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Hi Gents, My first db by Ovadia & Sons New York. Took me while to find what I was looking for. The lapels are massive. The cut is quite slim fits every where .I just need to take in the waist. The fabric is lambswool. Half lined , Canvased real smoked pearl button. Easily this is the nicest fabric jacket that I have. A lots of hand works. Also 2 pairs of Carminas I acquired (x-post from carmina thread).
recent purchase-
In my limited experience they fit TTS. If they are marked it44 the waist is just 28 inch. Most other trousers are 1.5-2 inch larger them marked size . Probably that’s why most people would size up by 1 size.
I have a LBM navy flannel suit. I am a us34R with broad shoulder and chest (chest 37 and waist 27 , 5’9”). My lbm suit in it44(us34).The jacket fits good around the shoulder and chest. But I needed to take in waist a little bit. So I won’t say they are really slim. I think a slim us36S person would fit nicely on this us34 jacket. The suit jacket don’t have working cuff. The jacket and the sleeves are really short(I have long arms)- I could’ve used 3/4 inch of body and...
I purchased these pairs as well. I am a US8EE/ EEE. I went with UK 8 . Thank God I did. They fit perfectly. And no gap on the lacing. How do you size down on Carminas ???I am yet to try on the Rain single monk.
I am hoping to join in August. spent way too much this month. Including 2 pairs of Carminas and a navy double breasted jacket by ovadia and sons. 2 belts and pants... and few other things.Only thing is I get paid 15th of every month. So I feel it will be a bit easier for me to do or not to do shopping from 15th till 15th . So I am purchase free for a entire income cycle...lol**I just got paid on the 15th July and I hope I don't spend a cent until the next pay cycle. And...
It won't matter. Give them crap and put huge price tag .brand them as lv or Hermes they will eat it. lol New money all they care is what is big ... Its like yoox can bring these Chinese to the water but yoox cant make them drink !chines people buy lv or Hermes paper bags for gods sake ....
I wouldn’t worry about them too much. Chinese only know big brands and names – which are actually rubbish. They are unaware of niche brands.
c&j shoes don't have beveled sole. Or I haven't seen a pair with beveled sole .
I am us 8EEE in AE c&j between uk 7.5 to uk 8 . some lasts uk7.5 a bit tight around my small toe. And all my future c&j will be uk8 unless loafers. carmina I have 2 pairs forest oxford uk8 and rain single monk uk8 I am glad I didn't go with uk7.5. When I read some of you size down by 1 full size I really get surprised. Most of you must have narrow feet.
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