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^^+1. Ugly as hell.
^^I get this all the time. I have wide toe and narrow heel. Its like V shaped. All of my shoes creases around that area.It doesn’t bother me either.
LBM 1911 sizes are pretty spot on. I have purchased us34R(44IT) suit form yoox last month. It fits like a us34R. Fits me really well.
Good one mate. I have grown my hair a bit as well. I realized they touches my shirt collar a bit. I keep my hair clean. But hair products do stains the collar. I think there is no solutions for this one. If your hair is long enough to stain the collar then its long enough to hide them as well.
Sanderson are too narrow for me. I have them in us8D but they are a actual “B”. I also have strand in same size and strand is much roomier in the toe box.[/quote]Yep I spoken to nice girl Cindy – shoe honored the $130 deal for me !
I had to go ½ bigger on my pennies. Fits great. I am glad that I ordered ½ big.
Lol I hope you are not us8.5:)D ….
$80 is stiff.$45 is standard cost for shortening sleeves.But if he had to shorten the sleeves form the shoulder(working buttons on cuffs) then its alright.
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