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site is so much better than uk one they had better update uk one to match
syed: on Yohji and Rick; continuation vs. appropriation
i'm 6'2, 10 stone and the m fitted me perfectly
Just got back from DSM. Aitor Throup stuff is really cool. The jacket and the trousers are made from really stiff denim with hard rubbery plastic backing on the cuffs and hem and behind the pocket flaps. Lined with cotton, but neither seemed like they would be particularly comfortable to wear (unfortunately I didn't get to try them on). (The plastic backing reminded me of the pulls on the cuffs of my Veilance jacket, for reference.) I thought the t-shirt was kinda lame...
missing Team Yamamoto
snow, who makes the j-pants?
so does tres bien and oki- ni
last year wrongweather had a phillip lim jacket priced as £1.000 instead of £1000 they picked up on it before they shipped though
damn i could dig a skull backpack like that
If anyone's interested, Hervia has a bunch of Yohji on sale, including two hakama styles in small sizes here with an extra 10% off if you use the code SALESS12.
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