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^^ well said.But that how he wants his shoes to look like - hand made. You will be able to differentiate his shes from mass produced shoes from miles away. TBH I am not a fan of his design and leather and colour selections.. But I respect his style.
just tell her you found them on the side of the road !
looking at some shirts from o&j . Can anyone comment on the fit. I am super skinny and wear extra slim fit 37 or 14.5 (thomas pink - extra slim and tm lewin fully fitted).How would the S fit ?
Lesson 13 : Never buy a Fake watch.
Sorry to hear it mate.Happened to me twice -in 2 different rented places. Its terrible. Second time the front glass door was broken and door kicked in. I felt in-secured inside my house for over a month.
lol. AE has 12+ sales in a year. Last month I picked up 6 pairs of AEs. Total this year I got 10 pairs of ae(9 pairs factory second) . A pair of c&js , 3 pairs of RL marlows , 2 pairs of carminas and few others.I am tempted to get few more pairs of ae ......
lol you have way too much time ..... they are just a pair of damn shoes....these are ae not eg not jl . shoes looks perfect for sub $300 shoes to me.
lol..... I don't think op ever does.
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