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Last Friday fit PRL jacket(Bradford Model- DJs last year at 50% off) , AE Strands. Bag by Insubordinate Lads made in US.
Buying shoes are worse than Heroin addiction. Last year I was really bad. This year I haven't bought any shoes - I hope I can make this year free of new shoe purchase.
Before I start packing away my summer wardrobe - pale blue jacket by Caruso . PRL driver .Please excuse the long shirt sleeve length.
They fit and feel very different. Complete opposite I should say. Canali jacket is stiff and more padding on the shoulder . The jacket is longer. The cut is way too boxy and the new drop 8 just make it more of a tube like appearance. Even after alteration it's hard to get rid of that tube style. The most annoying part for me are the lapels . Too structured.Stile Latino suits are soft. Minimal padding on the shoulder. Jackets are supper light. They are not slim fit. Mine...
First day wearing my dark brown Canali. Truth be told not very happy. The jacket felt a bit stiff . This was a us 34r with drop 8 - but still had to take in a lot. Jacket looks like half inch too long and pants had to go through major alteration . Actual waist was 31 inch had to take in 3 inches from the back and sides. I was hoping the 3 button setting could give me the 3 r 2 look. But it seems the construction is pretty stiff. Good part a lot of hand finishing details...
A lot of the time the cheaper item may have some cosmetic damage. Could even be missing tag or even floor soiled. Store as large as yoox can only manage their inventory by creating separate entries for items in less than ideal condition.
I don't have any shirts with that feature. I think when people makes mtm shirts they sometimes get a little too excited. While it may help the shirt stay in place - then how much pull is too much. What about when you will use the male urinals at work or at public place ? Or how about siting on a commode what are the chances the tail will drip inside !! Personally I find it awkward . A good fitting shirt matched with fitted pants - with a help of a belt should do the trick....
I assume its kind of like a body suit. goes under then come back to the front and buttons up. It would keep the shirt tucked in better.
Hi romp how much is your mtm shirts starts at? And also turn around time. Thanks
Thanks. Stile Latino makes great stuffs. Neapolitan tailoring at its best. The shoulder construction is very interesting.
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