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SuSu Havana light grey linen- maiden voyage .
I got this Lazio . Not flannel but vbc winner fabric. Mine a bit more formal. Fabric however isn't the greatest- a bit rough hand.
Question to all the skinny gents. can you comment on sleeve length on a EU 42. Do different fit have same sleeve length?
Big kudos to Suitsupply- they gave me a $300 AUD gift card as a price adjustment for my 2 suits purchased in U.S. Store. Best example customer service I have experienced. The gift card even turned out to be $373. Purchased The Havana brown check. This was sold out in eu44 . On Facebook chat with SuSu , got me order 46 on website and they tracked down last one from their Amsterdam store, swapped over the size. Now waiting game. Could possibly wear it twice before weather...
While I am waiting for a SuSu gift card someone snatched a size eu 44 of the suit . Is it worth ordering the 46 ? http://eu.suitsupply.com/en/suits/havana-brown-check/P4717.html?vpid=P471703
^^ Jet cafe on QVB is best IMO.
Can't go past MJB 5 for $200 at the outlet stores. Best value and wash well. These days I don't even bother trying anything else.
This Havanna suit is beautiful. Makes me want to put mine on (:
SuSu Lazio.
I actually purchased my first navy pinstripe suit after seeing yours. Good fit on you , but can't go past that the tailor wasted the suit fabric by stuffing so badly. For me non even pattern matching on 2 lapels are worse than the shoulder bits. I would've asked for a refund or a redone.
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