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Vintage can be costly as far as maintenance goes. There is a speedy moon watch re-issue coaxial. Beautiful- just look it up at YouTube.I believe this is made by Oscar hunt(time and tide watch Insta). I laughed when I saw this. So much of MTM talks- have you exhausted good RTW options?? Save your money and buy suit supply or save and get bespoke .
Congratulations - I hope you negotiated and got a good discount . Now get some nato.
Sure can do. Best time to buy them however May; when they also add additional $25 gift card with every $100 purchase on top of the already 20% off.
I can purchase RMW gift cards through API at 20% off. Ask your employer to join the benefit program!
I have a BB burgundy and its an absolute beauty. Also look at Tudor heritage ranger - my next purchase.
^^ Black bay is a fantastic watch. And you can still get a submariner later. Get the burgundy one as some predicts this could be a future classic. $4050 on a bracelet is a steal (plus discount) . You won't regret it.
On my post I said “in my opinion” . I am not a fan of bracelets. I find these are feminine accessory(again in my opinion).Simone Elkeles — 'Opinions are like @$$holes, everyone has one but they think each other’s stink.'
In my opinion -only piece of jewelry a man should wear is a wrist watch(other than a wedding ring). Bracelets are for hipsters(and pretenders).
Hi gents, For sale a pair of Allen Edmonds Dalton boots in burnished walnut. Size us 9D. I have worn them less than 5 times. Don't fit. Price Aud $250 + shipping. These are first quality- purchased from Amazon. See pictures.
Hi gents, Selling a pair of Crockett and jones Sydney loafers UK 7.Please see the link. Australian members AUD $250 pickup or $270 shipped. http://www.styleforum.net/t/515118/crockett-and-jones-sydney-loafers-uk-7-snuff-seude#post_8251656
New Posts  All Forums: