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I struggle to mismatch my only Charcoal jacket. Was hoping to see few different pants options…..
Just 1 pic for Charcoal !
Lol. I love the 3b setup. I am wearing this today !
lol. You just made me realized the lapels are really large on Garrison jackets. Mine is dark grey flannel so it dons't really stand out that much.
Looks like a boss !
I have a prl Garrison fit suit in grey flannel. Not to sure about your fit critique. The lapels are not that large IMO considering 2b setup. The jackets are also quite long. I haven’t worn mine yet – quite baggy. Needs chest, waist and sleeves taken in.
Well done . We needed a thread like this. Any chance you can show us charcoal jacket and pants combo.Also some velvet jackets.
They are 100% shell. Look closely around the eye lit area. You will see the bumpy area. Also the machine mark(Marlow has the same machine marking on shell). You will not see those marks on calf.
New Posts  All Forums: