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If the suede is higher quality it will be smooth. My c&j suede are smooth. Lesser quality suede is velvety/shaggy. My carmina suede is definitely not as high quality as c&j and grenson suede loafer is a give away as its way too shaggy.
is it just me ?2 different finish on the leather. sorry looks ugly to me.i will pick SAB any day of the week.
I read some where they are made by Barker.Some reviews-http://www.styleforum.net/t/268299/charles-tyrwhitt-shoe-qualityhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/38241/charles-tyrwhitt-shoes
I went to one last year. Yeah most people turned up in runners , T shirts and jeans. Father of the child had a heavily faded black suit on. I was over dressed even in khaki pants and navy blazer.
Waiting for summer ....... Grenson suede loafer Hugo Boss belt
i have them in dark brown.
I just want one (pair )!
thanks mate. i will check him out.]
Hi Gents, Any good tailor recommendation in Sydney's west ? Maybe around Parramatta area. To alter suit jackets/blazers .I had a good tailor in Hornsby .... but since I moved to Sydney's wild west its a bit far to travel. I also no longer work in CBD. And just a quick review on cbd alteration tailor. I have once used con varnavas classic tailoring in town hall arcade. This guy is old and I don't think he has good eye sight(anymore). Stuffed my PRL jacket. Rear vent...
Anything is 36r? or even 34r ?
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