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These guys want to rob local consumers. And when you buy from overseas they complain. I think people should return the favour by trying on shoes from there and order online.
I have PZ IT46 (from yoox) - fits large. Easily a it48. Shoulder is large (18.15) - if i remember it correctly. Beautiful fabric though. I also have a pz in it44 - more of a slim it 36.
Yesterday and today.
^^ Oris did a great job on the bronze diver. It was just so expensive. On eBay only one available at $4k. I am not worried about upmarket status, rather started to appreciate the case finish and quality . Also going forward want to have a smaller watch rotation. Only some key pieces.
^^ nice. I can't wear anything bigger than 42. Sold a FC classic index White dial on eBay. Also selling an Oris Aquis 43mm. May add a bronze diver to my collection. BB bronze is a beauty- but wears too large on my wrist.
Lol . I don't understand the argument between 36mm vs 40mm . Ever since I was a child I always loved the idea of larger watches(Casio calculator watch).That was even during 90s; when men were used to 34mm dress watches. I guess what is big or small is up to its wearer. I do love your Rolex op. Would definitely consider it if they offer the dial option on the 39mm.
This is the real black bay - mens size!
An older picture of the my bb.
Tudor BB design replicate the very first Rolex sub. But it doesn't take anything away form it. While Rolex is looking forward - Tudor is looking back to the archives/heritage. Rolex is too conservative to make changes to their line ups and doing so on their Tudor line.I have BB Red and absolutely love it.
Shameless plug - Gents selling two almost brand new watch on ebay -
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