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^^lol.Straight down to business !
Don’t understand why op trying to make it a big deal. LV is brand that sells product. And products could be faulty time to time. Get over it. If don’t like LV or not happy with their quality then don’t buy. Stop whining like a baby. Any product from any manufacturer could be faulty. Could be $20 shirt or a $100k car. If you don’t understand this simple rule then you are simply an idiot !
^^This.Lol. Anyway I don’t think this jacket could be altered to look half decent. Shoulder are too big. Which is nearly impossible to fix. At the same token outside SF not many people will realise what’s wrong with this suit. So you could just do basic alterations and wear it in your weeding.
They are not ruined. Just use some conditioner and polish them.
Lol . You must be a cash money baller. I am yet to drop $2.5k on a suit. I am sure you will get it right if you are prepared to spend $6k on a suit.
Good one mate !
^^This. Just don't try to stand out. And spend as less as possible on you cloths. Becos your cloths will get dirty and you will wash my clothes everyday. I have worked at restaurant during my high school/uni days. Working in restaurant your cloths will smell like food.And don't think you can go out on your work cloths after work. This is what I used to do. Bring my work cloths in gym bag . Get dressed at work. After work shower. Wear my normal cloths and once home work...
I wonder who buys them ??
Hi Mate, I am not an expert on fit as I am still learning. But something looks off on your right sleeve.
On a smaller size suit if you are lucky to get the shoulder right , then it might work. I have tried this on few blazers some works really well. I am a regular us 34R and slim 36R. For me regular us34R fits perfect if the shoulder is greater than 15.5”. Its always good idea to try them on. Different brands have different measurements. Even same brands have different cuts and different amount of padding on the shoulder that could alter the fit. I have 2 sc from rugby both...
New Posts  All Forums: