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I have a Garrison fit suit in 36R. The fit is not slim at all. I swim inside the jacket. Also the jacket is quite long - I am 5'9" and the jacket is way too long for me. Its sitting in my closet for last 12 months. I need to do some major alteration before I can wear it. Its funny how 2 posters above said slim fit. In fact its far from it.
For $200 it’s a good buy !
^^I have this grey made in china one. While its 100% wool. It feels really rough. It is warm. But since its thick it don’t really wrap the body well. I have worn mine 2/3 times and it sits on body like a box ! I guess I need to break in that sports coat !!!
^^brownish burgundy.
Get the Strands. The Fifts Ave the cap is rather short. Which is kind of ugly IMO. Walnut is really light in person. I had to get used to wearing my strands at work. Attracts a lots of attentions. People will ask you what shoes you are wearing and/or compliment them.
lol yours left NY 2 days before mine. I used usps many times. From the day they shows Electronic Shipping Info Received takes exactly 14 days t land in Australia. This time it took bloody long time just to get to NY. Once it gets in AU you will receive update - Arrived in destination country. From that day another 3-4 days for delivery. Post pics once you receive them.
RL shoes that are made by AE are way way better than AE. I have 4 RL made by AE shoes. (I also have 3 pairs of AEs)-RL shoes have-1.Better leather used (out side and inside)2.Full leather lining3.Full leather insole4.Finish in RL shoes are 5 times better than AE.5.RL by AE shoes are on custom last. They are narrow as motha*ucker.Don't get me wrong I like AE shoes. They offer many fits and width sizes and they are relatively cheap. But you can't compare RL shoes with AE....
It looks like $100 suit. I don't see a point in cheap suit. Suit is one of the most elegant piece of clothing - better to spend more on a quality suit.
Hi mate,I am in Sydney. My 2 pairs was sent on 22 Jan and only on 1 Feb it was processed in nyc. Where is yours now ? Already in Australia ?Priority Mail International ParcelsProcessed Through Sort FacilityFebruary 01, 2013, 10:58 amISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) International ParcelsArrived at Sort FacilityFebruary 01, 2013, 10:13 amISC NEW YORK NY(USPS)Electronic Shipping Info ReceivedJanuary 22, 2013
no one knows dude.......only yoox do .....
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