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^^Bourbon Strands are a hit. BB fifth ave looks great as well. I have called ae outlet today and scored my self a pair of RL Slaton in tan. Unfortunately they were out of brown in 8.5D. Brown Slaton are a great looking pair. Bought 4 pairs of shoes in last 3 weeks.2 RL Marlow shell and c&j Sydney loafers. Tempted to order the strand and the BB Fifth ave. I like the topy - it saves me $45. How much is the Bourbon Strands ??
I have received my 2 pairs today. I had to go ½ size up due to US8 not available. It feels like ½ size big. A bit of heel slip. I think I can manage that ! Thanks Mate !
Rrp don’t mean a thing.
what date mate ? I may even join for a drink or two.Dress code needs to be a bit relaxed or bar people will freak out if they see too many well dressed men.
Leather trench coat = Over Kill. With the right settings and accessory it can look good (i.e – vintage Mercedes or Rolls-Royce , super model girl friend(s)…..)
I haven't had a chance to try on ZZegna. Local store starts at 38R. What is cut like - higher arm hole, bigger drop ??
Gents, Just called shoe bank. They informed me the RL $130 sale already expired. They are now $259. What a bummer.
I only said it was good as the other member was upset when I said it was rubbish. I paid under $200 for mine. Still a terrible buy. These are the items takes up your wardrobe space for no good reason. If I was in US I would've returned it.
Nice pair.How much was the total damage ?
^^Means drop 7. Nothing special. I have purchased Caruso Blazer form yoox before in 36R. I had to do some major alteration on the Jacket to slim it down. Caruso cut is quite generous.
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