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^^ this one too black bay'ish.
These two now don't get much wrist time .
Gents , do you own an omega SMP? Got rid of an Oris aquis and a FC classic index via eBay. And a possible new piece in 2017. Any thoughts on SMP vs Blnr.
I almost forgot how beautiful this Tudor is. Really love how the current Tudor line up. Stunning pieces at list price you wouldn't expect.
Nice but not worth buying unless it's 70-80% of list. Fashion brand imho. I would either get the real deal AP/PP or forget it.
These guys want to rob local consumers. And when you buy from overseas they complain. I think people should return the favour by trying on shoes from there and order online.
I have PZ IT46 (from yoox) - fits large. Easily a it48. Shoulder is large (18.15) - if i remember it correctly. Beautiful fabric though. I also have a pz in it44 - more of a slim it 36.
Yesterday and today.
^^ Oris did a great job on the bronze diver. It was just so expensive. On eBay only one available at $4k. I am not worried about upmarket status, rather started to appreciate the case finish and quality . Also going forward want to have a smaller watch rotation. Only some key pieces.
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