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It is normal practice. I hate it when the button is sewn straight through the lining. The cost is $40-$45 vs $75-$85($85 you will also get functional button hole- no point paying $10 less for fake button hole).I have to do major alteration on all my jackets(waist, chest and sleeves taken in as well as shorten sleeves). I pay $150 flat rate . If the jacket has functional button hole the tailor shorten them form the shoulder. At no extra cost. He hates it but that’s the...
I thought the Arab man and his wife owned the Coomb's store ?
Collonil Gold $15 at Brice's and $10 at Coomb's . If I bring 2 pairs of shoes at Coomb's they throw in free Collonil Gold plus yellow polishing cloth ! As I said I visit both stores. Coomb's is about 12 -15 minutes walk form Town Hall station. Where as Brice's is only 5 minutes walk. These day I have been lazy and going to Brice's more often.
Don't know if they are the best. I have used Brice's and also Coombs Shoe Service @ Strand Arcade. Both do good job. Both will charge you $45.But again anyone can apply topy with the right tools.
Good Man!
^^Not again. Spent over $1k on 3 pairs of shoes so far in last 4 days. I think I will have to de register myself from styleforum.BTW I am 7.5 on c&j !!May I suggest sales alter under warning….Sales alert. [[SPOILER]] !!!
Not really. It could get fixed in next 5-10 years of heavy use . Some makers uses board to prevent this form happening at the first place.The maker could fold 2 pieces of leather and then stitch from the inside of the case. But that would involve a lot more work and time.
mid grey pants will look nice with that jacket. For odd jackets I prefer single vent. Double vent looks a bit more formal.So I prefer double vents only for suits.
lindrik us8 plz.black tassel - i think you know the answer.
Best Hinan chicken I had at Jimmy's. If you are in SYD CBD try them .Jimmy's Recipe Malaysia AddressThe Galeries VictoriaGround Floor, Shop RC16, 500 George StSydney NSW 2000
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