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why does shah hate on geller so much?
what was the soundtrack? post-punk?
Thanks, decided to go for it. Helped I had a code as well. Hopefully they aren't as popular this side of the pond!
Do share!
I feel like it's more of a culmination of the last few seasons, could have easily felt really directionless and schizophrenic though.
i'm intrigued by the cropped capes, remind of the cropped bibs EG did this winter. probably look really feminine in practice though. Orange is really jarring after repeat watches, ruins the Sleepy Hollow vibe
is 1 Sp possible, or is it a boot that can walk infinitely far?
Really like it. I hope this Cody guy sorts the pre-order out, several pieces standing out for me
Moscot Lemtosh Anyone had any experience with these?
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