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If you signup on rl website for news , then you will get the code emailed to you.
do you think with a bit relaxed straight pants the length will look ok ?
lolGents, I have a pair of these florsheim by duckie brown - in Navy /Green. Bought them last year haven't worn them yet. Do you think they are a bit too dandy ?Should I keep them or sell ? They are brand new in us 9.
Why not buy PRL suits. Sometimes on sale they could be under $500. Made in Italy and quality is decent. Then spend another $100-$150 and get it altered. I have just picked up one prl Garrison(made by Corneliani) for $420 form prl outlet store.
If you want cheap suits made in Asian countries go to Bangkok and you can have suits made with in 24hrs for less than $200.I wouldn’t recommend bringing expensive/quality fabrics to these tailors . Its like if you have a Ferrari you take it to Ferrari to service you don’t take it to your corner doggy repair shop.In this world you get what you pay for. If you pay $300 you will get a suit that is worth $300. Which is not a bad thing(well you dress according to your means)....
I have a collection of Limited editions Adidas Superstars . 30+ pairs near new conditions. But ever since I found sf MC style I hardly wear them.
I am still looking for my perfect briefcase.... found them on the net. ...
I have just ordered AE Walnut Calf Strand from amazon paid $230 including shipping. Always wanted them and thought price was good so pulled the trigger. Now i was also thinking of getting the Black PAs' since they are also on sale. Now I already have RL Slaton in black (also made by AE!). Should I skip the Black PAs' ? RL Slaton-
why not use myus.com i have been using them for some times now. Just signup no monthly or yearly fees. They will give you an address instantly and you can use the address straightaway. 2.5kg is about $60 which is good.
New Posts  All Forums: