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1.75x2 + 0.5
2” cuff on anyone who is under 6’ will only make him look shorter.
I agree with you. I think for AE to compete at higher levels they will really need to re structure the whole Independence line. But whether they want to venture into that market or if they have the capacity to do that is the question.
^^This. Mostly new members and pictures of new shoes and quoted 3 times on the same page !Are you kidding ?Carmina is way way better than AE. Carmina is a premium product where as AE is mass produced. Carmina has more elegant lasts, channeled soles, perfect finishing and better leather quality. Don't get me wrong I have 12+ pairs of AE and only 2 pairs of Carminas. AE finishing is a joke. I have few AE first quality shoes and they are same a my seconds - we all know why....
I am also 5’10” and my pants that are cuffed are a 1.5”. But all my future pants I will go for 1.75” . 1.5” is safe option – but 1.75 is more stylish.
I thought they have shoe vault ?
No such thing as “Cheap house” in Sydney. Its only “Cheaper” if you anyone wants to travel 2 hours each way. Even then a rundown hose will cost you over $250k++ in those areas.
I have and for me AE 8EEE in any last is my safest option.
For me its the width size that kills me. I am us 8EEE and its hard to find a shoe that fits right.And online purchase .....hoping they will fit .(sometimes they don't)I have realized now if shoe don't fit or feel right at the first time you slip on them. They will never be comfortable.
^^ I have at least 1/2 dozens of shoes that fits poorly or don't fit at all. Including a pair of rl marlow and c&j shell .
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