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^^ This.Honestly there are tons of better boots out there.And Holden commodore , RMW and Vegemite a combination of all 3 ....sounds all too redneck-ish.
Hate is a big word. But I don't like rmw, commodores or vegemite(tastes like $hit). And there is nothing great about commodores.Also you talked about " 5) High resale value " of a pair shoes.Commodores you drive out of a car yard and 10 seconds later reverse it back to the yard and car will depreciate 10% of its original price.Worst car to have and worst resale value.
lol. Yoox had grand opening in China this month. Good luck competing with 1,344,130,000 brand whore people.
Some of my shoes are stored 1 shoe in bag and another one without the bag inside shoe box. What I have realized with shell cordovan the shoe inside eth bag looks perfect but the one without has a lot of white wax build up. There was a lot of white wax dusts(I mean a lots and lots - it looked *ucked and unwearable). I had to spend 5 minutes brushing them off.This happens to my shells only and if the shoes are unworn for over a month or so.
yoox getting way too popular these days. 12 months ago you would see $hit loads of items at 80% off. I have seen Hugo Boss Blazers for $149. There were few all $149 and they had 36R available. Not that I like or value Hugo Boss just an example. But I did buy a HB blazer 36R for $92.This year Items disappear as soon as 30% off. Currently the sale is actually 50% (not 90%). There is nothing left. Even the spring summer collections (no sale) - all of my 34r Jackets and suits...
What I think the yoox price is like auction prices. Its only worth what one consumer is willing to pay. I paid for a suit full price from yoox . No sale no coupon full price. Most yoox items are just 1 in each size. If you think its worth it for you you pull tiger and it disappears from god knows how many peoples dream box.
i was waiting for bigger than 15% sale. last night when i realized they may not have any other sale - so i thought i might as well buy the suit i was looking at. Anyway all 2 suit I was ready to pull trigger on was gone. Maybe other customers feeling the same way. I mean 13% is still better than no discount. Now I regret not getting those items during the 15% off sale .
extra 13%off us site. 3 of my items I was looking at gone. Including one us 34R suit. You know how hard it is to find them. They have less than 5 non black suit in 34r in whole yoox. Hot happy.
^^Lol I agree with both of you. Someone from AU posted this pic in trassness. I like the color of the jacket .Looks fresh !
Collar gap.Otherwise nice jacket.
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