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11th hour purchase? i really can't afford it but it's oh-so tempting
For sale is a brand new pair of scotch grain double monks, as seen here: Really fantastic quality shoes for the price, created in allegedly one of the finest rady-to-wear shoe factories in Italy. Made from a durable scotch grain skin with fantastic depth of colour - a really nice shade of burgundy - above sturdy vibram commando soles these shoes could be winter-long. They fit true to size, are fully lined and...
my greatest regret is ordering the 3-zip mdr before the 4-zip was made an option
pretty sure UK porter is ran separately to US porter (e.g. they have slightly different stock etc.), and goes on sale quite a bit later than US porter
go black, push your boundaries
I hope I'm as cool as Parker when I grow up
Got these from Tres Bien for £270 last year, but they don't really fit with my wardrobe, and I've only worn them three times, the rest of the time they've been sat in their box. Near brand new condition and comes with box, spare laces and dustbag etc. I'll double box when posting. Size 43 Asking £140 shipped in Europe, add £10 elsewhere.
I bought this in mint condition from artishard earlier this year and I've worn it twice since. Unfortunately I'm too big for it so it's back on the market. Typical TOJ quality, blacked out on one side, tiger stripes on the other. Stock 48 size. Asking £190 £180 shipped in Europe, add £10 shipping elsewhere. (artishard's sale thread:
Watching let's plays now has made me so glad that i copped
Undercover lookbooks are always so good
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