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Hi buddy welcome back. Thanks for the code.What do you think of this SC . I am thinking of pulling the trigger. Is it too much on on your face ?http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?productId=13144518&categoryId=11373427&cp=3138868
Gents, another sizing question. I am looking at AE Neumora and need your help regarding fit. I have 3 pairs of AE - 5th St boot 8.5D a bit loose - Feels a bit too long - should've got it in 8 D Strand 8EEE way too loose. I use one thick insole- feels way too wide and way too long- should've got them in 7.5EE or 7.5EEE or even 8D Grayson 8.5B - Fits perfect. Tight fit. A bit of straggle to get them on. I think its becos of the low vamp.But 8D could've worked out...
Me 2.
The strand has wired sizing. I bought 8EEE and have 2 insoles. Where as my 5th street boots in 8.5D fits fine.
where is saturdays ?
I have received my AE Grayson today. They are US 8.5B. Lucky they fit ! Just a bit sung around the toe area. But Hopefully stretch over time.Oh also the shoes looks better with the narrow toe. Much sleeker .
I have seen some that are glued soles with ridiculously pointy toe and corrected grain leather. Most of the time with huge discount. I rate them below AE.
Wearing my brown wool Newbury blazer today. The wool feel a bit better than the black one. And fitting is much better(it fits me like a MTM). The waist is much suppressed and has belted waist. The sleeves are a bit tighter as well. This is the thing with SC/blazers same brand same model but different fit on each colour/designs.
^^Damn. I should've bid on this. Next time If I see anything 36r I guess I will have to ask you if you will be bidding on them. BTW rugby just listed a new Newbury blazer in Charcoal colour. @$398. Is this one link at the bottom same as the picture ? I have the below its quite dark and has few different colour hue on it. http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?productId=13115787&categoryId=11373427&cp=3138868 .
Thanks for the clarifications. I will keep it. Use it for the rainy days. I mean it doesn’t look bad. But just really rough to touch. Rugby has 2 more wool blazers $500+ , I guess they are made with better wool.**There was a flannel rugby suit 36r on ebay last night for $179 did you buy it ? I didn’t bother biding on it. Since I know you will out bid me !!!!
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