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2 words –Collar gap
Yeah I (probably) walk on my toes. Most of my shoes with Topy the toe has worn out (after 30+ wearing) .I don’t mind topy. Just don’t want to spend the extra $$. 35+ pairs of dress shoes – some gets worn once in few months. So decided against topy.
I used to topy all my shoes. But lately I just use toe taps. Cheaper and better option IMO. If you have a fair bit of rotation 15+ pairs and few shoes with dainite sole. Then no point wasting money on topy. Topy $45/pair. Plastic Toe Taps $50-$60 for 100 pairs delivered. 15 pairs of shoes – each pairs worn 2 times a month. And with toe taps installed each pair should be good for 240 wearing – that’s 10 years per pair shoes. Topy is false economy.
Coxsackr and petepan no need to argue over a bloody suit.That pink fabric is boss. Gatsby style.
True 80% of the time. And 20% of the time you are really ****ed.
1.75x2 + 0.5
2” cuff on anyone who is under 6’ will only make him look shorter.
I agree with you. I think for AE to compete at higher levels they will really need to re structure the whole Independence line. But whether they want to venture into that market or if they have the capacity to do that is the question.
^^This. Mostly new members and pictures of new shoes and quoted 3 times on the same page !Are you kidding ?Carmina is way way better than AE. Carmina is a premium product where as AE is mass produced. Carmina has more elegant lasts, channeled soles, perfect finishing and better leather quality. Don't get me wrong I have 12+ pairs of AE and only 2 pairs of Carminas. AE finishing is a joke. I have few AE first quality shoes and they are same a my seconds - we all know why....
I am also 5’10” and my pants that are cuffed are a 1.5”. But all my future pants I will go for 1.75” . 1.5” is safe option – but 1.75 is more stylish.
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