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Don't waste your money on topying these shoes.It will cost you $45. Just add some rubber toe taps and off you go.
Fair enough. I think if you wear derby rather than oxford then it won’t be noticeable.
V too wide . I think you will need to go up one or two width size.
Hi Mate. The black pair the leather has dried up thus the ugly creasing. Juts use a tons of conditioner and they will be ok. On one pair of my Ae seconds had this issue. I socked in conditioner. And they are creasing nicely now.
Black would’ve been best option. I say go for charcoal. No one will notice this but- 1 button peak lapel a bit too much for funerals’.
I never quite liked the RMW boots. I can buy RMW gift voucher through my work and get 20% off. And then visit RMW store when they have 10-15% off and that's a healthy discount. But like I said RMW is not my style and they do have some characteristics similar to work boots. Does anyone here hates those pull tabs ?? I see some guys in the office pants stuck in those .... tabs all day long .
I would'v been happy with seller's offer getting the money back + original shipping. Why not take the easy way ... why try to take the hard way ??And why you were buying Hermes belt at the first place ?!!!You have learnt a very important lesson my friend .... in a hard way .
Actually far from it (:Why not email carmina and ask them if they make shoes for Farage ?And update us once they confirm.
These are not Carmina. Only judging form the picture the leather upper looks tired for few month old pair of shoes. Funny enough many of carmina shoe models are even copied by few big name brands. There is a pair of shoes at mr porter sale section looks exactly same as one of my carmina pair.
They run narrow as. I am a us 8 EE to EEE. I have them in 8.5D. I have worn them for less than 30 minutes. They were killing my feet.
New Posts  All Forums: