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It won't matter. Give them crap and put huge price tag .brand them as lv or Hermes they will eat it. lol New money all they care is what is big ... Its like yoox can bring these Chinese to the water but yoox cant make them drink !chines people buy lv or Hermes paper bags for gods sake ....
I wouldn’t worry about them too much. Chinese only know big brands and names – which are actually rubbish. They are unaware of niche brands.
c&j shoes don't have beveled sole. Or I haven't seen a pair with beveled sole .
I am us 8EEE in AE c&j between uk 7.5 to uk 8 . some lasts uk7.5 a bit tight around my small toe. And all my future c&j will be uk8 unless loafers. carmina I have 2 pairs forest oxford uk8 and rain single monk uk8 I am glad I didn't go with uk7.5. When I read some of you size down by 1 full size I really get surprised. Most of you must have narrow feet.
Welcome to styleforum !
Lol are you Bangladeshi ?Didn’t expect to find another Bangladeshi in sf !We must catch up for some drinks soon.
I have this PRL blazer- it’s a Bradford cut with extra fine virgin wool ?. It is awesome ! I think this jacket will look better if you get your tailor open up the front quarters little bit. I have done this to mine.
Don't waste your money on topying these shoes.It will cost you $45. Just add some rubber toe taps and off you go.
Fair enough. I think if you wear derby rather than oxford then it won’t be noticeable.
V too wide . I think you will need to go up one or two width size.
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