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^^ How heavy is the bag when fully packed like that ? My 2 cases. One SAB - when I need to carry a lot. Second one coach. My new sab case. Look at the flap its not aligned straight. I won't bother returning. Can anyone tell what is causing this . It looks ugly when I look at it closely. Could it be just new stiff leather that hasn't formed any shapes yet ? Its hard to even open the flap due to super stiff bridle leather. I have measured the flap and everything is same....
good over all fit. enjoy !
I think the light grey suit fit is really good.
Rugby was created for skinny gents. TBH I liked their website. It is separate and small collections and easy to browse through.
Will they shut the website on the Feb 2 as well ? Rugby always have small inventory on their website. So I think liquidation sale may not have many sizes. That khaki jacket they just pulled off the website. It was last piece of summer collection ; so didn't go on sale. And they pulled it off from the website. Seemed like they will re use this jacket for next summer.
Hi mate, I have both pairs. Leather quality on these are better than AE . The finish on these RLs are flawless and at least 3/4 times better than AE. Hard to believe they are made by AE !Are the Saunders the same as the Malvern?No**Just keep in mind these RL shoes are made on a really narrow last. It could be either AE 2 last or a special last just for RL. I always go half size up on most RL shoes. The Saunders I went 1/2 size up and still a bit tight around the toe...
Thanks mate. Last summer they had this jacket. This didn't go on the end of season spring/summer sale. It was $299. I waited for this to go on sale later. But it just disappeared when the AW stocks rolled in. I hope they bring this back at reduced price before they close down. [[SPOILER]]
Just ordered the brown newbury jacket as well. I have a similar cream/brown wool/linen one form rugby spring summer collections ; which was half lined. This one said fully lined. Just stocking up. Does anyone know if this is their last collection ? or hen will they shut it off completely ? 3 more jackets are on my list - Belted Corduroy Jacket, Brushed Herringbone Jacket and Glen Plaid Newbury Jacket. I am surprised that they are closing down becos they just launched rugby...
I will miss rugby.
RIP rugby. I blame RRL for this. Its sad becos I was introduced to rugby May this year. The blazer from this line is reasonably priced , great quality and their slim fit is just amazing. Their blazers fits me so well that need no alterations. Not to mention rugby's some what unique preppy styling. I have only bought 3 blazers from them so far. Once the main sale kicks in I may buy few more to stock up. SF members we never purchase rugby at full price . We wait for extra...
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