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Lol. Post of the day !
Wesfarmers and Woolworths started a huge battle in Australia. Not to mention so far Casualties been small grocery and corner shops. Bunnings and Masters will probably wipe out all the small hardware stores soon enough. Big 4 banks are next on line ?? http://www.businessday.com.au/business/retail/coles-targets-banks-with-savings-accounts-20130906-2t9hs.html
I am 8 EEE in all AE shoes. I can size up in few lasts with different width . But 8 EEE is the safest option for me.
They will take really long time to break in.
Pure luck. Ever since I saw navy suede players , I knew I had to have a pair. During labor day sale I found 1 last pair in 8.5 EEE (seconds). I am a 8 EEE but still pulled the trigger(I had to). They fit ok. Just a tiny bit long. They are beautiful - I just love them. I can't wait to wear them. I will take a group photo tomorrow.
I once bought a blazer from Aspetto from Gilt earlier this year. One word for it $hit. Poor fabric, cut ,construction and sizing all over the place.
Received 5 pairs. 2 pairs on Saturday and 3 pairs today. Sanford – Walnut PA – Grey Cloud Players – Navy suede RL Illford – Tan Khaki LaSalle - Chili Burnished I should permanently leave this thread…
This is exactly what I need right now ! (NOT)How much have you guys spent so far this year in shoe shopping ??Up to 1k1-3k3-5kOr 5k++ ?
Navy with grey is classic. I am not too worried about security guards ! I have 2 light tan/beige jackets. One lighter than the other. I personally find a bit hard to match them. I do wear those 2 jackets with grey pants. But really light coloured and light weight grey pants. Cream/beige is sort of day time and a bit casual in my opinion thus works better with a bit casual pants. Fabric wise linen and light weight oxford.
Stop Trolling. You went to 3 different threads and posted this $hit. Grow up.
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