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Allen Edmonds shoe bank and factory seconds outlets.
+ 1I am tempted to get a pair. They were on 2 for $250 deal.
Mate try to grow beard and mustache. And may be adopt a bit unkempt hair style !
Lol.My gf actually asked me the question about a month and half ago. I was completely freaked out. Like what !
These shoes can last over 30 years with proper care. But storing them in plastic boxes definitely don't help them much in terms of breathing and moisture's not being able to get out of plastic boxes. Which in long run can rot various parts of the shoe. If I would must keep the plastic boxes then I would create some holes so that they can get some air flow through the holes. Its easy just hear up a nail and make your holes.
Mate leather needs to breathe. Storing them in plastic boxes is not a very good idea.
these are fine.
I have purchased grey cloud Park ave from 2 for $250 sale. I haven't received my pair. Do you think I will be bale to polish it navy ?
I agree. The way I look at it - Mr Wildsmith who sold the company - so that it may grow and keep the name going. Its like giving it a chance to survive rather than letting it die. So yeah I wish all the best to the new owners and hope them success.
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