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Fifth at boots in action...... These boots are over three and half years old.
Thanks. Brown leather brief is from Coach. I don't like coach- but this one has nice full grain calf leather. Aged nicely in last 2 years.
Gents recently joint Instagram. Mostly pictures of shoes..... http://instagram.com/bangladeshigent
My SAB after 3 years. And my coach
Someone here must have bought the last light grey 28 super100 in last 24 hours. Just missed out. monthly pay day is the 15th -was waiting to pull the trigger on the day.Good luck who ever purchased - I hope it fits you .
Cannon snuff...
In action...
Today Canali 3b dark brown suit. And Loake cannon snuff seude.
I feel I need to size up in marlows by half size and even then they are quite tight across the toe box.
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