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My actual waist 26-27 inches. I buy belts in any sizes . Then resize them myself. Pretty easy to resize them . Or you can pay $10 and get them resized at your local shoe repair shop.Here-http://www.styleforum.net/t/181536/how-to-shorten-a-belt-pictorial
Lol. It’s a lot harder when you are member of SF !
What price range ?
^^lol. I will need to stop buying .
True. I was just hoping to grab few spring/summer blazer from rugby before they close down.BTW how many blazers do you have ? Sorry for a personal question(not really…lol). I am getting this feeling that I currently have a few too many blazers. I need to justify buying more…..
I have received my Navy Flannel LBM 1911 suit today. Luckily yoox had one US34(IT44)for $299.I had to buy this off yoox us site then used myus to get it to Australia. Paid $60 shipping. Total damage $360. The fabric is great and soft constriction and good fit. The jacket is not as slim as I expected. But not to far off either. The jacket is a tad on the shorter side(I am 5’10”).
ordered the corduroy blazer and grey vintage chino. Last night I should've completed checkout. Cricket sweater - I missed out again. There goes my new years resolution - not to spend any money in buying cloths or shoes. Rugby may bring few spring pieces before they close down. I have seen a cotton cream/navy stripe blazer on their Japan website which may pop up anytime now.
it works for me. I received the code via email.Did you receive the code via email?
$40 is cheap for sleeves. Most tailors will cost you $45 to take in sleeves in Sydney.
No other online store has as big inventory as yoox. Talk about variety……
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