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Spice I am is truely authentic
How about no canvas/ deconstructed?Or fused?
yes its further 25% off online and in store - just looked at the front page.
Mj bale 25% off sale price. Some good casual suits still available. Picked up the double breasted olive/ khaki jacket for $186.
^ nice. Too nice for jeans- I would swap them for a pair chinos.
I bought mj bale Barry blue jacket. Really nice winter jacket. My wife bought 3 bags. God women and their handbag obsession. [[SPOILER]]
I don't really understand why we are complaining DJs have too many sales a year? I actually love the fact that stores have multiple sales, so I don't have to wait to buy summer clothes in winter. There was time 12-15 years ago I couldn't afford anything decent in DJs. Now the pricing is definitely better. Would I like DJs to take more of my money so they could have better profit margins? So they could afford to keep the castlereagh street store? No . But do I love browsing...
Mont Blanc is pure garbage. No resale value what so ever. Get the iwc . I would get stainless steel rather than pvd or dlc. Both coating will scratch off in sections and SS underneath being exposed. Not nice imo.
I would always try RTW suits for a less formal occasions. Unless you have a wardrobe with 20+ bespoke / mtm suits. Also lot of the time mtm/ bespoke don't get it right at the first time. I would try mj bale drop 8 suits first. They have many pick lapel suits. Or even suit supply. Have multiple RTW suits, find out what really suits you before spending big on mtm/ bespoke. FYI I am quite skinny 5'10" and 51-51 kg suit supply 34r firs well and mj bale drop 8 fits with very...
Gents , I hope some of you had picked up some great deal. I ended up getting 4 shirts (2 separate orders). I like the fabric and fully fitted cut. All shipped and received this very interesting email from their CEO-Sub: A note about your recent orderDear xxxxHello and Welcome to T.M. Lewin!Thank you for your recent order with us.Due to a technical error on our website we noticed that you managed to get an incredible deal on our beautifully fitted, London designed...
New Posts  All Forums: