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Collonil Gold $15 at Brice's and $10 at Coomb's . If I bring 2 pairs of shoes at Coomb's they throw in free Collonil Gold plus yellow polishing cloth ! As I said I visit both stores. Coomb's is about 12 -15 minutes walk form Town Hall station. Where as Brice's is only 5 minutes walk. These day I have been lazy and going to Brice's more often.
Don't know if they are the best. I have used Brice's and also Coombs Shoe Service @ Strand Arcade. Both do good job. Both will charge you $45.But again anyone can apply topy with the right tools.
Good Man!
^^Not again. Spent over $1k on 3 pairs of shoes so far in last 4 days. I think I will have to de register myself from styleforum.BTW I am 7.5 on c&j !!May I suggest sales alter under warning….Sales alert. [[SPOILER]] !!!
Not really. It could get fixed in next 5-10 years of heavy use . Some makers uses board to prevent this form happening at the first place.The maker could fold 2 pieces of leather and then stitch from the inside of the case. But that would involve a lot more work and time.
mid grey pants will look nice with that jacket. For odd jackets I prefer single vent. Double vent looks a bit more formal.So I prefer double vents only for suits.
lindrik us8 plz.black tassel - i think you know the answer.
Best Hinan chicken I had at Jimmy's. If you are in SYD CBD try them .Jimmy's Recipe Malaysia AddressThe Galeries VictoriaGround Floor, Shop RC16, 500 George StSydney NSW 2000
lol. Any chance of any pics gents ? will save me a trip to melb.....Or maybe just Google search names for face book images (;Now that’s creepy….
New bird ? Asian/aus ??lol
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