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Tres bien code:
2010dr hem and cuffs, mdr pockets, no collar poppers
He replied within 25 minutes to me on monday maybe i just got lucky...
he's actually a centaur, the back legs are sitting on the chair behind him
just bought an mdr really simple, only took two emails but now the wait begins...
I tried that on, fabric isn't as nice as some of their others
^this. gin is all i drink atm don't know where you're drinking that charges $8 per pint. most places do carlsberg/fosters etc. at £3-3.50 and grolsch/stella/heineken for £3.50-4 i'd say. if you're drinking standard lagers we're not up to £5 yet
yeah true, just can't imagine drinking pimm's when there's snow on the ground (though apparently there's a winter mix, but i've never tried it). that's shit's for wimbledon du
pimms is great but it's the wrong time of year. get some gin, and some decent whisky while you're here. And go to a pub which has a good selection of ales and ciders
EastpakxKVA [[SPOILER]]
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