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snowman , great fit on the peir wu, makes me wish i'd picked up the ribbed sleeve version instead
Big thanks to Platypus for giving me first dibs on the Suspension Point sale
I pre-ordered it from Suspension Point. I'm a medium/48 in pretty much everything and I got a V, which fits perfectly. The armholes are reasonably high and, like Feji says, the body cut quite straight, though I don't really mind. I don't know about the colourway on Au Revoir Merci, but the one I have is lovely: a really subtle grey on grey stripe, with little bits of turquoise and orange coming through in certain lights. I've worn it maybe a dozen times and been caught in...
can anyone comment on how the slim wool trousers fit? interested in a pair but their sizing isn't very helpful
thewho, what (if any) products do you use in your hair? i think mine is a similar texture to yours, but never looks as good...
last series of The Thick of It got off to a slow start but last few episodes were superb. penultimate episode was probably some of the best television ever
love facetasm
dude, like 5 posts up
^what shoes would you wear, Drew?
i hate it when i write a semi-witty comment in the thumbs box and then see someone else got there first...
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