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great looking shoes. they look narrow.
Double monks anyone ??
Which colour are they ?
I just polished my burnished brown bb fifth ave first time. A lot of black residue of burnishing came off. The shoes now looks noticeably lighter. I really wished the fifth ave stays darker than my fift st boots. How can I darken my fift ave and still keep the burnishing ?I think my fift st boot most dark burnishing now vanished.
My feet is short , narrow heel and wide toe. And I struggle with c&j . Out of all marlows and c&j this PTB is the best fit for me. A good fitting pair of shoe really makes a difference.Going 1/2 size down would be good for someone with narrow feet. Honestly with EE width I go 1/2 size up most of time.
I like the poron insole. Makes the shoe really comfortable for extended wear.
Paid $475 . Sorry for crappy bb picture....taken at work in hurry and under my desk.
Lindrick is next. I have been looking for a good deal on Lindrick for over a year now. I can’t seem to find one in us8.
Just purchased Marlow PTB from RL store. They are euro stock( Wide E width). Got them in my TTS size 8E. Perfect fit. Will post pictures once I get a chance. Got 3 pairs of Marlows now:slayer:.
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