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All RL shoes are on custom last. Sanderson is on a custom last that is similar to 2 last. Below is mine after one and half years of service !
Thanks for the info. I have forwarded 2 pairs of AE from shoe bank to them. Its over 24 hours now still package not showing on the site. Only thing I can think of if AE stores they misspelled my name or address wrong. Which is very much possible. I have spoken to 2 girls on 2 different days and both had understanding my accent. Every time I sad "A" they thought it was "I".
Hi gents, Anyone here use hopshopgo for mail forwarding ? I always used myus.com. They are fantastic. But shipping is a little stiff. So first time forwarded 2 packages at hopshopgo. One package was delivered yesterday 11am US time. But no update on their website. Should I be worried ? I know my us takes about 1 hr max to upload the details. Plus they use unique individual suit number for accurate identification. Hopshop don't have any suite number either. Any experience...
nice. most of them looks to be brand new.
lol. Shoes are to protect your feet from the elements. If you are that worried that your shoes then don't wear them and carry them on your jacket pocket . alternatively get rid of the shoes completely and wear these
Here are pics of my 2 recent acquisitions -
Just ordered BB Fifth Ave in brown. Like the half topy sole.
mate sent you a pm.
2 different colored shell on that pair. I have few pairs of shell(6 pairs in total). One old pair of c&j Bradford now showing signs of two different shades. Don't have any AE branded cordovan shoes(yet). I think Alden makes the best cordon shoes. They are much shinier than any other and also since their waxy finish they don't have mismatchig problem.
yep. I have wide feet. and c&j lasts are stuffed. c&j 7.5E is a us8D. but they fit about 1/4 size too small for me. I went to us8.5 and that is 1/4 too large.
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