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Yes they were at the back pocket. Lol. I thought they were to hang dry pants . Do you attach them on your pants ? I think they would look more formal without them. These may make them look somewhat bulky.+1. These guys don't muck around with sizing. I wish these were not so expensive.
I have Milan Fit Incotex. It said w28 and they are actual 28 inches. They are very slim fit. Most trousers run 2 inches larger than their label. But these are True TTS . They are probably the best trousers available on the market. Get a pair and you will know why. **They comes with 2 fabric cords could anyone confirm what are they for ? **
I have both Strands and Fifth St boots. These boots are a bit narrow. I would say get 10EEE on the boots. On mine I had to go half size up as amazon only had D width.
once shoes are stretched they can't be un stretched. It happened to some of my shoe as well. I don't really care. Just tiny bit of extra room. I have a pair of leather insole. I just use these insoles on shoes that are a bit loose. Get a pair of thin leather insole and you will be sorted.
great stuff.
Really ? I have been wearing for ck forever and I was just bored so few months ago I bought triple pack of Emporio Armani. The cotton feels softer than ck. But they stretch out way before the end of the day. and I hate loose feeling down there. I could not wear them at all.
lol...I am glad that this happens to other people as well.You will have to keep trying give it few hours. This fixes automatically. Some times I don't see the standard shipping option. Thats another pain in the @$$. My dream box has been fixed today. Last few days every time I tried to add to dream box it just said an error has occurred !
You are right. I think we all love and hate yoox equally. Can't beat yoox for cheapest internet prices(not so much this year - but still the cheapest) and the biggest range and can't hate them enough for not giving measurements or incorrect picture/information. I think with yoox you gotta be lucky with your orders.
^^ no droops at all. The promo says up to 90% off and in fact its still the winter up to 50% off. Yoox may have made mistake and forgot to lower the prices. Its very much possible for yoox.
ex-military ... visit the boardroom with an AK47 that will make them sign contracts.lol
New Posts  All Forums: