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I have received my 2 Newbury blazers (black and brown). The fitting is good. Looks half decent. Just it feels really rough to touch. They probably used really cheap wool.
I can't process order with yoox. tried last night - once I click proceed with your order it comes with an error. And my promo box disappeared since last night. wtf! I tried again this morning same thing !
lol I am surprised as well. I thought most of you were single/child less thus have huge Disposable income to spend on cloths/shoes etc.
I think I will be happy with it. I have one of rugby linen/silk herringbone blazer – it pulls quite a bit. I prefer thin wool over linen. Also I have a same color prima cotton PRL v neck sweater. I will use it under this jacket to create similar look !!Was it fully lined ?
BTW , I am expecting this-
What !....I will have to wait and see what they have sent me.
The suit was top deal. The tweed sc too expensive for a pre owned jacket. You can pretty much buy brand new on sale form rugby at that price.
Anyone with experience with jack wills ? Their blazers look nice and preppy. But I see comments like “ Oxbridge rejects”.. Anyone own their blazers ? how is the fit compares to rugby stuffs ?
That is a nice briefcase. Good price . I just bought a sab (London tan as well). Otherwise I would’ve purchased this from you. These are hard to come by at this price and BNWT.
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