treat them, they're likely to crack more easily. What to do?
I see, I see. Thanks for that. Any other thoughts/advice?
How should I go about treating/conditioning the pair of shoes below? The upper appears to be small areas of patent leather surrounded by a cloth- or suede-like borders.
Thanks for your input, DWFII. I really doubt it is real snake leather; the shoes only cost the standard price of a good leather dress shoe (and is at the same price point as explicitly labelled calf-leather shoes made by the same manufacturer). The upper also seems far too uniform to be genuine snake leather. My impression is that the shoe has just been crafted to simulate the look of snakeskin. In any case, how would you go about treating the shoe?
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