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^^lol. I will need to stop buying .
True. I was just hoping to grab few spring/summer blazer from rugby before they close down.BTW how many blazers do you have ? Sorry for a personal question(not really…lol). I am getting this feeling that I currently have a few too many blazers. I need to justify buying more…..
I have received my Navy Flannel LBM 1911 suit today. Luckily yoox had one US34(IT44)for $299.I had to buy this off yoox us site then used myus to get it to Australia. Paid $60 shipping. Total damage $360. The fabric is great and soft constriction and good fit. The jacket is not as slim as I expected. But not to far off either. The jacket is a tad on the shorter side(I am 5’10”).
ordered the corduroy blazer and grey vintage chino. Last night I should've completed checkout. Cricket sweater - I missed out again. There goes my new years resolution - not to spend any money in buying cloths or shoes. Rugby may bring few spring pieces before they close down. I have seen a cotton cream/navy stripe blazer on their Japan website which may pop up anytime now.
it works for me. I received the code via email.Did you receive the code via email?
$40 is cheap for sleeves. Most tailors will cost you $45 to take in sleeves in Sydney.
No other online store has as big inventory as yoox. Talk about variety……
Gant fit is stuffed. The offer us34r for blazers. The people claims gant fit is slim must be really fat. Plus gant is over priced made in china garbage. Tailoring is questionable. Fabric choice is also all over the place. I have one gant navy wool blazer. And will never waste my money on them.
I ordered brooks brother navy blazer in US34R. Received an US44R. I can’t be bothered to return it. Trying to sale it. Will list on eBay. Also received AC blazer in EU44r(us34).It turned out to be 5 sizes bigger than my size. 2 consecutive purchase from yoox *ucked up .I think my online purchase luck is running out.
Thanks. I have checked bonobos. They have similar colored pants. But the texture looks different. I have already spent quite a bit of cash trying few different similar colored chinos. But I do agree with you it’s a Spring/Summer color and maybe I will have better luck in next couple of months. But we are in the middle of summer in Sydney .And really want to rock that look (;.
New Posts  All Forums: