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This, basically. I won't be able to contribute much. However it'll be great to watch some films I would have never even heard of if not for this.
What's the difference between the Jil labelled Tailor Made and Jil stuff without the label (if any)? I have a bunch of Jil, runway and non-runway, but there seems to be no common theme linking the Tailor Made stuff...
siki im was by far my favourite show of ny hopefully suspension point will be stocking it still the aprons remind remind of the ones raf did a few years back (one of which i own )
All of my clothes discussion is online. I doubt any of my friends or family have an inkling of how much time I spend or how much enjoyment I derive from fashion, so I'm really thankful for these online communities otherwise I would have no one to talk to about it. I've not knowingly met someone with any interest in this sort of thing.
I did indeed, here are my original thoughts:Seeing it in person was a great experience, pictures don't do it justice - truly sculptural clothing. The denim was rubberised in some fashion - very stiff - and like I said I don't think it would be comfortable, although perhaps it would be the sort of thing that would mould to one's body. This thread has renewed my excitement for his clothes, I definitely intend to buy one of the new coat styles whenever they come out (even if...
looks like he's wearing AT trousers too, judging by the back of the ankles
Petition to rename "Saint Laurent" "Dior Homme c 2005" and "Dior Homme" "KVA by KRISVANASSCHE in collaboration with Kris by KRISVANASSCHE"
where to start with Lovecraft's words?
kind of young there's a burgundy Real McCoys on, might be too light for your needs but worth a look
it arrived yesterday, it's really nice. i think the sleeves give it a more 'outerwear' vibe than the ribbed sleeve version because they're a bit bulkier and more hard-wearing. the powernet is a really cool fabric isn't it? overall i love it, although the armholes could be a bit higher i was wondering if it would look good with a button-down, but you certainly pulled it off
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