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Price went up as circle of friends sale ended. Some items price went up by up 25%. I picked up a jacket on sale . Glad that I did.
Part of 3 for $375 . Portlands
congratulations. I need solid 2 months zero purchase.
Wearing them today. Part of 3 for $375. Snuff Fulerton.
First day wearing these beauties. Got them in 8.5 E rather than my normal size. 8 EEE . Fits good . And looks much sleeker than EEE. They are showing a bit of v . But I tied them loosely. Over time I should be able to close them fully.
Good job picking them grey PAs. Don't wear them until you dye them - it will make it easier due to not having any creasing. First use de glazer / ace tone rubbing the polish once the grey colour stripped use a spray to dye the shoe. Now you will havers make 2 coats on 2-3hours difference. I have a pictorial on this colour change . Try finding using search. Navy PA are the best and most versatile !
Money rules -(disclaimer - I am not a financial advisor and this is not a financial advise or guide ) Have at least one secret bank account. Have statement suppressed / online only Don't tell your partner your real after tax income - maybe deduct $200-$1000. Get your salary paid on this secret account. Leave that $200-$1000 in there transfer the rest back to your regular account. Payment reference salary. There you go... Have surplus in your account do what ever spend it...
How do you say FU ? Dark cherry shell cordo...
Today RL rugby jacket and pants and PRL oxford shirt. Very casual for Monday .
Belt or side adjuster or braces - just personal preference . I have only 2 pairs with side adjusters. Not a big fan - I prefer a nice leather belt. It just breaks the outfit a bit. On a another note received and altered my new Mabitex sartorial grey trousers. Just amazing - awesome soft fabric and there are pick stitching every where including all along side seam and also on belt loops. Will post details pics tomorrow.
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