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These are on my wish list. Did you pay the full price for them ?
No worries mate. It happen to anybody when you don't know what to expect. I have disappointed myself many times even with many sf approved items. I think the briefcase is in good condition. The scratch is small enough. The leather looks good quality. You should be bale to get 5+ years with these easy. And after few months as you use and abuse this you won't even know there was scratch there.Congrats on your purchase.
Mate awesome job on the pair. How long does it take you to shine a pair like this ?Is it brand new pair ? I didn't see any creases.
Look you get what you pay for. What do you expect from a briefcase under $350 ? I think the defects are minor and are normal for a costume made briefcase for this price range.
great looking shoes. they look narrow.
Double monks anyone ??
Which colour are they ?
I just polished my burnished brown bb fifth ave first time. A lot of black residue of burnishing came off. The shoes now looks noticeably lighter. I really wished the fifth ave stays darker than my fift st boots. How can I darken my fift ave and still keep the burnishing ?I think my fift st boot most dark burnishing now vanished.
My feet is short , narrow heel and wide toe. And I struggle with c&j . Out of all marlows and c&j this PTB is the best fit for me. A good fitting pair of shoe really makes a difference.Going 1/2 size down would be good for someone with narrow feet. Honestly with EE width I go 1/2 size up most of time.
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