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Perhaps some intentionally undersized shoe trees just to keep the shape, but not stretch anything too much?Question for the experienced - buying my first black silk socks to round out my proper black tie wardrobe. How do you launder/wash these? Warm water, hand wash, woolite dark as I would darker sweaters? Or is black too prone to losing its color?
Good suggestions. Thanks, all.
Hello, I am in search of a proper 36S tuxedo. Pickings are slim in my size; I'd like something with no vent, shawl or peak lapels, one button (I can take care of procuring a proper button in case it is not faced with silk). To be worn in a wedding (not my own) in early October, as well as more events afterward. Tired of going to stores without anything in my size, tired of finding 2-button notch lapel DJs on the racks. Budget is very open; at this point I'm trying not to...
Any suggestions for a quality OTR tux in a 36S with a somewhat athletic build? Unfortunately my smaller stature limits my options - Brooks Brothers, for example, just doesn't make a suit or tux to fit someone my size or build. I'm in NYC if it helps. I'm attending a wedding in October for which I need this, and I will wear it in my own wedding next year (as well as more events). I visited Suitsupply because they actually make a proper tux, but their MTM service utilizes...
That's just the lining - mine also wore through within 6 months, probably because mine are slightly too big. It's ok, the actual leather upper is incredibly tough and isn't a problem.I honestly couldn't tell the difference unless I looked; it felt just as comfortable for me. Also, for $70, it's still a damn good shoe.
This is why I don't trust official brand "style guides" any more than their salepeople on the floor. If you stock a skinny notch-lapel flap-pocket tuxedo jacket you're going to try to sell it to me for my wedding. Sugarbutch, your sig is more relevant than ever.
This. i fully expect in the average wedding in 2013 changing the invitation to "black tie optional" will either change no one's attire or MAYBE increase the number of tuxes by 1-2. However, the advantage is it saves the brother-in-law from looking like a shmuck who broke the rules and turns him into the only one who wore the (optional) black tie.Honestly, though I sympathize with OP for the innocent tactlessness of the BIL, a major contributing factor is the artificial...
A thick sock will get you there - look into outdoor apparel stores for some nice thick wool ones - but the question is whether you want to limit yourself to weather for which cold-weather socks are appropriate. Even the most effective wicking materials will make you sweat in the heat.
I think you're elevating the function of black tie to a bit of a myth here, at least with regards to footwear. In this thread there are already instances of opera pumps, Belgian slippers, and non-black-tie footwear being "acceptable" in a pinch, to say nothing of the contentiousness of traditional black patent bluchers or the odd colored velvet jacket. I'd hardly call any of these understated or simple.I don't see why the Lucchese boot below would be "extremely harsh" or...
Bonobos flatiron wash straight slim. A bit overpriced (especially the non-selvedge) but they are very dark, non-raw, and the fit is nice - roomier than 511s for sure, and out of skinny territory, but seem to have more of a taper than Levis 514. The quality of the denim is good and they have served me very well. If you wait for a sale or credit like I did it can be worth it.
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