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Navy is more versatile, more city appropriate. Olive is the most iconic colour for Barbour.
End clothing has 20% off with spring20. Anyone fancy a belstaff roadmaster will come down to $830 shipped!
RMW had a corporate discount with my employer of 20%off prepaid gift cards. They have terminated this program few weeks ago. I assume they might have done that with others as well. They obviously want to upmarket the brand.
Get them. FYI I may have seen you few weeks ago in parramatta station around 7 pm. Wearing suit , tan filson and a stick umbrella. I remember that massive fup with train delays.
Enjoy your new jacket. This jacket will look better with wear.
Only $250 AUD + shipping
Only $200 AUD + shipping
only $275 AUD + shipping
On a another note received my belstaff roadmaster today. First impression - the quality is there. Attention to details are great- even stitching throughout, no loose threads. Zipper and snap buttons are quality items and build to last. Lining is a durable but very soft to touch. Made in Romania. But under very strict quality control. Fit is as I expected. I ordered a it36 and can fit a suit jacket underneath easily. I am sure I can also fit a sweater under the suit. Mr...
Prior handing over to the store show them that its brand new and you expect them not to scratch. My experience AD they are bunch of idiots and both watches of Switzerland and bloody Gregory jewellers scratched the hell out some of my watches. I now change straps and bracelets and do much better job. Just be careful. It takes less than 5 minutes to do a chance carefully.
New Posts  All Forums: