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I wear Ae 8 EEE or 8.5 E in all Ae lasts . Wear uk 8 in rain last .
I am a 8 EEE in most AE (5 last) - I think I should be sweet in cannon 7.5uk.
Took a chance on Loake cannon brown suede. Paid $188 USD with disc code.
^^ ae leather quality seems some what superior than loake.
Price went up as circle of friends sale ended. Some items price went up by up 25%. I picked up a jacket on sale . Glad that I did.
Part of 3 for $375 . Portlands
congratulations. I need solid 2 months zero purchase.
Wearing them today. Part of 3 for $375. Snuff Fulerton.
First day wearing these beauties. Got them in 8.5 E rather than my normal size. 8 EEE . Fits good . And looks much sleeker than EEE. They are showing a bit of v . But I tied them loosely. Over time I should be able to close them fully.
Good job picking them grey PAs. Don't wear them until you dye them - it will make it easier due to not having any creasing. First use de glazer / ace tone rubbing the polish once the grey colour stripped use a spray to dye the shoe. Now you will havers make 2 coats on 2-3hours difference. I have a pictorial on this colour change . Try finding using search. Navy PA are the best and most versatile !
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