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Hi gents, just a quick question on wedding attire. End of September I will be attending a outdoor wedding at Pam Beach. Wondering if wearing a tan cotton suit (garment dyed, deconstructed) is appropriate. Thinking of pale blue or pink with knit tie. Loafers or driver- no socks. Or a light grey linen suit with similar shirt, tie and footwear. Old picture of the suits bellow. Don't want to stand out too much for the right reasons. Alternatively I can go charcoal/navy , white...
Today double breasted jacket by ovadia and sons. [[SPOILER]]
Today this fantastic double breasted jacket by ovadia and sons. Tailored in New York , beautiful fabric and construction. Sad to see this brand went to $hit. Don't hate - no tie still.
Bally outlet in St. Peter's
true. This 34R Lazio has sleeve length of 24.7" where I need a 25". Plus the cashmere cable knit is quite chunky taken out 1" off the sleeves easily.
Susu, prl cashmere cable
Susu, prl cashmere cable
Anyone going to astrix tonight?
Tods briefcase
Casual Friday. Xpost. [[SPOILER]]
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