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Hi gents, can you help me identify the cause of this fine hole on my trousers. My closet is moth free(I hope) . I haven't seen a moth or any larvae on my closet. Asked one of the older girl at work if this was moth hole - she replied negative. Apparently moth holes would have rough edge with fibre showing. She thinks I may hae hit something. I am just worred about pest inside my wardrobe. These are 2 picture of the trousers. Will turn my wardrobe upside down once I am home...
Rmw craftsman .... My most comfortable shoes ever.
Beautiful. Just don't have need for a case like this. Below is pic of my 3 years old briefcase.
I will be in Nepal on the 8th February. Should I pack whole heaps of winter jackets?
Today florsheim shell cordovan.
Fullerton in snuff seude.
Fifth at boots in action...... These boots are over three and half years old.
Thanks. Brown leather brief is from Coach. I don't like coach- but this one has nice full grain calf leather. Aged nicely in last 2 years.
Gents recently joint Instagram. Mostly pictures of shoes..... http://instagram.com/bangladeshigent
My SAB after 3 years. And my coach
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