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bunny you should be in bed by now !
I am a us8D to us8EE I have RL Saunders in us8.5D but my pinky toe kills me. I can't keep them on my feet for more than 10 minutes. The last is long and super narrow.
they are not fucked up. also it will cost you only $35 to replace if needed to be.
Burn them first.
Sorry mate where are you buying them from ?? Any clearance on them somewhere ?? )D …
Is us8D the most common size ?(my size)
Do they have any EG on sale in Sydney store ?det plz..
I like the colour of this pair. Looks like nice finish as well. But for this price you could definitely do better. But if you like them then you can keep them.
These are not shells. When you pressed the shoes it shows the creasing pattern.
Look around the stitching the press mark. To reduce the bumps. Shell is pretty hefty. If maker don’t press they look really bumpy. My shell Florsheims are not pressed and looks really bumpy.
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