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^^ Agree with you there. I think sizing is a key point when deciding on a new watch & a watch is large/small depends on wearer’s wrist size. I look at the lug end to lug end and see if they fit with in the wrist. I have 6.25” wrist and largest I can wear is 42mm. Below is a 60mm Pam and imagine a 36mm datejust on Stallone’s wrist.
Thanks mate. Was able to get the discount you mentioned. Appreciate it 😀.
It's a good feeling when you do business with a charity organisation. Knowing you are saving Swiss orphanage/ villages. Finally decided on the date just 2. Oyster perpetual and explorer just too small on my wrist (I feel). Grey dial look washed out, blue dial flat , explorer again didn't feel the heft. Thanks @Terminator and @sliq
Just few months ago there was 20% clearance.
Few times a year.
If in doubt get both pairs. One on snuff and other on brown.
Ping the rep on the SS Facebook and they may organise to ship it out to you.
Possibly more navy suits then grey.
DJ 36 is too small (Imo), 41 SS and yellow gold is nice but out of my budget and on a longer waiting list. 39mm on DJ would be the best proportion 😀
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