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Thank you for your informative reply. I wish c&j had F-width in their Sydney model. I guess now I will have go through that painful break in process .
Gents, Just need your advice. I have just purchased crockett & jones sydney snuff suede in UK 7F. My standard size is UK7.5F for c&j. I could get the UK7.5 but they have a bit of heel slip. I thought the suede would also stretch a little bit more than calf. Now they are a little bit tight on my left pinky toe. Just a tiny bit(when wearing thin socks). Otherwise the fit is really good. Without socks they are just right. The right shoes fits well with or with-out socks.Have...
Hi mate,plz let me know if you have us 8 .
I had to promise my mrs this would be the only pair of shoes I would purchase this year !!Lol its only 19th January ... came home now looking at more shoes......
I would never go to one of these alteration places. Always go to a tailor. I go to NORTH SHORE TAILORS at Westfield Hornsby. The old Italian owner does really good job. He charges a bit much but work is good.Anyway I went to CQ HB and kopped C&J Sydney in suede @$299.50 . The service was really shitty. There was a young bird when I asked her about the sale she said the C&J are not included in sale and they will never go on sale either ! I told her some one I know purchased...
We had 45 yesterday in Sydney. I was wearing drivers , pair of very light biscuit colored chinos(really thin) and khaki colored polo and sky blue cotton unstructured SC. A Friday attire to work. On a really hot day cotton SC can provide a little bit of protection from the sun. I think it all depends on peoples body type. If you are skinny you will not feel that hot even on really hot day. Skinny people tend to sweat less. I always feel cold at work. One of my jacket...
^^nice case. Only thing with these types of cases are the inward bend on the leather on the front part of briefcase.
My actual waist 26-27 inches. I buy belts in any sizes . Then resize them myself. Pretty easy to resize them . Or you can pay $10 and get them resized at your local shoe repair shop.Here-http://www.styleforum.net/t/181536/how-to-shorten-a-belt-pictorial
Lol. It’s a lot harder when you are member of SF !
What price range ?
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