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lol. AE has 12+ sales in a year. Last month I picked up 6 pairs of AEs. Total this year I got 10 pairs of ae(9 pairs factory second) . A pair of c&js , 3 pairs of RL marlows , 2 pairs of carminas and few others.I am tempted to get few more pairs of ae ......
lol you have way too much time ..... they are just a pair of damn shoes....these are ae not eg not jl . shoes looks perfect for sub $300 shoes to me.
lol..... I don't think op ever does.
c&j can't be roomier than loake .I am a us 8eee and struggle with c&j sizing. uk 8 (medium or wide) in c&j is my safest option. Same with carmina I wear uk8. Loake i can fit into a uk7 - but prefer a uk 7.5.
Be careful buddy or you will end up in maximum security prison.You may be popular in prison lol...
BB and RL will be $129 ea? or 2 for $250 ?
You are right. Its hard to keep up with a large shoe rotation. Currently have over 35 pairs of dress shoes(all good year welted) and 20+ pairs of casual shoes. Most mornings I have to change shoes few times before I decide which pair I will wear that day!
Don’t worry about them too much. They are pair of shoes. The creasing may look odd in the picture(to some taking picture of your shoe is odd) but when on your feet no one will notice them.
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