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I ordered brooks brother navy blazer in US34R. Received an US44R. I can’t be bothered to return it. Trying to sale it. Will list on eBay. Also received AC blazer in EU44r(us34).It turned out to be 5 sizes bigger than my size. 2 consecutive purchase from yoox *ucked up .I think my online purchase luck is running out.
Thanks. I have checked bonobos. They have similar colored pants. But the texture looks different. I have already spent quite a bit of cash trying few different similar colored chinos. But I do agree with you it’s a Spring/Summer color and maybe I will have better luck in next couple of months. But we are in the middle of summer in Sydney .And really want to rock that look (;.
Tell them you are a sf member. And demand a 10% off.
Hi All, Sorry to create a new thread.I have found the picture of the below pants. Really like the color and I have similar jacket to go with. I have Google searched for last few days. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything. So please help me find this pants or similar colored pants . Its silly but I feel like my wardrobe will be incomplete without these pants. By the look of it its linen fabric. Could even be better if you could find me one in w28.I have already ordered 2...
Gents, suits for $50. Forget about mj bale 2 for $1k. Get 2 for $100……. Details here…. http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/90191 Stock them up before they are all gone……. …
^^I think you could’ve done better with ½ size up .The V looks a bit too wide form the picture.
I was going to suggest adding elbow patch.
Oroton has 50% off. and you can pick bag like that for about $350. They are not the best but will do the job just fine. Saddle back leather briefcases are ugly. They will scratch like a mf and I don't think they are appropriate for business setting. Or wait and save some $$ and by a sab. I was on a mission for a briefcase and went all over the place like you are right now. I search for over 12 months and settled for a sab. Happy hunting.
I have them. The 8.5D is more like 8D. For this AE/RL shoes they are narrow as. Nice shoes regardless. Finishing is top notch.
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