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Lol. I thought I knew all about shoes(apparently not!). I don’t see the cork foot bed. What I see is a thick leather insole that I thought was cork foot bed. Lol.I have ripped off the sock liner. Thank god I did. Have that much needed space inside. Thanks you for you in-depth information’s.And removing the insole underneath would be really hard. I would need professional tools. And in removing the insole one would have literally rip off part if not most of their shoes.RegsAsh
Grenson sizing’s is all over the place. Occasionally they even misprint their width sizing.I am a us 8E/EEE. I have purchased a pair of Grenson in uk7. I was advised by the merchant they run a full size large and to order 1 full size down from my us sizing. They were also loafers. So it made sense. Now they are a bit too short and a bit too tight. They didn’t offer ½ sizes. I should’ve even gone with uk8. Being on short last and my feet being wide.So I assume if you go...
Hi Mate,I am understanding a little bit of the gemming now. Can you please explain a bit more how it has destroyed my shoes. I feel no difference. Does this means my shoes will fall apart (the welt/soles or uppers)?Or how will they affect the reliability ? What can happen form here on words.Thank mate. Everyday I learn something new in style forum. My shoes are topyed.
With due respect your comment makes no sense at all. Under the insole there is the cork foot bed. The reason they use glue to attach the insoles so hard around the ball of the foot so the insole don’t move around . And all around the edges of the insole they weren’t attached with glue(glue mostly around the heel and the ball of the foot). With out the insole they look the same as a pair of AE(no insole). RL shoes being premium(!) they had attached those fancy full leather...
I agree. The navy monk is beautiful - sold out ! The price is very reasonable.
thanks mate. amazon don't stock EEE so i went straight to 9D. I will have to wait and see now. I am sure they won't be tight. Just hope they are not too long.
Hi Mate,I wear us 8EEE in Strands, fifth ave and players. I wear 8.5D in ffith St boot(not very good fit needed 8.5eee). Due to sizing issue and Dalton being narrow and I have wide feet I have ordered dalton in us 9D. went up 1 full size. I am waiting for these to be delivered. Do you think they will be too big ? I feel I can add some insoles /thick socks and wear them alright. As from 8.5D to 9 D is not a big change.
Hey mate,Taking out the insoles were a bit of pain. Took me about 20 minutes each pairs. First of all start from the sides (waist of the shoes) That is easy part then rip the insoles from the heels. Its easy too. Hardest part is to rip it from the ball of the feet and all the way through the toes end. They have used heavy glue on that area and hard to get your hands inside that far.My fingers and nails hurts now. At one stage I thought I will just give up !Underneath the...
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