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Suit PRL Bradford, MJB shirt, RL by AE shoes, Henry Carter tie and square , vest Class RC.
Today Ovadia & sons DB HY Classic flannel pants MJB shirt Carmina single monk Filson otter green
its just a shame if they discontinue the RLBL Anthony cut. It's so masculine and unique.
Ok here is mine...Rugby RL jacketRugby RL khakisLacoste washed Oxford button downRL drivers
am 5'9" ,120 lbs, 37 chest, 26 waist and have to take in few inches on a 36r RLBL suits. Noting fits better than a BL suit. Below on the left is a poor fit picture.
Back to basics
That's because the block isn't for you. It's a difficult fit - looks best on skinny guy.
Last few years RL had some big structural changes. They have bought back their resellers licence from most countries. Closed Rugby line. Introduced slimmer fits on their polo line. Even added extra small. Introduced few new suit/sc cuts and few different qualities. From fabric to manufacturing origin. Wasn't really happy with the new lower quality non Italian suits and SCs. I was afraid they will eventually shut the BL line. Put simply the buyers can fit into this line...
Today- EZ flannel db Rlpl cashmere sweater MJB shirt Filson otter green briefcase AE fifth at boots
First picture yesterday. PRL olive herringbone jacket , sweater MJB shirt HY 120s grey flannel pants AE shoes Filson 257 in otter green Second picture- today Rugby RL grey tweed herringbone jacket PRL white Oxford shirt BB BF merino wool vest charcole with red/grey tipped HY charcole pants RMW chestnut craftsman boots
New Posts  All Forums: