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Where at mate ?
Electronics is the number one products sold online. Its now easy to compare a specific model Samsung 50inct LCD tv on Google search. And you will find at least 10 online stores based in Australia will have 20% cheaper pricing than what Harvey Norman charges. What’s next ? Mr Norman will ask government to stop the internet all together so he can get rich by robbing people ? We all know why he is bitching so much. Responsible lending is in place. Now Mr Norman can’t sell $5k...
They sell their own manufactured goods. Thus they have really high profit margins.
They look alright to me(unless you like super slim). Just hem them.
Lol I thought so too. I just wanted them for quite some times.
Gents, Just pulled trigger on them - http://www.amazon.com/Ralph-Lauren-Mens-Saunders-Lace-Up/dp/B0041KJYX4 I have been looking at them for a long time. Now my question is do you think these would be appropriate for office ? Are Chukka boots too casual ?I wear a lots of Beige dress pants with navy jacket. So was thinking will I be able to hide these Chukkas under a pair of beige pants. Thanks for your advise.
I am loving your briefcases. Do you have the whole SAB briefcase collections ??I think chest area on that jacket could be let out a bit. But you already know this.[/quote]$569 for that suit feels a bit Stiff .
Great find !
I don’t wear shoes at home. I wear them to work and if they are a bit too stiff I take them off at work and hide my feet under the desk. There are different types of feet and different types of last. Not all last will be suitable for your feet. So as you wear your new shoes they will stretch and takes your foot shape. So if you buy a pair of shoes that will “Stretch and fit better” then break in would be longer. How ever this is quite rewarding after the painful break in....
It all depends on the shoe types and constructions. As well as depends on you how you wear your shoes. Some double leather goodyear welted shoes could take up to 10-15 wears to break in.I walk about 0.5-0.8k a day. For me double leather sole takes about 12-15 wears and single leather sole about 7-10 wears.How ever I had few pairs that took over 20 wears to break in.
New Posts  All Forums: