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Today summer tweeds.
Today mid grey sharkskin suit. Lovely fabric. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks. My photo taking skills are non existent. I have a tendency to rest on my right knee when ever I'm standing. I can see now how it effects the balance of a jacket.
[[SPOILER]] I actually prefer my neighbours keep their lawns and driveway tidy. I don't mind the noise- I guess I am used to it. Personally I would try to do lawns Saturday and relax on Sunday. But hey my pool cleaner runs 8 hours a day- 4 hours in the afternoon and 4 hours in the morning. My neighbour also have pool so he doesn't complain.Tbh I didn't think neighbours would get annoyed with noise.My cats when they hear the mower [[SPOILER]]
At home trying on few spots jackets- [[SPOILER]]
Few spots jackets-
Charcoal grey, dark/mid grey pants.
Picked up these bad boys from dfo today. Only difference is the stitching around the edges on the rlpl one.
Today susu grey linen suit.
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