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I would say invest is some nice looking Book shelve. Open floor shoe rack makes shoes dirty quickly. Specially shoes on the lower shelves.I am myself looking for a large book shelve with closing doors. I am finding it a bit hard to find bookshelf with wide shelve width.
One way of buying property is to start shopping at K mart, Target, Lowes , Big w etc. lol Me and my mrs just paid deposit for a house last Saturday. I think I will be forced to join the NP club for next 12 months at least. And we will be moving from beautiful suburb of Hornsby to wild west of Blacktown. I am a house person. Units just not for me. After dinner a cigarette at the back yard deck is a must for me. Funny when you catch train form the north shore in the morning...
Hi, I have noticed you stock DC Lewis single monk shoes. If I am us 8 EE in AE PA which size should I order ?
Most hand made/ artisan products will have few defects. This is the character of the product. That differentiate them form the mass market machine made products. I have a sab and I can tell you there are few small defects(character) on it as well. I also have a coach briefcase. Which don’t have any defects. If you want a top notch product with no defects then you will have to spend some serious money $1.5k to 2.5k++. Or under 1k-1.5k you can pickup some Salvatore...
These are on my wish list. Did you pay the full price for them ?
No worries mate. It happen to anybody when you don't know what to expect. I have disappointed myself many times even with many sf approved items. I think the briefcase is in good condition. The scratch is small enough. The leather looks good quality. You should be bale to get 5+ years with these easy. And after few months as you use and abuse this you won't even know there was scratch there.Congrats on your purchase.
Mate awesome job on the pair. How long does it take you to shine a pair like this ?Is it brand new pair ? I didn't see any creases.
Look you get what you pay for. What do you expect from a briefcase under $350 ? I think the defects are minor and are normal for a costume made briefcase for this price range.
great looking shoes. they look narrow.
Double monks anyone ??
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