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Actually far from it (:Why not email carmina and ask them if they make shoes for Farage ?And update us once they confirm.
These are not Carmina. Only judging form the picture the leather upper looks tired for few month old pair of shoes. Funny enough many of carmina shoe models are even copied by few big name brands. There is a pair of shoes at mr porter sale section looks exactly same as one of my carmina pair.
They run narrow as. I am a us 8 EE to EEE. I have them in 8.5D. I have worn them for less than 30 minutes. They were killing my feet.
TBH I prefer the darker colour. But over time the darkness fades and gets lighter. My pair of penny and PTB got surprisingly light in about 10 wears. I use collonil gold premium leather polish every now and then to get that darkness back time to time.
If you have wide feet (EEE) don’t bother with Sanderson. They run narrow. I am a size 8E to a 8 EEE. And have the Sanderson in 8E. They feel like a 8 B.
I am a uk 7-7.5 (;
here- http://www.styleforum.net/t/268299/charles-tyrwhitt-shoe-quality
Save your money don’t bother with ct shoes. They are rubbish quality.
First I must admit I have really bad spending habit. Last month for the first time I was able to stay purchase free. on average I have been spending at least 5 times of my this months total purchase.Grenson shoes were on my head for over 2 months now. I couldve got them during npc break. But I was confident I can stay totally purchase free. My friend dragged me to rl store last night and they had 60%. Off. - saw the scarf and I felt guilty to buy it. But reality is I have...
To my list a pair of Grenson Navy suede loafer from gilt for $140 plus a scarf from RL store for $47. I still hope to be in npc for rest of the month.
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