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Hi All, Are there any sales going on at AE seconds/factory outlet stores ?
Hi ehaberdasher, I have noticed you stock lbm 1911 suits on your website. I have one suit from them in IT44(34R) and it’s a perfect OTR fit(didn’t even have to adjust the sleeves). Do you have any plans to stock them in 34R sizing ? Regs Ash
I picked up one of my jacket from Varnavas C Classic Tailoring in Town Hall arcade this morning. His alteration skill is amazing. I have been using an old Italian tailor in Hornsby for a while. But Varnavas does a much better job. Highly recommended !
I have same color jacket with herringbone pattern. I wear mine exclusively with navy blue trousers. I didn’t like the tan/beige combo. You may want to wear a cardigan or sweater vest under the jacket I have a burgundy v neck sweater . And I think it’s a good combo brings out a bit more color.
I disagree here. This picture is surely showing off the tailoring fit of the suit. This person not showing him self on purpose. I tend to agree with this pose. The person here is not important - what is important is his clothes. If I post a fit picture on internet forum I wouldn't want people to recognize my face unless I was in a modeling profession. I much prefer looking at pictures of cloths with out a face. More focus on the cloths and I can imagine my face on that...
Lol. Thanks for the inspirations. I will pass the sale. I think I should un subscribe form gilt, myhabit, yoox and all the online stores. Every week some one is sending a special code to rob my wallet. How many of you actually unsubscribed form your favorite online stores(if any) ??
Wow what a great fit. This has to be a bespoke suit. Waist suppression is perfect, nice open quarters and clean - blends in with the whole jacket. Love the pants very close to zero break. I doubt even a mtm jacket can be done to this perfection.I thought of a navy DB. I will look around a bit more before pulling trigger . Would love to see your db suit fit.
Thanks for everyone’s input on jacket fit. Now I have been planning to buy my first DB jacket for over a year now. Still unsure if I can pull it off successfully ! What do you think about a light tan linen db jacket ? (Sorry unable to upload picture link at the moment.) http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-FmA7VaASAxU/UAICLVQL80I/AAAAAAAAEeg/OnssxVlotis/s1600/Lino-Ieluzzi-A.D-Al-Bazar-Via-A-Scarpa-Milano-www.albazarmilano.it-Gianpaolo-Alliata.jpg
Gilt has free shipping ! Lol there is a sweater vest for $49 . Really tempted.
Lol. Thanks for your informative post. If you look at Lino,s db jackets its fitted and pulling a button but not so silly . There is difference between fully fitted and simply tight. And what you call fitted I may call tight .and I am sorry if I offended anyone in this forum. Everyone has a right to dress the way they feel comfortable .
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