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The grey or blue?Explorer and every other SS sports models are on bs waiting list. [[SPOILER]]
Mj bale - get the basics (navy/charcoal).
Cool hair style bro...
Thanks Mate. Quite short actually . I have long arms and need 64.5cm pre shrinkage (63 min post) on a 37 collar.
Wow I never knew who Justin O'Shea was ! Very apoormansmillions style.
Anyone have a Kamakura Tokyo slim fit in size 37". Need measurements of shoulder and shoulder end to end of sleeve. The site suggests I go up to 38-85.
Hi Gents can anyone provide measurements of sleeve length from shoulder to sleeve end for Tokyo slim fit in 37 collar. My current best fitting shits are 64cm . The website is suggesting me to size to a 38-85. Which is way too big on collar and every where else.
@sliq thanks for this. My trousers are lying on one of the bedroom floor. Please let me know the cost of repairing your sweaters. In my case the trousers are eaten by bugs of some kind and will reassess if they can be fixed (quite large holes). But definitely handy information for Sydney members.
Beautiful piece. Was thinking of buying one.
How long did it work before stopping?
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