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I was looking for a pair of dressy Chukkas for a while. I have looked at few different options. RL Saunders and Loake Kempton was my first 2 choice. RL Saunders are quite expensive options($500+). But I found them on sale on amazon. I bought these – http://www.amazon.com/Ralph-Lauren-Mens-Saunders-Lace-Up/dp/B0041KJYX4 They are really sleek. Flawless as most RL shoes. Made in usa by AE. They looks 10 times better in real life and Loake Kempton are not even in the same...
Hi mate, just checked your tumblr. Great pics. Well done.
We are not like you. We don't buy suits from Suit Barn like you do. Try to respect other people. That is the first step of being gentle man. Your clothing comes second.Thats what I thought. My jacket thats *ucked up by the dry cleaner is a ck collection. Fully canvassed. Poorly pressed.But not as bad as the op. I have worn my jacket after words about 10 times. But nothing improved. Maybe if I dry clean again it will go away.
It looks tacky. I would take it off. Regardless of how much you have spent visible labels on men are tasteless. Some times I see TB jackets on deep discount but those tabs always turns me off.
You have uneven shoulder. You may have to go bespoke.
This is normal for boots. It helps keep the tongue in place.
Way too much collar gap on the right side. This seems odd . I mean if there was collar gap would've on the both side equally. Manufacturing fault maybe ?
This is a problem with some 3 button setup. The middle button stance a bit higher and that creates a pull for some body shape. The jacket can be altered easily. I pay around $130 to alter pretty much everything(apart from the shoulder of-course). Shoulder fit is perfect.
I would wear navy/dark charcoal sweater vest.
This happened to one of my suit. Wore twice and at a function there some food spell. Dry cleaned. And dry cleaner *uckedup. Not as bad as your. But I can see a little bit. Will never let him touch any of my jackets.
New Posts  All Forums: