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@sliq thanks for this. My trousers are lying on one of the bedroom floor. Please let me know the cost of repairing your sweaters. In my case the trousers are eaten by bugs of some kind and will reassess if they can be fixed (quite large holes). But definitely handy information for Sydney members.
Beautiful piece. Was thinking of buying one.
How long did it work before stopping?
lol pulled up my summer wool tan pants this morning saw multiple holes - in to the bin. Shame only worn this pair twice in last 2 years, and the fabric was extremely light and delicate and appropriate for a hot 32deg day like today.
Picked up a sartoria partenopea linen suit for just over $250 au delivered in khaki colour. Will post pictures once arrived. Beautiful stitches all around including two lines of stitching around lapels.
Another 28deg day for garment dyed suits
Another 28deg day for garment dyed suits [[SPOILER]]
Lbm1911 in action
Lbm1911 in action [[SPOILER]]
Sizing is consistent. 3b are about 28.15" on 36r. Sleeves about 24.75" and shoulders 17.5". I have total three 3b suits. 2b on other hand a bit shorter 27.85", other measurements same. They are loose fit with roomy chest and waist and alterations take care of all this. I have two 2b suits from them. Pick stitching every where and my tailor hand stitches after alterations (extra charge). Working cuffs and completely unlined. Great summer suit .
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