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Susu, prl cashmere cable
Anyone going to astrix tonight?
Tods briefcase
Casual Friday. Xpost. [[SPOILER]]
fyi50% Off Everything Online at Rhodes & BeckettRBPRIVATE50xpost form waywrn [[SPOILER]]
Today suit supply and Aspesi m65 .
Indeed 😁Today tried out the navy one over a double breasted jacket. The waist drawstring is great, changes the fit in few seconds. Sorry for selfies over the last few days . [[SPOILER]]
During recent far fetch 20% additional sale picked up another Aspesi m65 in washed khaki for $240 aud shipped. Overall great colour. Received few unsolicited compliments. Size medium fits nicely over a slim 36 jacket. Anyone thinking of an light versatile piece to wear casually or over a tailored jacket - this is great option. While navy is a toned down version, olive and khaki really brings this jacket to life. Quality is definitely there. There are no loose threads, no...
^^ I have a navy double breasted jacket from them (possibly aw12). Easily one of my best jacket. Their collections were small to begin with and each items were available in a very limited quantities. Full price was very expensive. The jacket I have had a rrp of $1800 usd. Most items were unsold and ended up in places like Gilt. And cleared at 70% off prices. Their trousers were $350-$395. Too many choices around that price bracket. All this contributed towards the brands...
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