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If you really like a nice briefcase and you know what you want but you aren’t prepared to spend that much right now….it’s better to wait. Keep using you old one and when you are ready just spend the extra and get what you really want. I have been waiting for a bit over 12 months now. I am still using my old nylon briefcase. I know what I want and will buy it once I can justify spending that much on that briefcase. I mean briefcase is something you will use it every...
I have been planning to buy a pair of dub monk for some times now. Most probably in dark brown (possibly burnished).I think dob monk is a bit too sleek; so still hesitating. To be honest I haven’t seen that many dob monks in Sydney CBD. I think its more Melbourne ’ish !
Brown, Tan, Burgundy , Walnut….. any lighter colours . I don't really like the look of black shoes with khaki pants.
This was a impulse buy. I was at yoox and found this for $97. Plus $26 shipping .Mate you are right about wearing with confidence. Lol. Velvet jacket reminds me of Mick Jagger !!Thanks for the suggestions. I will leave this piece for night time events only.
Hi gents x post -Any feedback would be great.
Hi mate, is this shirt RLBL ? I have a RLBL shirt that looks exactly the same. I have worn under a herrigbone cream/dak brown blazer with navy pants and with also khaki pants. I tried to achieve more of a smart business casual look. I think this shirt will look good with a pair of dark grey or dark charcoal pants.
Hi gents, Just bought this blazer (the price was too good). Now I have been searching in Google for some ideas on what pants to wear with this jacket. This is Steel Grey Velvet jacket. Can this jacket be worn in the day time to work as smart business casual without attracting too much attentions ? I am thinking of a pair of Dark navy pants and light sold shirts and may even layer it with a navy v neck sweater . Is it too pimp-ish ? I also have a solid navy dress shirt...
HI mate, If you are just starting. Buy Light blue and white dress shirt. Pair of dressy khaki pants. Navy blazer with gold buttons. Pair of walnut or brown wingtip shoes. If you want to go a bit more. Get a V neck cardigan in grey or charcoal color and wear it under your blazer. This is my favorite combo. I think this is fool proof. Good luck !
^^lol.Straight down to business !
Don’t understand why op trying to make it a big deal. LV is brand that sells product. And products could be faulty time to time. Get over it. If don’t like LV or not happy with their quality then don’t buy. Stop whining like a baby. Any product from any manufacturer could be faulty. Could be $20 shirt or a $100k car. If you don’t understand this simple rule then you are simply an idiot !
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