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Mate you don’t muck around. I wouldn’t mind seeing you as the next Bond.ps **no homo**
well done. how much do you bench ?
^^This explains a lot.I don’t feel offended by your words. Anyway we all live and learn. Good luck and all the best to your sartorial journey.
pretty buff .....roids ?
Wake up buddy. AE is no way near high end. Rather its the cheapest good year welted shoe that are mass produced and readily available. AE position them selves as entry level shoe brand that provides customer with quality shoes at very competitive price point.Don't get me wrong. I have over 15 pairs of AE. I buy them becos they are cheap and they are ok quality ( finishing in AE shoes are joke).Carmins offering free shipping right now. So a pair will cost just under $400....
My Size8EEE in AE Strands.8UK in Rain and Forest Craminas
I didn't think you would buy anything from zara .
Military style jackets with notch lapel looks better IMO.
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