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I have been using myus and hopshopgo for a while. Hopshopgo is in Oregon - meaning you won't have to pay sales tax on your us purchase.Last time I shipped 2 pairs of ae with hopshopgo it costs me $74 . So its not too bad considering the actual cost per shoes is still quite low. AE webiste now ships to Australia direct and 2 pairs will cost me under $60 to ship. But shoe bank don't ship to Australia !Lol yesterday when I placed my order the girl said they can ship to...
Just use a mail forwarding company - shipto/myus or hopshopgo.
I think Mora is one of the most beautiful Dub monk that is (not)on the market. I have been searching for a nice pair of dub monk for nearly 2 years now. Not really fan of neumora. Hopefully the seconds don’t have any obvious defects.Can anyone comment on the fit for Mora. I purchased 8E (that was the only one they had in stock!). I am 8E/EE in fifth ave and on strand.
Just placed an order for some AEs. I was still able to get 2 for $250 deal. Paid for a pair of "Mora" in brown in 8E and players suede in 8eee. I do believe mora is quite rare and ae still makes them for ballandbuck - http://ballandbuck.com/products/allen-edmonds-x-ball-and-buck-double-monk-strap Ae keeps surprising me with their great customer services. Shoes are good for what I pay them. And they offer every shes in every possible sizes and widths(this is alone is huge...
Just called AE to place an order. Stores closed early tonight. So yep barely passed !
I am seriously thinking of passing this sale. Purchased 6 pairs of shoes so far this year(including 3 pairs of shell Marlow’s). Damn such an addiction. I have 1 more hour to think about it !I Already narrowed down 2 pairs That I want to buy. Yes/No ?
+1.Also to shine a calf nothing works better than a old cotton t shirt.
Lol…I wish I didn’t come across HermesMan at all !!!
^^lol.Garry Nelson has quite large shoe collections. Would be interesting to see where he stores all of his shoes.(probably in some military grade closet with back to base alarm system!)Garry would you be kind enough to post some picture of you shoe cabinet.Also if any of you are using any clever shoe storage please share.
Gents, Where /how do you store your shoes ? I currently have a small IKEA book shelve quite ugly and holds less than 15 pairs of shoes. Looking for a decent shoe cabinet with doors and large enough for 40+ pairs of shoes. Budget is quite limited up to $500. Any suggestions ?? On ebay so far - which one would you prefer (if...
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