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Thanks Pink Socks.
Hi Gents, I think this has been covered here before. Could anyone point me towards few top men’s fashion blogs in Australia. Ash
Thanks mate. It was a top deal. Thanks for sharing the deal here. Why didn't you pull the trigger ?http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/300792175194?nma=true&si=LM3pMG2MzVyjgKHE%2BXJ3mXaem6s%3D&rt=nc&_trksid=p4340.l2557&orig_cvip=true#ht_500wt_949Do you think the heels need to be replaced ?
copped them ! thanks !I have wide feet. I wear US 8 EEE or 8.5 D. Will these fit me ?
The jacket fits well. But looks too tight around the waist from the back. I would let it out a bit.
Sorry to hear that. You may want to email them and ask to be put on that special list !
Last year during November when RL had private sale I went to RL website(USA) and typed my email address at the bottom. Boom 2-3 minutes later received an email with private sale code. And I am in Australia !” You will have to spend money at RL store to receive private sale code” is a myth. Private sale is a marketing strategy for them to make you spend more than you should.In Sydney private sales at RL store are not so private. Anyone walks through the door at RL store...
If you signup on rl website for news , then you will get the code emailed to you.
do you think with a bit relaxed straight pants the length will look ok ?
lolGents, I have a pair of these florsheim by duckie brown - in Navy /Green. Bought them last year haven't worn them yet. Do you think they are a bit too dandy ?Should I keep them or sell ? They are brand new in us 9.
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