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Dhl from UK is great. Quickest I remember was about 48 hours from order to delevery. eBay global delevery is always slow , due to the 2 steps process.
Just give cash. Junks under $100 are terrible. I always check cost per person and just give cash equal to or more.
Yesterday. Grey with faint light blue window pane jacket by bb and charcoal grey vbc 340 flannel Howard yount trousers. My cat is in the background 😀
I have been to few LP stores in various airports. Prices super crazy. Cashmere sweaters were between $1-1.2K aud. storm systems jackets were around $15k. Sports coats starts at $6k . I did love their business shirts. Incredibly soft fabric (words can't explain how soft it feels to touch). $999-$1200aud. Scarves were $800. Again softness on these is nothing I had ever experienced.Makes me realise how empty my wallet is.
Anyone wants a cheap pair of double monk , please see my signature.
Price drop $150 AUD + shipping.
Growing up in Bangladesh during early 90s there was a massive trend on wide trousers. It was however limited to teenagers and gangsters (wannabe). I remember getting my school trousers tailored to a 24" leg opening (vs 20/22" waist) . Super high waisted, 2 forward pleats . I was advised by my buddies to have 4 pleats. But the tailor refused to do more than 2. I was probably only 11/12 yo . I had to go to the tailor with my mom; as my father didn't wanted to be involved in...
A non-white/pale blue shirt is considered less formal. And thus should be paired with a not so formal suit/jacket. But a patterned suit/jacket(which considered non formal) will always look busy with striped shirts.Also (imo) a nice navy /charcoal suit demands a plan white/ pale blue shirt. And summer fabric solid suits (linen/cotton /unstructured) also look better with light solid coloured shirts(possibly pale blue)So where do the stripes fit in ? If one is wearing stripes...
Gents , please share your view on non white/ pale blue shirts. This includes all the other shades and stripes and such.
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