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I would always try RTW suits for a less formal occasions. Unless you have a wardrobe with 20+ bespoke / mtm suits. Also lot of the time mtm/ bespoke don't get it right at the first time. I would try mj bale drop 8 suits first. They have many pick lapel suits. Or even suit supply. Have multiple RTW suits, find out what really suits you before spending big on mtm/ bespoke. FYI I am quite skinny 5'10" and 51-51 kg suit supply 34r firs well and mj bale drop 8 fits with very...
Gents , I hope some of you had picked up some great deal. I ended up getting 4 shirts (2 separate orders). I like the fabric and fully fitted cut. All shipped and received this very interesting email from their CEO-Sub: A note about your recent orderDear xxxxHello and Welcome to T.M. Lewin!Thank you for your recent order with us.Due to a technical error on our website we noticed that you managed to get an incredible deal on our beautifully fitted, London designed...
Click frenzy starts at 7 pm tomorrow. HB and MJB are expected to have some good sales.
I wear SS 34R and I make 2" cuff . Total length (out seam) is 99.25cm. No break- possibly a bit of socks showing on low vamp shoes.
Tm Lewin all shirts $34 AUD free shipping. Got 3 fully fitted shirts for $102. Must follow the guide- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/247942
Ps website shows a SS version in sand colour, unlined. Liddesdale has quickly became my favourite jacket to wear over suit. Maybe try again over a suit. (:
How is the sizing like? I believe the fabric is mix of cotton and ploy - this really bothers me.
Thanks for sharing. Really love the ps m65. at Aspesi - but the back length is quite short at 28.35". And won't cover a suit jacket. Do you mind me asking the back length and did you size up? [[SPOILER]]
Hi gents, any advice on top shelf quality m65 jacket. Also a quick review of my recently acquired Barbour heritage liddesdale jacket. Heritage line is slim fit. There is a great amount of waist suppression. Best to take your normal size. I went down a size to an xs. Luckily it still fits quite good, even over a suit. Mine looks very fitted. Downside of a fitted jacket is no further room on shoulder and armholes . It is easy to wear over suit and don't scream for...
I think I said this a year ago. Uniqlo sweater pills badly. I am gentle on my clothes and uniqlo sweaters are on a once every 2/3 weeks rotation and in a year they look extremely poor. These are super fine merino wool. These sweaters are good for a season and then throw away. I have mostly prl sweaters on my rotation and some are 5 years old and still looks new. Uniqlo uses short string wool and apparently that cause the excessive pilling. Casual jumper could be ok as they...
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