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The jacket fits horribly. I am sorry but its a prime example of ill fitting jacket.I have LBM 1911 soft suit in navy flannel . Unlined with hand pick stitching it drapes beautifully.This is not my picture. But this my suit.
You will need to post picture of the label(inside breast pocket).
I am tempting over a PRL Light grey silk cable knit half zip jumper. From $200 down to $140 - 25% off. Shipping is $39. Then there is this slim fit PRL Blue and white BD gingham shirt from $100 down to $75 - 25% off. Total bill $200. Which is not so bad !! How can I get this out of my head ??
Am I missing something here ?Are you planning to have 1 wife in NY another in London ??
This great. I think I may actually do this !
^^True. This month I will try my absolute best not to buy anything and if I succeed I will continue this… 30 more days to go ……
First Navy blazer – its was my first Blazer year and half ago.Second Navy blazer – I thought I may take it easy on the first jacket !Third Navy – I wanted a Navy with Gold button – 3 button(Rugby Rl Italy – on sale)Forth navy – Last week. Its PRL Navy 2 gold button made in Italy in grail size 36R- Bradford cut(slim) at a sale price of $499 form PRL store. How can I pass it ?Would you call them impulse buy ?My impulse buy was 3 sky blue blazers…..My problem if I see a big...
I will stay strong this month. Last night I was tempted to buy a watch - thank god I didn't and sold out this morning. It was a triwa with nato strap. With shipping $85 from gilt. Also tempting over a carusu navy blazer. Even when I have 4 navy blazers. And a lbm 1911 grey herringbone blazer. I already have 2 in same colour. I am an addict and been over spending ever since I found sf. I hope this month I can come out clean.
I am not too sure why sf members advise sizing down on Marlows. If you have narrow feet or you are in between sizes only then size down. If you have wide flat fit then you must go tts or half size up. I even had to go half size up for the penny. I am tts 8E and struggle with marlows. My PTB is my TTS size 8E (euro stock wide fitting). And they are a bit tight around pinky and really loose around every where else.I wanted go half size bigger than my tts but store didn't...
Gents, My first attempt adding cuffs on a pair of pants. A quick question. For a 5'9.5" guy how big should the pants cuffs be ; without looking dandy ? Pants will have slightly less than 1 inch break and they are part of a navy suit. I am a skinny guy and suit size 34r. Cheers
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