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This is normal for boots. It helps keep the tongue in place.
Way too much collar gap on the right side. This seems odd . I mean if there was collar gap would've on the both side equally. Manufacturing fault maybe ?
This is a problem with some 3 button setup. The middle button stance a bit higher and that creates a pull for some body shape. The jacket can be altered easily. I pay around $130 to alter pretty much everything(apart from the shoulder of-course). Shoulder fit is perfect.
I would wear navy/dark charcoal sweater vest.
This happened to one of my suit. Wore twice and at a function there some food spell. Dry cleaned. And dry cleaner *uckedup. Not as bad as your. But I can see a little bit. Will never let him touch any of my jackets.
I have one of the new uni chinos. Mine doesn't have the logo at the back(thank god). Fit is good. Not too slim.
If you have to ask this question that means you are not 100% confident wearing this as odd jacket. I think you should pass. You can always get better deals on better jackets in future. I have purchased(still is some times) when I am not 100% confident purely becos it’s a super deal. And most times I don’t feel 100% satisfy with those items. And they end up at the back of my closet.
Callback just for this info ! lol ... I think calling a store would be much easier they could just check the label.
Any update on this?I still think they are all made in China. The $500+ jackets are fully lined and thick wool. Rugby this collection all made in China.
I see way too many striped SC on sale(possibly orphaned suit jacket). I have been tempted. But I say no !
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