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For sale is a lightly-worn TOJ/John Coppidge Minimalist Double Rider. Skip the queue and get a real bargain. Buttery black lambskin and gunmetal zips. This is the classic 3-zip iteration. It's in almost impeccable condition; just a little bit of wear around the cuffs. It will fit a 48 well. These are the measurements I was given when I ordered: Postage is not included. If you're in the UK it will be £10, anywhere else £25.
No that's just a MTO MMM trompe l'oeil facade he got fitted in his bathroom.
That's just a result of google translate parsing the sentence badly, the auction ends at 23:17 on September 9th (i.e. in 16 hours).
It's weird that the women's stuff all comes with those laces, whilst the men's - which still has the little loop details through which the laces are intended to be threaded - seemingly doesn't.
I'm more excited for Ivwri's!
It's not even Peir Wu, it's Ute Ploier...
Not when you see the back of it... (Top-right)
Picked up a copy of this on Yahoo Auctions. Hopefully it's in decent condition and I can give a little review when it arrives. Also bought a copy of Raf Simons Redux for cheap(ish)... I can take some pictures if anyone is interested but most of the best pictures are floating around online already. Some of the text was interesting but nothing particularly scintillating; nonetheless enjoyable and informative for a fan of Raf's early stuff.
Anyone know who stocks Phenomenon outside of Japan?
That's precisely why Ivwri should buy another one Retail was a little bit less than he's asking.
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