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I think I will be happy with it. I have one of rugby linen/silk herringbone blazer – it pulls quite a bit. I prefer thin wool over linen. Also I have a same color prima cotton PRL v neck sweater. I will use it under this jacket to create similar look !!Was it fully lined ?
BTW , I am expecting this-
What !....I will have to wait and see what they have sent me.
The suit was top deal. The tweed sc too expensive for a pre owned jacket. You can pretty much buy brand new on sale form rugby at that price.
Anyone with experience with jack wills ? Their blazers look nice and preppy. But I see comments like “ Oxbridge rejects”.. Anyone own their blazers ? how is the fit compares to rugby stuffs ?
That is a nice briefcase. Good price . I just bought a sab (London tan as well). Otherwise I would’ve purchased this from you. These are hard to come by at this price and BNWT.
Their timberland style boot is good for mowing the lawn /painting house….etc.I have a pair which I think will out last me. I do not recommend this pair to go with a suit !
thanks for further info on a&w and jw. Hackett is available here in Sydney. They have nice jacket . Very nice fabric and traditional British styling. But the fit is way too big. For slim blazers(really slim) my list -ck calvin klein(ck grey label)PS by paul smith
thanks for the list. Norman hilton blazers starts at 38. j press and paul stuart are nice but super expensive. I am pretty fucked size wise. Since you and me same size on rugby you gotta help me out with sizing mate. What are other blazers that fits you like rugby does ?http://www.aubinandwills.com http://www.jackwills.com they have nice blazers but way too short.
Will they bring anymore stuffs for this last season ?
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