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Mate leather needs to breathe. Storing them in plastic boxes is not a very good idea.
these are fine.
I have purchased grey cloud Park ave from 2 for $250 sale. I haven't received my pair. Do you think I will be bale to polish it navy ?
I agree. The way I look at it - Mr Wildsmith who sold the company - so that it may grow and keep the name going. Its like giving it a chance to survive rather than letting it die. So yeah I wish all the best to the new owners and hope them success.
i have these boots. I love them. why are you selling ?
Mine is James suede loafer. They said Grenson runs really large. And being partially unlined they will be really big. So form my uk7.5 regular size went down to uk 7. Bad move. Really regret now. And unlined suede if they stretch out a bit too much looks kind of ugly. But I will have to stretch them. broom stick here I come.
Lol. I thought I knew all about shoes(apparently not!). I don’t see the cork foot bed. What I see is a thick leather insole that I thought was cork foot bed. Lol.I have ripped off the sock liner. Thank god I did. Have that much needed space inside. Thanks you for you in-depth information’s.And removing the insole underneath would be really hard. I would need professional tools. And in removing the insole one would have literally rip off part if not most of their shoes.RegsAsh
Grenson sizing’s is all over the place. Occasionally they even misprint their width sizing.I am a us 8E/EEE. I have purchased a pair of Grenson in uk7. I was advised by the merchant they run a full size large and to order 1 full size down from my us sizing. They were also loafers. So it made sense. Now they are a bit too short and a bit too tight. They didn’t offer ½ sizes. I should’ve even gone with uk8. Being on short last and my feet being wide.So I assume if you go...
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