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details plz !xpost from ae thread. Last week I got my first pairs of double monks. AE original Mora. Here is a group pic!
Best looking strands.
I would like to keep an open mind regarding j&m. Just had a look at their website. There are few nice made in usa shoes on their custom section. What I see in the picture tells me the finishing looks to be superior than those offered by AE. But then the price range is slightly higher. And being on custom made - I don't think the will be offered in sale. But if the other member confirms teh quality is in par with alden then they may offer some good alternative to those who...
Do these shell PAs' comes with double leather sole ? Nice job with polishing !
Marlows Us sizing is just 1/2 size up form c&j uk sizing. So us 10 will be a uk 9.5. Then again penny is on a short last so if you have wide feet they might just work. Good luck !
Same here. I wear shoes between US 8 E to 8 EEE. The days I plan to stay out for 12+ hours (after work drinks nights) I wear my EEE width shoes. I think its natural for feet to expands after long hours being out or being on feet.
I am loving my Mora. I just took some photos to highlight the toe cap difference on these 4 pairs.
nice shine. what size are you ? That cap looks really small on your shoes.
Nice shoes but unfortunately they are not shell(creasing on 3rd pic) !
Lol. This is classic !
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