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I didn't think you would buy anything from zara .
Military style jackets with notch lapel looks better IMO.
Mate all of us work hard for our money and how we spend it is up to us. Just do what you enjoy doing. Life is about living and celebrating things that you love. Don't even pay attention to any negative comments. You don't need some internet dudes in styleforum to tell you how you should live ,neither you will need to explain where or how you earn $.And to members in this thread - leave this poor guy alone. If you don't like some one - ignore them , its that simple !Same...
Thanks for sharing. I will be visiting them soon. Do they have any catalogue or you can bring your own design ?
2 words –Collar gap
Yeah I (probably) walk on my toes. Most of my shoes with Topy the toe has worn out (after 30+ wearing) .I don’t mind topy. Just don’t want to spend the extra $$. 35+ pairs of dress shoes – some gets worn once in few months. So decided against topy.
I used to topy all my shoes. But lately I just use toe taps. Cheaper and better option IMO. If you have a fair bit of rotation 15+ pairs and few shoes with dainite sole. Then no point wasting money on topy. Topy $45/pair. Plastic Toe Taps $50-$60 for 100 pairs delivered. 15 pairs of shoes – each pairs worn 2 times a month. And with toe taps installed each pair should be good for 240 wearing – that’s 10 years per pair shoes. Topy is false economy.
Coxsackr and petepan no need to argue over a bloody suit.That pink fabric is boss. Gatsby style.
True 80% of the time. And 20% of the time you are really ****ed.
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