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mate sent you a pm.
2 different colored shell on that pair. I have few pairs of shell(6 pairs in total). One old pair of c&j Bradford now showing signs of two different shades. Don't have any AE branded cordovan shoes(yet). I think Alden makes the best cordon shoes. They are much shinier than any other and also since their waxy finish they don't have mismatchig problem.
yep. I have wide feet. and c&j lasts are stuffed. c&j 7.5E is a us8D. but they fit about 1/4 size too small for me. I went to us8.5 and that is 1/4 too large.
You are right. AdG is too popular. I like the smell. I have used this exclusively for over 10 years. I have few other in my rotation now. Only thing I don’t like about this is it can get quite acidic.
I have learned my lesson last year. I always go ½ size up on RL branded shoes. 8E on strand Slaton 8.5D fits like a glove !RL Saunders even worse. I have them in 8.5D and the toe box still too narrow.
^^+1. Ugly as hell.
^^I get this all the time. I have wide toe and narrow heel. Its like V shaped. All of my shoes creases around that area.It doesn’t bother me either.
LBM 1911 sizes are pretty spot on. I have purchased us34R(44IT) suit form yoox last month. It fits like a us34R. Fits me really well.
Good one mate. I have grown my hair a bit as well. I realized they touches my shirt collar a bit. I keep my hair clean. But hair products do stains the collar. I think there is no solutions for this one. If your hair is long enough to stain the collar then its long enough to hide them as well.
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