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I visit high end stores time to time. Its good fun. Plus good way to measure your size on different brands(for later online purchase!). My usual day for window shopping is Thursday evenings - after work. So I really dress up on Thursdays if I plan for a window shopping. If SA comes up to me my line – If I need help I will let you know. Funny though. The day I visit stores with intention to purchase(Sales/discount days) – I don’t care how I dress !!!
^^Nope much better . Much better finish and leather quality and RL shoes have full leather lining & insole.
I have a Garrison fit suit in 36R. The fit is not slim at all. I swim inside the jacket. Also the jacket is quite long - I am 5'9" and the jacket is way too long for me. Its sitting in my closet for last 12 months. I need to do some major alteration before I can wear it. Its funny how 2 posters above said slim fit. In fact its far from it.
For $200 it’s a good buy !
^^I have this grey made in china one. While its 100% wool. It feels really rough. It is warm. But since its thick it don’t really wrap the body well. I have worn mine 2/3 times and it sits on body like a box ! I guess I need to break in that sports coat !!!
^^brownish burgundy.
Get the Strands. The Fifts Ave the cap is rather short. Which is kind of ugly IMO. Walnut is really light in person. I had to get used to wearing my strands at work. Attracts a lots of attentions. People will ask you what shoes you are wearing and/or compliment them.
lol yours left NY 2 days before mine. I used usps many times. From the day they shows Electronic Shipping Info Received takes exactly 14 days t land in Australia. This time it took bloody long time just to get to NY. Once it gets in AU you will receive update - Arrived in destination country. From that day another 3-4 days for delivery. Post pics once you receive them.
RL shoes that are made by AE are way way better than AE. I have 4 RL made by AE shoes. (I also have 3 pairs of AEs)-RL shoes have-1.Better leather used (out side and inside)2.Full leather lining3.Full leather insole4.Finish in RL shoes are 5 times better than AE.5.RL by AE shoes are on custom last. They are narrow as motha*ucker.Don't get me wrong I like AE shoes. They offer many fits and width sizes and they are relatively cheap. But you can't compare RL shoes with AE....
It looks like $100 suit. I don't see a point in cheap suit. Suit is one of the most elegant piece of clothing - better to spend more on a quality suit.
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