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Yoox has lots of good stuffs. Some great prices too !! Tempted. Some stuffs are in my cart …….. Dam AE tent sale coming…….
Nice. Can you please send me the maker details / online link.
There was the sweater for $49 and TRIWA watch for $65. I am happy I didn’t buy it. First time in few years I had a purchase free month. Just 1 month helped me focus on what I need.Little story – I had to go to a weeding about 2 weeks ago. I have few new suits for special occasions. But unfortunately none of them are altered(they have been sitting in closet for 6-24 months!). Even trousers are not done. I have been so busy buying staffs ; it didn’t matter if I wear it or...
I am in for June. I know it will be hard … specially in June there will be many clearances. I was thinking of what I may buy during the window between the May and June NPC club. Then I said to my self. I don’t need anything. It will be just plain waste of money. I need to stay strong.
I made it ! No purchase for the entire month.
say for example you have 1k in your account and you are trading $20k lot. Your margin is $100. So you have another $900 free in your account. For every cent that goes against you if aud/usd is around parity then you will loose $200. 1 cent =100 pips. So it is like $2 per pips. As trade goes against you your account will get lighter and if you have less than $200USD your trade will be liquidated. You can use stop loss to prevent your losses / control how much you want to...
Open an CFD account with any brokers. I use CMC markets. Call 1300 303 888 and they can open account over the phone. Then deposit some funds. $500 minimum. But I would recommend at least $2500. $5k -$10k would be better.Ok when you trade currency you will get 200:1 margin. You can even go up to 400:1 margin. Meaning if you buy 100K USD you will need $1000 margin in your CFD account. So when you want to trade AUD/USD pair and you want to short the AUD then you will buy USD...
lol ....
Soon enough you will be able to print all of your clothing’s and shoes….. http://www.news.com.au/national-news/nsw-act/nsw-police-terrified-3d-plastic-guns-will-make-way-to-sydney-streets/story-fnii5s3x-1226649840420
They are fine.
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