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Love Tudor. This is essentially BB without the rotating bazel. I feel 36mm a bit small. [[SPOILER]]
My new watch Few others I have.
Not so much. I have realised there is another watch thread. I think a true watch lovers thread should include all watches. Cheap $20 to all the way up to 100ks.
^^ Agree with you there. I think sizing is a key point when deciding on a new watch & a watch is large/small depends on wearer’s wrist size. I look at the lug end to lug end and see if they fit with in the wrist. I have 6.25” wrist and largest I can wear is 42mm. Below is a 60mm Pam and imagine a 36mm datejust on Stallone’s wrist.
Thanks mate. Was able to get the discount you mentioned. Appreciate it 😀.
It's a good feeling when you do business with a charity organisation. Knowing you are saving Swiss orphanage/ villages. Finally decided on the date just 2. Oyster perpetual and explorer just too small on my wrist (I feel). Grey dial look washed out, blue dial flat , explorer again didn't feel the heft. Thanks @Terminator and @sliq
Just few months ago there was 20% clearance.
Few times a year.
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