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What I think the yoox price is like auction prices. Its only worth what one consumer is willing to pay. I paid for a suit full price from yoox . No sale no coupon full price. Most yoox items are just 1 in each size. If you think its worth it for you you pull tiger and it disappears from god knows how many peoples dream box.
i was waiting for bigger than 15% sale. last night when i realized they may not have any other sale - so i thought i might as well buy the suit i was looking at. Anyway all 2 suit I was ready to pull trigger on was gone. Maybe other customers feeling the same way. I mean 13% is still better than no discount. Now I regret not getting those items during the 15% off sale .
extra 13%off us site. 3 of my items I was looking at gone. Including one us 34R suit. You know how hard it is to find them. They have less than 5 non black suit in 34r in whole yoox. Hot happy.
^^Lol I agree with both of you. Someone from AU posted this pic in trassness. I like the color of the jacket .Looks fresh !
Collar gap.Otherwise nice jacket.
This light blue one is nice. Light blue jacket is a must have for summer.
Thanks for explanation. But if you have cuff on pants then you cant really use them ?
Just skip the denim for a pair of chinos. Much easier to dress MC with chinos. Maybe get some pale blue jackets (cotton/linen) unlined and wear them with thin cream/light khaki chinos.Maybe a bright sports shirt underneath. And some tan/brown drivers. Chinos rolled up and no socks ! I think its a killer combo.
Sorry mate. No chance of getting any deliveries on boxing day.
Yes they were at the back pocket. Lol. I thought they were to hang dry pants . Do you attach them on your pants ? I think they would look more formal without them. These may make them look somewhat bulky.+1. These guys don't muck around with sizing. I wish these were not so expensive.
New Posts  All Forums: