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Either you are extremely lucky or more likely haven't ordered enough.
I just recently purchased a chocolate brown Canali suit . Still at the tailor for alteration. Will post picture when it comes back.This is my 7th suit . I already had navy , charcole, dark grey flannel . Grey pow, grey mini houndstooth linen summer suit and a khaki suit.
Not everything returned is bad. Lot of the time it is simple sizing issue. I just hate at the fact that once it's in us warehouse it's not available for customers outside us.
I know that feeling. US customers buy in bulk - then return 80% of it . And it ends up in us warehouse. For yoox it would cost them a bit to take it back to Italy . Since us is the biggest market they are better off that way. Lots my dream box items are now only available in us site at steep discount.
And once the product is returned by the customer - yoox will leave it in Jersey warehouse.And that item will only be available for us customers (will be visible in yoox us not the rest). Next person orders it will be shipped form Jersey. A lot of the time the returned goods were returned due to quality issues.
Players with ps socks and olive incotex
X post from AE thread- [[SPOILER]]
Navy PA in action!
Fthose shoes were brand new. It's easier to dye brand new shoes as no wrinkle in leather. Dye cracks when leather is not prepared properly. So strip strip and then strip the existing dye first. The dye I have used is waproo is a leading shoe care brand here is Australia . They actually deals with shoe manufacturers. I am wearing mine today. The dye won't crack. It didn't look like it was re dyed. Rather looks like it was off the production line. I have too many walnut and...
Another of my fit- Jacket -Caruso - Pale blue , Pants Top Man , Shoes - RL hysen driver.
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