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This a modern Italian thing !..............
^^Loving that sexy bum….NOT
They have $hit loads of dolce blazers they are clearly for females but up on the men section. Italians......
yoox ...lol-
I am wearing my navy corduroy and cricket blazer today at work. I knew I took it way too far. It looked nice combo with AE fifth st boots. But unfortunately it turned too many heads . On train and specially on the lobby/ lift area. I had to take it off and folded back to my draw. I think I will have to wear this with jeans.
Not many labels makes drop 10 suit /jackets. Rugby is one of them. I am 37/26 and on the same boat as you. I have few rugby jackets and all of them work well without single alterations. Rugby is closing on 02/02/2013 so you may want to stock up. Other than that ps by paul smith(I know they are the lowest level of paul smith) slim fit jackets have drop 8/9. Don't know if you can get hold of ck calvin klein(grey label) - their suits and jackets are drop 10. And there could...
The 14 wale has no distress effects. They are as dressy as corduroy could go. And they are very slim as well. I have their vintage university chinos. The 14 wale corduroy is slimmer than the chinos.
I have received my Cricket blazer and 14 wale corduroy navy pants. The pants are really nice. Slim fit and the corduroy looks really dressy.Too bad they canceled my green pants. They still have 10 wale corduroy but they wont be as dressy as 14 wale. And the cricket blazer I really liked it. The fabric is quite nice. a bit loose fit. But will be good to layer with a sweater. The navy and gold looks better in person than picture. Like I hoped this will fill in some gap...
Does anyone know if rugby will bring a Spring collection before they close down ? Their stocks are vanishing quicker than ever. At this rate by the end of December nothing half decent will be left on popular sizes.
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