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Few times I went to spice I am - I was there prior to 5pm to queue up. It's almost always packed. My wife is originally from Thailand and rate this as one of the few authentic Thai restaurants in Sydney. Apparently most Thai traveling celebrities are regularly seen there!
Not exactly cheap. RMW leather duffle would've cost just couple hundred more.
Spice I am is truely authentic
How about no canvas/ deconstructed?Or fused?
yes its further 25% off online and in store - just looked at the front page.
Mj bale 25% off sale price. Some good casual suits still available. Picked up the double breasted olive/ khaki jacket for $186.
^ nice. Too nice for jeans- I would swap them for a pair chinos.
I bought mj bale Barry blue jacket. Really nice winter jacket. My wife bought 3 bags. God women and their handbag obsession. [[SPOILER]]
I don't really understand why we are complaining DJs have too many sales a year? I actually love the fact that stores have multiple sales, so I don't have to wait to buy summer clothes in winter. There was time 12-15 years ago I couldn't afford anything decent in DJs. Now the pricing is definitely better. Would I like DJs to take more of my money so they could have better profit margins? So they could afford to keep the castlereagh street store? No . But do I love browsing...
Mont Blanc is pure garbage. No resale value what so ever. Get the iwc . I would get stainless steel rather than pvd or dlc. Both coating will scratch off in sections and SS underneath being exposed. Not nice imo.
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