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I am a little confused here…..Do you mean – when I told her how old he was ?
Yep. Website looks pretty empty. Rugby always had small inventory.
I would be alarmed.
You have done well. I haven’t seen this case in person. I think it will be nice if you could post some good quality pictures with details.
DHL offers few different services . If you use DHL EXPRESS then they will do they delivery . Most people confuses DHL express with other services that they offers. I have used most dhl services. DHL track and trace is a good service but takes about 1 week and au post delivers. Worst service they provide is the parcel(dhl packet) . That takes about 20 working days- and au post delivers the goods.
I just sent him a pm regarding the Caruso SC.Rugby didn't have Caruso sports coats for this season I wonder where he can source them. Regardless if i can pick up few of them will be great.
Just Chuck A Sickie mate ....
This is a real nice case. If I didn't get my sab I would've got this one.
I agree with you on steaming a good jacket. I took a day off today and ironed few trousers. Recently read thread on AAAC and today after ironing those pants really made sense. I have a cheap iron. DJs sell some good looking irons for $200-$300++. I imagine they will be good. But just can't justified spending that much cash on an iron. Anyone here have experience on those expensive irons ? Is there any significant difference using them over $20 irons ??
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