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lol... I thought they were scam when they asked me to pay on their bank account direct. But then their customer service agreed to take payments via paypal. These guys did pi$$ me off with all of their nuisance process. However it worked out. And they gave me 5% discount for my trouble. I am loving the london tan colour.
I am just hoping they fit. On AE website it said 7-97 last is flat around the toe area. Meaning this last is quite roomy ? Anyone here own this pair or pairs on the same last could you please comment on fit.My correct sizing for AE strands is 7.5 EEE and on Fifth ST boots 8 D. How far am I from 8 B ?I have AE strands in 8EEE - which fits really loose(a little bit too long on the toe box and a bit way too much space around the toe). I wear 2 insoles and fits perfect . So I...
here is mine...
This arrived yesterday..... [[SPOILER]]
Gents , Just bought the below pairs. I am a US 8E/EE will this fit ? It's US 8.5B. I read on AE website this model is on 7-97 last. Any comments about fit will be greatly appreciated. http://www.ebay.com/itm/251076124386?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649
None of RL shoes are made by Alden.RL shoes that are made by AE - Leather quality is much much noticeably better than AE shoes. Yes 2 shoes could be made in same factory yet they can use different grades of leather. A have few pairs of AEs , but don't have any AE independence line. I think RL uses AE independence line leather quality . AE finish is a joke. RL finish is flawless. RL may be using AE 2 last ; or they may have a special last which is narrower than last 2. And...
^^Lol. It is 20% in fact from $239 to $191 + tax . Didn't realize. On the email it said 15% off. I will post a review once I get it. I am guessing this jacket will have just front lining. Made in China. I have a rugby newbury Chinese cut jacket. They are a bit wider on shoulder(0.5 inch) and a bit more room around the chest/waist (about 1.5 inches). And 0.75 inch longer. But still high armhole and slim sleeves.
I have 5 pairs of rl shoes. 4 of them made by ae. But leather is much better and finish is flawless on RL than ae. All rl that are made in us are made by ae. Just keep in mind they are super narrow like width B even when they are marked D. I rate them above Ferragamo on any day.
vip sale started. 40% +15% off using insiderfall. Just got Herringbone Newbury Jacket black. With tax $205.
Going for dirt cheap…..
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