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^^Thanks !
I think it depends on your body weight. If you are a big guy , you will put a lot of weight and pressure while walking on your shoes. I am skinny guy it takes me over 20+ wear to break them in just a bit.Wearing my Marlow PTB today. 4th time. Damn they are killing my feet – feels like walking on iron!
anyone has any student code or any discount code for BB. I missed out on the recent sale.
Wrong ! Get the Bradley .
Wear the shoe and try a pressure test. Leave toes on the ground and start lifting your heel as the shoe will start bending it will put some pressure and create some crease around that area. And try to see if it puts any direct pressure on that area.
Hi is the tear on your big toe side or the little toe side ?If it is around the big toe end then it may face pressure from walking and such. Which can later create a bigger rip. But it depends all on your feet and where your shoes creases usually.If its on the little toe side then it shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks. Double leather sole is a pain is the @$$. In my current rotation they get maximum 1-2 wear a month. Double leather needs at least 20 wear before they get comfortable.I am looking for a pair of wingtip and lindrick. Waiting for 40% off sale !!!
AEL-RStrands, Players, Fift StMora, Fift Ave, GraysonRLL-RSingleton , SaundersSlaton Black, Slaton Burnished tan, Sanderson
I was thinking about ordering a leather jacket yesterday.- http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Leather-Hybrid-Jacket/ML00134,default,pd.html?dwvar_ML00134_Color=BRWN&contentpos=1&cgid=0308 Then I had to go out and by the time I got home the extra 20% off sale finished.This jacket in q&a said calf. But I have feeling its buffalo calf(it looks quite shinny). Any idea of new sales ?? Looking for a versatile brown leather jacket. Ideally a A2 leather jacket in small size...
Thanks. The third photo are all Ralph Lauren By Allen Edmonds.The chukkas are RL Saunders in burnished tan.
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