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xpost. My first pair of tassel - (AE Grayson ) [[SPOILER]]
32 waist is not considered skinny.
^^ I have just ordered a suit on sale $340 - 13% off. You never know what happens next. Plus most things only one in yoox inventory. Yoox price is how much you are willingly to pay for that item.
They are calf. But they do look like shell. Many people actually asked me if the were shells. My question ……. are they corrected grain ?I don’t think AE uses corrected grain(I could be wrong).They are Grayson in Merlot.The sizing on them are tricky. I went from 8D to 8.5B. Lol fits like glove.
I may have to call them tomorrow to see if they could mail orders to Sydney.Perth is too far away...don't think they will ship to Perth ...
My strands have most of what you have highlighted . Including one small burn mark !They are just a pair of shoes. Get over it and just wear them. AE is the cheapest goodyear welted shes you can possibly buy. During sale they are even cheaper. So what do you expect EG or JL quality for under $250??Anyway here are my new favorite.And AE signature crease......
^^ This. The idea is to mismatch with light/dark combination.
Gents, Few info on yoox and yooxsuperstar and access to private rooms and such. Yoox recently limited their superstar members. If you spend $$$$(un-known) then you may become superstar. Now the disappearance of goods from "My Dream Box" - theory - My version. Yoox have warehouse in Italy and US and distribution centers in US and Hong Kong. First time most stocks are at Italy warehouse. Or they could have few items on US ware house. Once an US customer orders an item that...
^^ This.Honestly there are tons of better boots out there.And Holden commodore , RMW and Vegemite a combination of all 3 ....sounds all too redneck-ish.
Hate is a big word. But I don't like rmw, commodores or vegemite(tastes like $hit). And there is nothing great about commodores.Also you talked about " 5) High resale value " of a pair shoes.Commodores you drive out of a car yard and 10 seconds later reverse it back to the yard and car will depreciate 10% of its original price.Worst car to have and worst resale value.
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