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Just pulled trigger for 2 for $250 deal today. It was easy - I had the list of shoes in my size. Just replied with 2 models I was after and few hours later received invoice. Jville store has all my details - purchased 8 shoes form them so far this year ! So I have Sanford in Walnut and Park Ave in grey cloud coming. A bit of gamble with PA grey. If I don't like the colour I will use Navy cream polish and if not happy will use Navy dye. I hear Navy dye is really strong and...
$250 is bit much to spend.Just one criticism is that the factory didn't iron out the creasing s. In AE thread I have seen 10 years old shoes comes looking brand new from AE re-crafting factory.
2 for $250 ?? I wasn't aware. Can you please shed some lights on the deal and whats included.
Hi I was lucky to get them from amazon direct. 20% off when you subscribe to amazon newsletter.
just pulled trigger on a pair of Daltons.Price was $259 With 20% off code and $25.75 shipping to Australia $234 usd. Around $272 AUD. Pretty sad our aud was at 1.10 last year now down to 0.89 cents ); . Anyway I am a us 8EEE in Strands, Fifth AVE (a little tight in toe -should've got 8.5eee), Players 8eee. I have Fifth st boot in us 8.5D But better size would've been 8.5EEE. Ordered the Dalton in 9D . Amazon didn't have the width options. and 8.5 not available. But given...
Most item I add to my dream box says last item. This is true for 90% of the times );
Grenson G2 line are complete rubbish. I recently purchased a pair of suede loafers. Paid just under $150 (on 50% off sale). Leather quality and finish is crap.
just a quick review of their jacket. Picked up a double breasted blazer 2 week ago. Fabric is fantastic. Details are great. The sleeves are just 1/3 inches short - but I have extra long arms ! Jacket length is good and classic cut. Light padding around shoulder. Lapels are big and just right !
mate this is horrible.OP asked a suggestion for leather case not canvas. Time for you to go back to primary school.
look nothing wrong with wearing t shirts and ripped jeans. But obviously this side of sf is classic menswear. t shirt/denim side of sf is sw&d.Lately I am seeing a lot of sw&d pics on classic menswear section. I wonder if any classic menswear guys are posting bespoke suit fits on sw&d.
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