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thanks for the list. Norman hilton blazers starts at 38. j press and paul stuart are nice but super expensive. I am pretty fucked size wise. Since you and me same size on rugby you gotta help me out with sizing mate. What are other blazers that fits you like rugby does ?http://www.aubinandwills.com http://www.jackwills.com they have nice blazers but way too short.
Will they bring anymore stuffs for this last season ?
I loved rugby not becos of the quality(even though they had decent quality- some stuffs being made in US/Italy). I loved rugby becos of the fit. I love the PRL styling but they don’t quite fit me. That’s where rugby had an advantage. They had PRL styling with slim fitting. It was a wining combination for me. D&s looks nothing like Rl has ever made…complete junk. Both styling and quality. Even if d&s fits me like bespoke I still won’t wear them. Simply becos that’s not my...
^^The straps keeps the shape of the briefcase when fully loaded. Also it puts less pressure on the actual lock and fasten the case more securely ! I would love to get this as my 3rd or 4th briefcase. I hate quick release(love the functionality of quick release – hate it more becos its fake). If I buy one with the straps I will get the full functional one.
Get it . Its totally worth it. The straps could be a pain in the @$$. As much as I loved this SAB case ; I avoided this and ordered the one with out the straps.
D&S is complete junk. I see these garbage in the outlet 70% off all the times. This label don't even remotely comparable to anything that RL makes. The quality is horrible. The details...what details !RL had Polo Jeans Co which they shut off and replaced with d&s. Polo Jeans was street ware but some how a bit premium. I have some of their stuffs . And d&s is much cheaper than polo jenas stuffs. But quality and design stuffed. Anytime when I walk in to a rl store I can...
Daines & Hathaway makes beautiful folios.
Its from SAB.
Nothing can replace rugby in the market. Rugby was the king of prep ... skinny peoples best friend.I am still angry they are closing rugby. I wouldn't care even if they close RLPL.
^^ How heavy is the bag when fully packed like that ? My 2 cases. One SAB - when I need to carry a lot. Second one coach. My new sab case. Look at the flap its not aligned straight. I won't bother returning. Can anyone tell what is causing this . It looks ugly when I look at it closely. Could it be just new stiff leather that hasn't formed any shapes yet ? Its hard to even open the flap due to super stiff bridle leather. I have measured the flap and everything is same....
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