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See you all at the bar.
@Coxsackie we are still on for tomorrow's meetup ?
Call the cops.
I am easy as long as good food and nice atmosphere 😃
I am in for the 24th. City around 630
Happy for a catch up any days other than Australia day & Friday ( commitment with Mrs)Maybe do a Tuesday 24th ?
Did you have to wait for the blnr?
In Australia the blnr is still on 12-18 months waiting list. SS sub date few ads don't even wait list you as the list is over 25 people. Only Daytonas I have ever seen on AD display are only solid gold. Definitely depends where you are. Apparently in most Asian AD changes a premium for blnr and new Daytona.
What's the point- any new model SS Rolex sports will have a wait list for few years minimum.
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