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lol .....this guy needs to go to grammar school first .
Its toe spring .
bb fift ave- really love this dark burnished brown. I have fift st boot in same colour but on the boot colour is much lighter.
Whats next leather undies and leather socks ?
HT briefcases are beautiful. I have 2 briefcases in rotation (SAB & Coach) ...thinking of adding a third one. Should I add a messenger /briefcase bag with canvas & leather or another leather briefcase ?How many of you use a tote ? I find a bit too feminine ....lol
They are too narrow for you. They look stuffed. The toes on your left foot are full on hanging out. Even if you feel they feel good a incorrect fit is still a incorrect fit. Its like wearing your high school clothing's. Some items you still maybe get into ....but it doesn't meant you should wear it.
If you are 60+ years old then you can wear camel without raising eyebrows. Why not get Navy or Charcoal. Navy coat looks great in any settings.
pointy shoes anyone ?.......
^^Its really smart. Now why didn't I think of this before. I had some big plastic bags ........
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