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This guy is living a life ……most could only dream of. Some of his jacket lapels are outrageous. But hell he is Lapo.
I have been customer for last 6 months and spent over $2k in last 6 months(7 orders). I did receive one time special discount code from them. But no invitation to the superstar program.
Italia Independent. I have jacket from them. Nice fabric and good slim fit(unstructured and high armhole). Just bloody a bit too short.
Thanks for more info. I guess you get a chance to preview before anyone else. And if you really like an item you can simply buy it. Most yoox items are just 1 piece. So it may benefit some shopaholics !!!
Gents, I have a Staple Navy blazer from Brooks brothers for sale. Made in Italy. Brand new with tags.3 button, half lined. Yoox advertised it as EU44(US34R). But Tag says EU54(US44R). Its 5 size(or 10 size) bigger than my size !!!I won’t bother returning. Want to get only $200. I paid over $256 with shipping.Below are the images. Its really nice fabric. I am in Sydney. If you want to pick up I will shout a cup of coffee or a drink. You choose! [[SPOILER]]
They are lighter in person. I have used neutral polish in an attempt to darken them. Which helped a bit – but I think this will be process over time. Just keep wearing them and you will get used to. [[SPOILER]]
xpost. My first pair of tassel - (AE Grayson ) [[SPOILER]]
32 waist is not considered skinny.
^^ I have just ordered a suit on sale $340 - 13% off. You never know what happens next. Plus most things only one in yoox inventory. Yoox price is how much you are willingly to pay for that item.
They are calf. But they do look like shell. Many people actually asked me if the were shells. My question ……. are they corrected grain ?I don’t think AE uses corrected grain(I could be wrong).They are Grayson in Merlot.The sizing on them are tricky. I went from 8D to 8.5B. Lol fits like glove.
New Posts  All Forums: