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Going to a summer wedding, and not sure if I should wear a Pink with white polka dots, pink with blue, or a light green and white PS? Or maybe something different all together. Thanks for the help. All this will be with a light grey colored suit.
That first shirt is probably altered. Try brooks brothers extra slim. I've had good success with them.
Don't think of H&M as just for partying and drinking. Wearing a classy shirt/tie combo, with a PS or a Tie Clip, can make change the entire outfit. I have suits I wear with a v-neck for a summer night in Vegas, or with all the bells and whistles for a wedding. It's all about how you pull it off.
You should be able to find something at Macy's for about 200. A bit more, but like someone above said, 100% wool and with last longer. You also may want to try H&M, they do some slim fit suits for about 199 total.
I learned (the hard way) if it doesn't fit in the shoulders it wont fit anywhere else. The shoulders are wear the suit hangs from, so if it's too big or small, the rest is tough to adjust for. Sleeves can go up, sides can come in, but shoulders can't really move (no matter what the salesman tells you).
I normally wear a 15 32/33 then have to get it tailored, but do any designers create a 31/32 or 30/31 sleeve length?
Off the bat, sleeves need to come up, and I would take the sides in a bit too. The shoulders look too big. I can't tell exactly from the picture, but it looks like the shoulder pads hang over your actual shoulder. When I put all of it together, are you sure you're not a 42R?
Due to circumstances out of my control (read red wine), I going to be wearing a black suit to a wedding this weekend. I normally would wear this with a white shirt, and black tie, but that's a bit boring. I was thinking a pink shirt ( and maybe a red/pink/white pattern PS. My friend recommended a purple/lavender shirt. You can see below the suit is dark with light pin stripes, so not a all black funeral...
Yeah, not going to do it. Maybe a little blue stripes in my tie or something. I personally think it's silly too, but she brought it up which got me to thinking. I guess I should just stop thinking ;-)
My girl is in the wedding party (I'm not). Should I wear something to match her dress. It's a royal blue dress, so maybe a blue tie, or PS? I'm concerned if it doesn't match exactly, then you might as well not do it. I normally wouldn't care, but since she's a bridesmaid (and I'll be sitting at the head table) I thought maybe I should. I was going to wear a black suit with light charcoal thin pinstripes, pink shirt, with black tie, and either a white or pink PS. TIA
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