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it's got a perfecto insert i think it's this one:
is the leather attached or a separate jacket?
hmm don't really like much of it. I wish the pockets and sleeves were better on the rider. The parka and some of the jackets are ok but imo the rest is very dull. I'm confident f/w will be better than this though, i'd like a cheap warm coat, a long parka and a choice of leathers for autumn would be ideal
yeah that's raf
When I measure my chest should I puff it out and tense or relax or somewhere in between?
^i'd get more wear out of 21, personally I ended up going for 6 and 25. Decided against 23 after Drew properly announced TOJ trousers, as I'd like a couple of pairs of them. Really wanted 19 but it's no longer available
It's a bit out of my comfort zone, but I want to expand said zone a bit, so i'm going to try it out. If it doesn't work I'm sure it'll sell on here for a fair amount
I'm ordering 25 as I speak, really hope it's produced
^definitely, that's a steal
really looking forward to the sunglasses and the trousers
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