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Looks like a boss !
I have a prl Garrison fit suit in grey flannel. Not to sure about your fit critique. The lapels are not that large IMO considering 2b setup. The jackets are also quite long. I haven’t worn mine yet – quite baggy. Needs chest, waist and sleeves taken in.
Well done . We needed a thread like this. Any chance you can show us charcoal jacket and pants combo.Also some velvet jackets.
They are 100% shell. Look closely around the eye lit area. You will see the bumpy area. Also the machine mark(Marlow has the same machine marking on shell). You will not see those marks on calf.
Rl shoes those are made in USA made by Allen Edmonds. But they use better quality leather(than AE) and have their own last(narrow as). Finish on them are flawless. When on sale really good value.RL Marlow range made by c&j and RLPL made by EG.
Good things in life costs $$ !
I paid $178 shipped using the 25% off endless coupon .
I have been planning to get them for a very long time(ever since I joined sf!).
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