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Today- Blueberry London jacket RLBL shirt PRL sweater HY pants DB shell cordo
Just checked my bank statement. Last purchase was made on 9th March. 2 months of no clothing purchases. But will admit spent $370 in alterations during this time. Maybe time for that Howard Yount grey flannel suit ! This was the last purchase actually.
Don't know if the new Italian suits are fused or not. But I won't buy the new PRL suits unless they are below $350. Fabric is definitely much inferior. There are differences between great and not so good s100 wool fabric. Also new half canvased construction is just the chest piece. Previous ones had better construction and the lapels had much better roll. Been to RL store few times. Really tried to like the new suits. But still don't like the feel. And I am huge RL fan.
Love it. I have few brown jacket and I think they are quite versatile. Fit of last 2 days(RL)
Today- PRL jacket HY 120s flannel pants PRL vest AE shoes Filson otter green Close up
How is this new PRL tailored line better ? Fabric quality a bit inferior than last year. The fit a bit slimmer. Made in Eastern Europe . Price 25% cheaper than last year. Not a big fan of the cut. Longer PRL jacket with low button stance was really elegant. You could always slim the jacket. And even though the suit was drop 6 , 36 jacket came with 29 inches trousers. I will surely miss them.
^^ it's a shame they killed off the PRL Bradford model that was made in Italy. It was such a beautiful cut with super low button stance. I have 2 suits and 3 jackets on this configurations. Absolutely beautiful. Apparently they are about to kill the RLBL line. Shame
Today- Scuderi 3r2 suit MJB shirt PRL cardigan Locke cannon suede dm
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