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Black shoes with Navy suit is the proper conservative business attire. Navy suit with walnut shoes you will look like an idiot in a proper business atmosphere.
I have this sweater. Its beautiful ,warm and super soft.
RL still carry Bradford. I purchased a Bradford Navy blazer last month. Love the buttoning position. Really low .
Genius !
I have stretched a pair of Shell Cordovan RL Marlow PTB yesterday. Took me 10 minutes ! Details coming soon !
I think you are managing NPC May really well. I think you should be proud that you are saving us a lot of $$ and also unnecessary(junk) items.Well Done !!!
^^^^^ I have just discovered an unorthodox way of stretching shoes. Very effective and works within in 10 minutes. I will create a new thread and discuss with pictures tutorials. So keep an eye out !
if you are planning to pay regular price ; then you may as well buy them at the end of the month,And first time ever in last 2 years purchase free month...so far !
Lately jville factory store has been heavily mentioned in this tread. So I am guessing their sale is going through the roof and they could be the busiest ae store in us. I have emailed them yesterday for a list of available shoes. No reply. Few months ago they would reply with in 20 to 30 minutes. I am not angry or upset at them , I just want to pickup some shoes on my sizes before the sizes runs out. Going forward I am thinking of using some other stores that is not as...
I am still going strong. Resisted few temptations. One time even typed the credit card number then didn’t hit submit !!! Hope to start building the bank balance again after 2 years of shopping madness !
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