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Just Chuck A Sickie mate ....
This is a real nice case. If I didn't get my sab I would've got this one.
I agree with you on steaming a good jacket. I took a day off today and ironed few trousers. Recently read thread on AAAC and today after ironing those pants really made sense. I have a cheap iron. DJs sell some good looking irons for $200-$300++. I imagine they will be good. But just can't justified spending that much cash on an iron. Anyone here have experience on those expensive irons ? Is there any significant difference using them over $20 irons ??
Howsthat !new shirt idea that will stay tucked in all day....lol...enjoy gents...***right click and open in new tab****not for kids.... [[SPOILER]]
^^ Yeah tracking is good after 1 day at a max. Mine still no update. Still shows it hasn't been posted or picked up. Its odd becos it has been like this since 22 January. Priority Mail International Parcels Electronic Shipping Info Received January 22, 2013 International Parcels
Is it that bad ? Even today no update on my tracking. still says-Electronic Shipping Info Received
[[SPOILER]] Thanks for detailed info on CM. I will have to try one of their SC for fit.I am 34R in most brands and rugby 36R was nice fit for me. Lol I was thinking of paying retail on CM. Thanks for the warning !!******************This thread is one of the most informative and helpful threads in the whole styleforum. We have great guys here like alexsf and saturdays. They always answer any questions . Even if they have been answered many times. All the questions here gets...
Mate I always buy cheap shoe trees from amazon(AE/Woodlore ) . Different brand shoe trees won't really make a difference unless of course if you buy bespoke pair of shoes with lasted shoe trees.Anyway I am waiting for 2 pairs of RL marlows penny and tassel (;
lol. true. but you know what I mean. we love our rugby tight fit.anyway what is your take on club Monaco ? Visited their site for the first time. Looks quite polished. They seem to have 28 and XS and some made in us jackets and suits . Few nice stuffs there I must admit. Plus 20% off student discount. I may have to bother you for the code. They also said 20% off full price and sale with student discount. Have you tried their stuffs . I have a feeling they will have nice...
not tailored.
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