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I will have to repeat myself. C&j shell always have this problem. Even when new if no issue they will develop different shades sooner or later. And yes they will develop different shades in same shoes in different panel. What I think the issue is c&j don't use a strong finish on their shell like alden or ae does. Anyway you will get over it , like me.
Thank you for your suggestions. I will give this product a try. My right foot is us 8D and anything less than 8EEE causes pain on my left pinky. Funny thing is 8EEE fits too large on both feet.
Sad but true. I have total 6+ pairs of shoes that are just a bit too tight around the pinky toe(left shoes only). Some of them I have worn over 10 times, have treated them with leather stretcher and have larger shoe trees on them for months. With little to no improvement. My left pinky toe now has a small corn and it’s a bit painful. Juts wearing my wide fitting shoes for the time being.
The briefcase is quite ugly looking thing (in my opinion). I think its overkill and looks tacky.
+1.I find raw denim disgusting. Raw denim ruined few pairs of my shoes , my gfs bags, some shirts and my car leather seat(light beige).
congrats on the purchase.Reno does amazing job. I will need to invest some $$ on reno and other quality products. The only product I use on all my shoes (calf & shell) is collonil gold polish-http://www.amazon.co.uk/Collonil-PREMIUM-Neutral-leather-repellant/dp/B001BMUWYAThis is what my cobbler recommended me for shell and for all of my calf shoes ! They do bring out a shine on calf and shell with quite easy applications.
I didn't like Neumora. The toe just looks too long and square ...... Magnanni style ! Luckily I was able to pick up a pair of Mora during this 2 for $250 sale. Mora is on a beautiful last and I think one of the most beautiful double monk. Other than that c&j Lowndes is another good (a bit more expensive)option.
Did you buy the 8E black shell cordo ?I really don’t need any more loafers. Have 3 pairs penny loafers– rl black calf, Marlow brown shell and c&j snuff suede and 2 tassels – AE Grayson merlot calf and Marlow brown shell. I am waiting to see the Mora double monk. My left foot(EE) is wider than my right(D) !**My sales assistant pretty much gives me any deal that I ask for (I don’t abuse it though)!Which is good …and bad(for my wallet).
There was a McGraw in black shell for $125 in my size, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted black shell cordo(I have black calf penny and brown shell penny). Anyway by the time I thought I might as well. It was no longer available !I was charged tax but once I emailed AE they are refunding the tax(shipping to Oregon).
I have been using myus and hopshopgo for a while. Hopshopgo is in Oregon - meaning you won't have to pay sales tax on your us purchase.Last time I shipped 2 pairs of ae with hopshopgo it costs me $74 . So its not too bad considering the actual cost per shoes is still quite low. AE webiste now ships to Australia direct and 2 pairs will cost me under $60 to ship. But shoe bank don't ship to Australia !Lol yesterday when I placed my order the girl said they can ship to...
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