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Whatever was I thinking; the two opinions initially provided should have more than sufficed!Shut up, submissions are no longer being accepted.
Okay, that's a bit more insightful. Cheers.
Yes. "They're bad" or "they look like a turd" is insufficient. Why?
I can has some other opinions?
Hey, I'm considering buying these shoes. They're US$100 (down from $150), made of suede. I'd plan to wear them pretty extensively at informal occasions as the colour seems pretty versatile to me. What do you think?
What do you think of these shoes? They're suede, and approx. US$100 (down from $150). They struck me as a pretty versatile colour; your opinion?
@tobiasj: The sleeves are a bit short, the jacket length is perfect to me though.
Hi all, I'm going to have some clothes tailor-made when I head to Vietnam shortly. However, in the past few months I've gained a bit of a belly (probably doesn't amount to much - maybe 10lb/5kg). I plan to lose this weight. Antonio Centeno of A Tailored Suit writes: "... Some men succumb to the folly of 'buying skinny.' That is, they buy clothes one size too small, anticipating a perfect fit when they lose weight. ... Almost any shirt, sweater, or jacket that fits you...
Hi all, I'm having a blazer MTM and would like to avoid the smooth sheen that many wool suits seem to have. Should I be opting for an alternative material (such as cotton), or a particular kind of weave? Any advice is appreciated.
What kind of material should I be looking for? I find both formal and casual-looking shirts can be 100% cotton. Will I likely be able to tell which particular sample is more matte, etc.?
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