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I actually just purchased a cotton unstructured windowpane jacket for summer. Navy with pale blue windowpane.I would vote for navy as you can never have too many navy jackets.
can anyone provide a bit more info on ae seconds sale as to which shoes would be on special. below are my dalton first quality. Got them from amazon for $235 shipped during sale. I am a US 8EEE since the didnt have my size took a chance on 9D ! Fit is good. Just a little bit long. A tiny bit. But lace up nicely and a tiny bit heel slip. Which should go away in few wears. I have realized these are shorter than my Fifth St boot which is 8.5D.
You are right. In calf leather you won't see rain spot once leather drys up. Cordovan on the other hand shows rain spots - light or dark.I wear shoes to protect my foot , and I don't care about rain spots on my shoes.
de glazier + paint will cost you total under $20-$25. Plus you will have a pair of exclusive navy shoes. Have a look at the carmina thread. They are killing it. Factory making killer navy shoes.
Navy is a great colour for shoes. They are fun but never on your face. I have a pair of navy shell - love wearing them. I think navy very versatile - its as close as black and works well in formal settings and being navy its playful - works on casual settings as well.I will take pictures in every step and will post on this thread.
Yeah paint them navy. I am waiting for my grey cloud park ave. AS soon as i get them I will paint them navy. PAs' in navy with dark burnishing on the toes. yumm...
no offence. But in my opinion unless your shoes are mto/special order , EG/Lobbs not worth spending money on lasted shoe trees.
They already have. I have many items in my dream box . That are not showing in search.
lol.Yeah this may be suitable for a pool party. Don't forget to jump right into the pool with your jacket on.Honestly speaking every now and then I see this sort of jackets at various retailers. I never thought anyone actually buys them !
Allen Edmonds shoe bank and factory seconds outlets.
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