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People can get a little bit more space in Dropbox here:
Yes it will be interesting to see what his release schedule will be like. Although he is free to release whenever he wants I can't help but think it would be beneficial for him - from a business point-of-view - to release seasonally, in order to maintain hype/interest, allow stores to plan their orders and have his products available when his clients will have the money to drop on his clothes i.e. at the beginning of the season. I wonder if it will be possible for him to...
I would love to see the bags after some serious wear; will the wool wear away over time and reveal the rubber beneath? I have a feeling it will be the sort of thing to age beautifully,I'm sure if anyone can pull it off it's you The bag is quite spacious (I'd estimate maybe 4 litres?), it can definitely fit a small-ish camera along with any other day-to-day stuff - phone, keys, a paperback, a snack etc. However I think things would rattle around a bit inside if it isn't...
Just back from DSM. Looking at the pictures is no match for handling the bags in person. Firstly, they feel seriously bomb-proof - in pictures I thought the sticthing looked almost flimsy but it's a completely different story up-close. The rubber backing is stiff, but flexes easily, always returning to it's original shape. You can really understand why it took Aitor so long to perfect the shape - the material has many idiosyncratic qualities. The backing also amplifies the...
I'm going down to DSM this morning, where I will hopefully be able to handle one of the bags
sipang, it's good to read your thoughts; you articulated a lot of things I enjoyed about the film but didn't consciously pick up on. I'd never heard of Gray until now, but I'll be investigating him further, for sure.
Yes, that was a good interview. The price oki-ni is asking for those prints is ridiculous though. I would love to own one but I simply cannot justify that much money
I live in the UK and have twice ordered from Suspension Point - the first time (last year's pre-order) I didn't receive a customs fee; the second time (at the beginning of the sales) I was charged about £30 on a considerably more expensive order, a fee I didn't really mind paying since I'd saved that many times over.
Just finished watching - it'll need some time to sink in but... [[SPOILER]] (Not sure if this is the level of analysis/type of discussion that this group is looking for - just thought I'd share some of my immediate reactions.)
coats are phenom. not too sure on the print nor the brighter colours the fabrics on no. 5 and no. 18 !!!
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