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I agree. The navy monk is beautiful - sold out ! The price is very reasonable.
thanks mate. amazon don't stock EEE so i went straight to 9D. I will have to wait and see now. I am sure they won't be tight. Just hope they are not too long.
Hi Mate,I wear us 8EEE in Strands, fifth ave and players. I wear 8.5D in ffith St boot(not very good fit needed 8.5eee). Due to sizing issue and Dalton being narrow and I have wide feet I have ordered dalton in us 9D. went up 1 full size. I am waiting for these to be delivered. Do you think they will be too big ? I feel I can add some insoles /thick socks and wear them alright. As from 8.5D to 9 D is not a big change.
Hey mate,Taking out the insoles were a bit of pain. Took me about 20 minutes each pairs. First of all start from the sides (waist of the shoes) That is easy part then rip the insoles from the heels. Its easy too. Hardest part is to rip it from the ball of the feet and all the way through the toes end. They have used heavy glue on that area and hard to get your hands inside that far.My fingers and nails hurts now. At one stage I thought I will just give up !Underneath the...
Just pulled trigger for 2 for $250 deal today. It was easy - I had the list of shoes in my size. Just replied with 2 models I was after and few hours later received invoice. Jville store has all my details - purchased 8 shoes form them so far this year ! So I have Sanford in Walnut and Park Ave in grey cloud coming. A bit of gamble with PA grey. If I don't like the colour I will use Navy cream polish and if not happy will use Navy dye. I hear Navy dye is really strong and...
$250 is bit much to spend.Just one criticism is that the factory didn't iron out the creasing s. In AE thread I have seen 10 years old shoes comes looking brand new from AE re-crafting factory.
2 for $250 ?? I wasn't aware. Can you please shed some lights on the deal and whats included.
Hi I was lucky to get them from amazon direct. 20% off when you subscribe to amazon newsletter.
just pulled trigger on a pair of Daltons.Price was $259 With 20% off code and $25.75 shipping to Australia $234 usd. Around $272 AUD. Pretty sad our aud was at 1.10 last year now down to 0.89 cents ); . Anyway I am a us 8EEE in Strands, Fifth AVE (a little tight in toe -should've got 8.5eee), Players 8eee. I have Fifth st boot in us 8.5D But better size would've been 8.5EEE. Ordered the Dalton in 9D . Amazon didn't have the width options. and 8.5 not available. But given...
Most item I add to my dream box says last item. This is true for 90% of the times );
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