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My RMW . I thought sizing was a bit off. I am a TTS us 8 EEE . Carminas I wear uk 8 in rains and forest lasts. Loake uk 8. These RMW are 8.5 G ! Tried on a 7.5 G was a bit tight on my left pinkie . And got the 8.5G. The store was packed and I thought I bought 8G only today at work realised they were 8.5. But the fit is very comfortable.
Got a pair of yearling craftsman chestnut boots for $215 from dj Elizabeth st store this afternoon. Store was packed with suits buying multiple pairs of RMW . I don't really want to say this - but they feel more comfortable then any of my other shoes. Not a good sign !
Mate I am also a PA 8eee . Go uk 8F and you should be fine. But if there is a 8G available I would probably get it instead.
Nice ... Is that your mrs or your assistant ?? Lol
Where are these 30% off codes comming from. Do they work in all regions ? I never got one .
^^thanks Ray for the above post. I love my flap over SAB . It's in London tan just over 2 years old still looks brand new. I am really waiting for it to darken . How long does it really takes for them to get patina ? I apply the leather feed provided once in every 5/6 months or so.
Makes sense . I also noticed the fit difference on flannel and tropical wool pants.
My 256 arrived today . Enough space for my daily use .
So far I have only good experience from HY . Price vs quality he beats everyone. When you order why not read the measurements ? They are accurate. I am not saying he should ignore your email. But at the same time I would hate if he employ someone to answer all the emails and puts the price up. What you are getting for your money is steal. I have purchased 7 pair of pants from him and I can tell you all my future odd trousers will also be HY. Just read the measurements and...
^^ true.
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