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I have 6-7 pairs of paul smith socks. All but 1 pairs are made in Italy (others made in Thailand). I like them becos they are really thin and soft. All of them have hand linked toes. Same price they charge for made in Italy or Thailand. They have 2 different cuts. One slimmer than others. But they don't advise which is what. They are one size fit all. So some of them fits bit loose on me.You will get compliments from strangers everyday when you wear these socks.
Heel taps imbalance a pair of shoes. Its like when you walk on some rough surface and some small rock sticks on your leather heel - how annoying it is to walk ... becos the heel is not flat anymore and when you are walking heel is unable to distribute shocks evenly . I hard people with heel taps slipped on stairs. I would take off those plastic heel taps.Topy on the heel should provide more than enough protection for the heel area. Plus there is a small bit of plastic on...
Stay strong. Every good deal you may pass will make your willpower muscle stronger !I am still feeling a bit guilty about the eye glasses. But I needed them badly. And to add a bit more since my glasses were so bad I had to wear contacts most of the time and had multiple corneal ulcer in last 2 years. Even cheap good frames are $100. So I think it was a wise purchase. I planned to buy them for a long time but couldn't justify paying more than $100 for a frame. I will add...
Ok I will start with a little story. I wear eye prescription glasses or contacts. My current glasses are about 6+ years old. The lenses are badly scratched up. On the right lens the scratches are so bad in the main focus that I am unable to drive wearing this pair anymore. Also the pair has gone green in many parts ! So last night I have purchased a pair of eye glasses(Giorgio Armani) for $79 + $20 shipping from gilt. I think this is not a clothing related item and this...
Yeah I have never seen anyone topy'ed heel. With heel taps over the topy total over kill. Be careful when you walk heel taps are not comfortable and can make you tip over.
yoox promo box dis appeared on me . no box ro enter promo code.
AE seconds sale. Feeling desperate to buy at least a couples of pairs of shoes. Why ae , why this month? The sale ends on 27th May and sizing will run out soon. Help me god to stay strong. If I slip blame god or perhaps ae for having a sale!
Hi All, Are there any sales going on at AE seconds/factory outlet stores ?
Hi ehaberdasher, I have noticed you stock lbm 1911 suits on your website. I have one suit from them in IT44(34R) and it’s a perfect OTR fit(didn’t even have to adjust the sleeves). Do you have any plans to stock them in 34R sizing ? Regs Ash
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