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Where can I find quality, stylish and reasonably priced gentlemanly attire (blazers, shirts, pants) in Melbourne? Any recommendations are appreciated.
Waaait, I retract that. 'Cocktail dress' was the code, and it was at the birthday person's home.I still think it's unacceptable that people would rock up in t-shirts for such an event.
It's been a while since I went to a black tie event, but the last time I did (a 21st about 1.5 years ago) I was shocked. There was one person out of about 50 who wore a suit. A handful wore casual collared shirts (sleeves rolled up), and the majority were just wearing t-shirts and jeans. I died a little inside that night.
Hi all, Any suggestions for quality mid-range men's shoe brands available in Australia? I'd be willing to spend around $400 per pair. Hit me up!
How delightfully dogmatic of you.Tell me: where is the objective, scientific evidence to substantiate your claim?Collective 'wisdom' is nothing but a set of opinions.
This thread concerns whether altering ready-to-wear clothing can achieve results similar to those of MTM and bespoke, not the distinctions between the latter two.How can you make such a sweeping statement? This would depend on personal fit preference.
GBR: I am aware that bespoke garments are considered to be superior to those altered off-the-rack. I'm interested in specifically why this is the case. As I wrote in my post, I acknowledge that my experience may not have been indicative of all custom clothiers. However, isn't it possible for an off-the-rack garment to fit as well as a bespoke garment does at the first fitting (and if so, what is the difference between subsequent alterations for each garment)?
@I am DIL: I really can't be sure. @GBR: If only... I don't save my browsing history, and I just stumbled upon the photo on a random site. Thanks guys, I'll keep looking.
Hi all, I recently had my first foray into MTM clothing. Admittedly, this was in southeast Asia, so I would not presume my experience is necessarily true of all custom clothing. Having commissioned shirts and sports jackets at some of the more reputable tailors, I was surprised to find at the first fitting that the clothes were often far too big for me. I understand that several fittings are often required even at quality bespoke tailors, but my experience was akin to...
Hi all, I'm desperately trying to find a photo I stumbled across last night but didn't save. I believe the page it was on said it was from the Sartoralist. It's a front-on shot of an Italian man (I'd say in his 50s) sitting down on a concrete ledge. He's wearing a hat, khaki blazer and shirt, rolled-up navy chinos and brown dress shoes. If this rings a bell for anyone, please let me know! I'm going to attempt to replicate the look for an upcoming event. Thanks.
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