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I was wearing a Caruso pale blue cotton jacket today with khaki chino. This jacket however looks better with lighter tan pants.
This arrived yesterday. Anyone looking for a slim wallet- it's only 4"x3". From Malfords , RLPL.Love at first sight
Thanks for the feedback guys. Last time I used a white pocket square. This morning I thought I will try this brand new pocket square.Just noticed the pants. Yes it looks weird. I did however loose some weight.And these pants have about 2 inches excess fabric on the waistband. Taking in waist for 30+ trousers are expensive business.
Xpost. Cox I borrowed your susu .
Today this summer suit by lbm1911. Thanks Australian members for the shirt suggestion.
Did it this morning. First a white shirt- didn't work well. Then this very pale sky blue shirt. Added a sky blue Polka dot pocket square. Polo suede db loake cannon and Filson otter green briefcase.
I tend to agree. I do have a very pale pink cotton shirt - which I may try tomorrow. I did this shirt with a linen grey suit and was happy with overall neutral appearance. I also tried a light grey linen suit with pale blue shirt and I think it may have popped a bit more colours than my liking.First pic with pale pink( looks almost white from a meter) and second one with sky blue.
Just give it some time before applying feed. The leather may still have some waterproofers on. SAB will out last you .My SAB seemed a bit waxy on arrival. 3 years on this is how it looks. Unless you trash your case on rains or live somewhere where weather is rubbish, then use leather feed once every 6 months.
Thanks guys. I will wear it with sky blue shirt. the suit itself is indeed a bit flat - as its unstructured . Will post an elevator selfie .
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