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Thanks for you reply. Lol I knew he wouldn't make the jacket that slim. I will have to wait till next Tuesday for the result.
Question to the tailors- I dropped a jacket for alteration at a tailor I have never used before. This tailor has very good reputation in Sydney. They way he measured me and pinned the jacket is completely different to my other tailor. He only used 1 pin each sides and 1 pin each sleeves and just used chalk mark for sleeve length . Other tailor would use 3/4 pins each sides few pins on the center back seam and 3 pins on each sides of sleeve and 1 pin for shortening of the...
I dropped a PRL jacket for alteration at Varnavas C Classic Tailoring in Town Hall arcade today. I have been using my local Italian tailor in Hornsby for quite some times now. But since I have moved out of north I thought I might as well try this tailor in the city. I have read here few Sydney members recommended him for jacket alteration. He is charging the same as my other tailor $150 for sides taken in, sleeves shortened and sleeves taken in as well. They way he...
I would go with ½ size bigger one and wear insole. They are like iron. If tight around the pinky they will be real pain to wear. This last is stuffed. Loose around ankle and narrow around the toe area.
It is beautiful. What was the damage ?
Sanderson is offered in E width for euro market. I have them in E but they feel like B. RL shoes have thick full leather insole makes even less room inside the shoes. If you have wide feet stay away. A double leather soled wingtip don't give much. Going 1/2 size bigger wont even help.
this thing is a mess. I don't think it can be any fix. Ask me what is not wrong with this jacket.
Thanks Alex. I will have look out for Bleecker cut. Problem is RL stores hardly have any 36R. They start from 38R.I think I will leave the length as is. Few months ago I had to pass on a RLBL Anthony suit in Navy pin stripe on sale for $800. The jacket was a little over 31 inches. I think low button stance and lower waist pockets makes them look longer that they are. Anthony jacket had drop 7.
Picked up PRL Navy 2 gold button Blazer in Bradford cut(made in italy). Paid only $499. From Sydney sale. Size 36R !!! I have one jacket from prl in Garrison cut. Bradford cut is much slimmer than the Garrison .I am 5'9.5" and the jacket length is 30.2 inches. For some reason it just looks a bit too long. My other jackets are about 29 -29.5 inches. Should I shorten it or leave it as is ? I will have to slim down the jacket as well. I am a stick 116lb.
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