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^^ Just got an email from rugby - they canceled my green corduroy pants.
Just picket up cricket blazer and 2 corduroy pants (navy and green). Cricket blazer and those 2 pants were sold-out yesterday. This morning they popped up in my cart. $190 total. Plus there will be about $80-$90 bill from myus.com. The cricket blazer a bit too loud for me. I will see how it will go with jeans.
I was looking to get few thing this morning. Left for few hours to have lunch. Came back home. All 4 items on my cart was sold out. Cricket blazer, sweater 2 corduroy pants. Anyway maybe I have just saved few hundreds. I hope they bring out a final spring collection. BTW I have just received my first Caruso blazer. They fit right on the shoulder and length is good. But need the sides taken in. Damn nothing fits like a rugby blazer.
Yeah baby…bring out a spring collection. I need to stock up on some more rugby blazers. Love their blazers ; fits me like mtm.
^^This. RLBL shirts are baggy.
Hi buddy welcome back. Thanks for the code.What do you think of this SC . I am thinking of pulling the trigger. Is it too much on on your face ?http://www.rugby.com/shop/item.aspx?productId=13144518&categoryId=11373427&cp=3138868
Gents, another sizing question. I am looking at AE Neumora and need your help regarding fit. I have 3 pairs of AE - 5th St boot 8.5D a bit loose - Feels a bit too long - should've got it in 8 D Strand 8EEE way too loose. I use one thick insole- feels way too wide and way too long- should've got them in 7.5EE or 7.5EEE or even 8D Grayson 8.5B - Fits perfect. Tight fit. A bit of straggle to get them on. I think its becos of the low vamp.But 8D could've worked out...
Me 2.
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