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@Prince of Paisley indeed it's the best advice .
[/quote]Or just get the black bay with nato [[SPOILER]]
This arrived in the mail today. [[SPOILER]]
^^What ever you do don't look like the first picture.
Hi gents, where do you get decent quality (cheap)nato straps from? I finally got a superocean 42 and went for the cheapest option with leather & tang buckle. Plan to wear mostly with nato straps.
Sure. They are quite regular on eBay and seasonal sale. Size down on them by 1-2 sizes. They are quite long- mine go half way between my knee and ankle.
This coat is seems to be a regular collection.
@dukedishin jacket is small. It also looks quite short- unless you are wearing pants way below your waist.
Xpost. Today linen susu @ my back yard [[SPOILER]]
Today linen susu @ my back yard [[SPOILER]]
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