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Go to any tailor or alterations place and shows the picture . Sometimes a little commonsense go a long way (:
I have used my navy 256 every day for over a year and has not faded. It just lost a bit of the original sheens and can say it's a quality product.I actually like the the new fabric. Plus longer handle drop is definitely better. Some people here likes to panic .
I have a 256 navy and 257 otter green. Navy is thinner and smoother to touch but the fabric holds the colour better . Also the new Filson 256/257 handle is a bit longer than the old ones. Much easier to carry. Over all happy with new Filson.
TML fully fitted shirts are quite nice. Some of my friends used to wear them. General feedback they shrink quite a bit. Specially the sleeves. I have long arms and TML sleeves too short. My cheap shirts are MJB. 5 for $200 - can't go wrong.
Hi guys , bought this PZ suit in 36r. its 3 button unvented. I wear slim 36r. The shoulder on this is about 17.83 inches. Where as most of my best fitted jackets are 17.4 inches( Lightly padded). I feel the shoulder is a bit wide. But no divots or bulging. Looking at the poor pictures can you tell if it's too terrible.
^^ what a beautiful case. Makes me want to buy one.
Jacket sleeves are too long. But pants are ok imo. And shoulders may not be too large. Most forum members look at the shoulder divots and jump to conclusions. Look up suits worn by Cary Grant - wide shoulder but no divots.
Sorry(not really!) to revive this old thread. I will be visiting NY in first week of August and Woodberry outlet is on my list. Many 36R suits ? What are the prices now for suits?
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