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Yours looks great. my pair is turning into natural/ cigar colour. Not sure why - even when they are packed away nicely. Look at the colour on this closeup pic.
Thanks guys. Spent over few hours tonight reshuffling my trousers- no moths or larvae there. Just as a safety precautions packed away my flannel trousers on sealed plastic bags. Such a shame this pair was packed away over 12 months and today was only worn second time. Reminds me of another pair was ripped on train on its first day 😁Lol, she is a lovely lady. Gave me tips on how to repeal moths. Apparently I just need to keep a pack of moth balls (pack unopened) to keep...
Hi gents, can you help me identify the cause of this fine hole on my trousers. My closet is moth free(I hope) . I haven't seen a moth or any larvae on my closet. Asked one of the older girl at work if this was moth hole - she replied negative. Apparently moth holes would have rough edge with fibre showing. She thinks I may hae hit something. I am just worred about pest inside my wardrobe. These are 2 picture of the trousers. Will turn my wardrobe upside down once I am home...
Rmw craftsman .... My most comfortable shoes ever.
I have the old 28 Italian pants that is a bit too loose . Ordered the new cut - will let you know how it fits once arrived. I theory these should my best fit.
Beautiful. Just don't have need for a case like this. Below is pic of my 3 years old briefcase.
I will be in Nepal on the 8th February. Should I pack whole heaps of winter jackets?
Today florsheim shell cordovan.
Fullerton in snuff seude.
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