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yeah i just got the last ones on porter uk
If you're a 36...
ah makes sense, thank you
ok, stupid question but what is a "drop?" I've seen it mentioned a few times but can never find a definition
yeah 23 looks cool, and i 'll get one of 19 20 or 21 for sure
^yeah can we not say e.g. i don't whether to get code xx or yy? Also could someone in the know recap schneider's sizing idiosyncrasies? i.e. which items go tts, which ones to size up on etc.
^always giving me false hope in my ebay emails
you put string through the hole and tie shit to them like water bottles or mountain goats or wounded sherpas
There's an amazing family-run turkish coffee shop in my home town hidden in a cellar down a back street behind the arcade. Almost impossible to find. Every time I've been I (or the group I'm in) have been the only custom and this huge mustachiod man with fists larger than my head and his equally large son bring out these tiny dainty cups of coffee. The best coffee i've ever tasted, and super cheap; I have no idea how they make a living though
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