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Ae Sanford
Received 2 business shirts from yoox. They were sold out in my dream box they popped back up after 2 weeks. Knew they were returned. They were just dumped in box all buttons undone not folded even . But for the price and I like the fit . Bloody customers when returning don't have the curtesy to button up and fold at least half decently. If you are banned from yoox due to excessive returns - I don't feel sorry for you.
Sockless Friday Navy Grenson
Today hentsch man jacket oxford cotton 1/4 lined soft construction. Shirt RL custom fit .Navy linen herringbone pants, RL Marlow .
SAB is one of the best case makers around. I was lucky to get mine when GBP & EUR was hammered. I paid in EUR and conversion was around 1.18:slayer: [[SPOILER]]
Once you prep the leather and re dye its permanent. I think its best to do it on a brand new pair. Mine looks like it came in navy from the factory line.
I actually re dyed grey PA into this ! Ae standard navy calf is almost black.
Few weeks ago. Navy PA
Today lbm 1911 navy suit - completely unstructured and unlined . Fabric is great. This is from their tailored range. I have wide shoulder and no padding works best. Shirt ck mainline and carminas .
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