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I am us 8EEE in AE c&j between uk 7.5 to uk 8 . some lasts uk7.5 a bit tight around my small toe. And all my future c&j will be uk8 unless loafers. carmina I have 2 pairs forest oxford uk8 and rain single monk uk8 I am glad I didn't go with uk7.5. When I read some of you size down by 1 full size I really get surprised. Most of you must have narrow feet.
Welcome to styleforum !
Lol are you Bangladeshi ?Didn’t expect to find another Bangladeshi in sf !We must catch up for some drinks soon.
I have this PRL blazer- it’s a Bradford cut with extra fine virgin wool ?. It is awesome ! I think this jacket will look better if you get your tailor open up the front quarters little bit. I have done this to mine.
Don't waste your money on topying these shoes.It will cost you $45. Just add some rubber toe taps and off you go.
Fair enough. I think if you wear derby rather than oxford then it won’t be noticeable.
V too wide . I think you will need to go up one or two width size.
Hi Mate. The black pair the leather has dried up thus the ugly creasing. Juts use a tons of conditioner and they will be ok. On one pair of my Ae seconds had this issue. I socked in conditioner. And they are creasing nicely now.
Black would’ve been best option. I say go for charcoal. No one will notice this but- 1 button peak lapel a bit too much for funerals’.
I never quite liked the RMW boots. I can buy RMW gift voucher through my work and get 20% off. And then visit RMW store when they have 10-15% off and that's a healthy discount. But like I said RMW is not my style and they do have some characteristics similar to work boots. Does anyone here hates those pull tabs ?? I see some guys in the office pants stuck in those .... tabs all day long .
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