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What does size 2 approximate to? A small-medium? I know I've blown my spot now but I might hazard a bid. I'm probably too tall though (6'1")
someone buy this: no reserve
Looks good Biggskip
16th March as far as i'm aware
Up for sale is my GANT Rugger Homerun Jacket from F/W 2010 in burgundy and cream. Made from warm burgundy melton wool body and ribbing with beautifully supple cream leather sleeves and detailing. This jacket's features include a plaid cotton lining with two hip pockets and three interior pockets, and seven snap poppers on the front. Worn less than 10 times, this is in mint condition; no pilling on the wool or scuffs on the leather. A great slim fit, perfect for anyone...
I love the double roll on the lapel very nice
Yeah I forgot the (7)
TOJ really needs a kid's line. TOJr by Drew Keith. Toddlers kitted out in limited-edition-leather MDRs and wool trousers
I like the shirts. Shame all the good prints are on the women's side. When does it drop?
when did you deal with him?
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