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Lol mid rage meaning around $80-$90 tm lewin range shirt.So I am aiming for mid range quality at low range price – under $40 (;My shirts are all Malayans 2 fold cotton and tried by best with little details- non fused collar,4 piece split yoke and few little bits. And slim tailored fitting. Took me about 8 months to get all these organized for the first batch.And yes for some people mid rage is $200+….
^^ Thanks. I am in a process of making a menswear website. I will check for pricing to become an affiliate. These shirts are my first attempt to create mid range shirts(tm lewin equivalent) under $40 price point.
Deleted !
^^ nice. I have them navy LW. As they age and creases will show a bit lighter powdery blue. Every now and then I use neutral polish and they bring back the dark shine. Funny sometimes under different lighting they even look green. Once my gf asked me if they were green !!
Your leather jacket looks top. We have similar hair cut . lol.The cricket jacket doesn’t look premium. How do the fabric feels. Is it smooth or rough ?Will it be too much to ask if you wear and pose. Want to see how it fits. Sorry mate…
My cricket jacket has been shipped. Delivery this Saturday to myus.com. Then few more days. I will probably get it by next week some times.I am hoping this cricket jacket will fill some gaps on my casual wardrobe. I am waiting to see the cricket jacket in real life (; any pics .... .... ....
Waiting to see the cricket jacket in real life.Mine hasn’t been shipped yet.Also rugby 36R blazer vs their S or XS … what size are you on their blazers that are marked S/XS….(old ones sometimes available on ebay) ?
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