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Just a quick picture of a wedding we attended yesterday. It was an extremely windy and super cold day/ night and we were at the Palm Beach/ boat house. I regret not wearing flannel instead of linen.
This actually looks good . 37 sold out online. I will check instore.
Hm .. My PZ from yoox do have single pleated pants. Some how I still find PZ a large fit. I also have another PZ suit in 34r and it fits like a slim 36r. This one was 2yo and is a traveler suit (I-cerruti fabric). These days I tend to stay away from them, unless I can find 34r(which is extremely rare) . Also heavy shoulder padding is annoying. But if you are happy with them and fits you well then that's a winner.
Uniqlo linen shirts are nice and very well priced.But I have super long arms and xs and s size sleeves are about 1.5" too short. Suit supply seems to have few linen shirts for around $100. But sizing is way off for me (shoulder 2cm too short). I need between 44-45cm across shoulders on a 36-37collar and 64-64.5cm sleeves . Quite difficult fit.
This one for @thebrownman
Just found this article while searching for linen business shirts.
Back to clothing- where to buy linen business shirts (slim fit and nice collars) ? Surprisingly MJB don't have linen shirts. Maximum budget $100.
PZ it46 isn't very popular- due to the fact that it will fit like a slim it50. I once picked up a 36r PZ blue suit, drop 8 . The shoulder on the jacket is 18.2". That's why they are always on deep discount. I paid just under $190 for mine.Regardless yoox is the best online store; for variety and discounts.
Thanks JM - my last failed business venture was about seven years ago & have been able to move to a better situation. I work hard and live a very humble life. And few years ago (before housing market went crazy)myself and mrs have been able to secure a house in Sydney's west and are enjoying humble life. I don't measure success in big bank balance(not anymore!) But rather see success as being able to be happy with what I have. To me this Rolex is a celebration of a...
By thirty he may already have a Rolex collection.
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