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Stop Trolling. You went to 3 different threads and posted this $hit. Grow up.
its nothing. It will be on the inside anyway. It will not affect the the usability of the briefcase. Any hand made product will have some sort of imperfection. Just learn and live with it.
Navy for all 3.
Same here. AE finishing on firsts being so poor that the difference between ae firsts vs seconds is hardly noticeable. And ae seconds are some of the best vale- if not THE best value.
Saunder is narrow as. I wear 8 eee in all 5 lasted ae( a bit loose - better fit is 8 ee - but hard to get hold of ee) . I have saunder in 8.5 d. They were long as and narrow like a mfoo. I had to rip the sock lner and stretch them for months and they are barely wearable.8.5 D felt like 9 B. Now slaton is a bit more forgiving. I have them in 8.5D again had to rip sock liner and stretch them. Slaton feels a bit shorter than saunder or Sanderson and a bit tigher around the...
nice boots. Another dalton with wing creasing.
Looks like most people gets crease on the wing with dalton. Dalton toe box is soft thus this creasing on the toe box.
my 2 pairs. I have pair of ae players navy suede coming . And I will be dyeing a pair of grey cloud ae park ave to navy in next few weeks.
I would like to add that Dalton leather seems a bit more softer than other AE leather shoes that I own. And toe box looks to be a bit soft as well. And my Dalton developed some crease on the toe area ); .It could be a sizing issue But the toe box is softer when I compare with other ae.
My chest measures at 37” and waist 27”. 5’10” and 117 lb and have rather long arms and wide shoulder.My jacket pictured above is in 36R. Cut is slim drop 7. And actual measurements adds about 4 inches. Armholes are high and sleeves are really slim . Tag 36 Has 40 inch chest. length is good(for DB)- 29" . But For me the sleeves are a bit too short. I need abut ¾ of an inch.I would say go for 40R.
New Posts  All Forums: