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^^ no droops at all. The promo says up to 90% off and in fact its still the winter up to 50% off. Yoox may have made mistake and forgot to lower the prices. Its very much possible for yoox.
ex-military ... visit the boardroom with an AK47 that will make them sign contracts.lol
^^I wouldn’t bother returning. Just wear them.
^^Great looking !
Better give them a gift voucher for a hotel suit/room all pre booked for one night stay !For $100 it will probably be F1 hotel room…!!!lol
Hi Gents, I went to Sydney cbd Woolworths this morning and they stacked $hits all over their stores on the floor on the walkways and every where. Hard to even walk. Long story short one of my jacket sleeve was scratched /pulled by god knows what packaging. It resulted a micro scratch. Its my favorite staple Navy blazer .Its about shape/size of this ( -- ). Its more like a scratch mark .But probably tiny bit of fabric has been ripped(no visible hole- can’t see through) ....
I wouldn't wear it. Solid suit jacket I could live with - but this one in pin stripe is like business suit jacket written all over it. The only pair of pants that will look good with this one would have to me with the same matching fabric of this jacket - so you can complete the suit. At the end of the day its your choice if you want to use this orphan jacket as blazer. No one cares of what you wear or you don't.
That is insane. But at least they are doing so knowingly.Now with this jacket this is whats going to happen -*It will stay up there for a while and won't be sold at that price.*Yoox will start discounting this jacket. 20-40-50-70-80% off.*This jacket will be available for under $200.*Then some stupid guy (short and Slender - most probably Asian man) will buy it . He will buy it just becos its Armani(Collezioni). He will wear this proudly leaving the tag on his sleeve. And...
Hi Gents, gilt.com currently have Free International Shipping over $50 order. If you use my referral link you will also get $25 off your first order.(I will also get $25 credit form gilt once your order ships). I have been ordered from gilt few times over last 12 months. They use DHL express and takes about 1 week for good to be delivered to Australia. Below is the ref link - so you get $25 creidt on your first order. http://www.gilt.com/invite/s200119au?pkey=desmonds I...
This a modern Italian thing !..............
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