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Gents what do you use as your daily briefcase/bags ? For me it started with a messenger bag , then few bags here and there. These are on my rotation 😎. SAB too grand at times, Filson 256 is easy, 257 a bit too bulky, BB black fleece is a bit too casual, dark brown Coach is a bit too small. Mulberry is quite good.
Not worth it. Fabric is off quite a lot and many cost cutting is evident on the non Italian suits.
^^very true. Massive restructuring going on at RL. A lot of PRL stuff are borrowed from Rugby. Even the new bright blue / yellow logo. Sweaters, veracity jackets. The Indian logo on few items are give away- straight from Rugby. Polo now also offers extra small and lowere priced tailored clothing - all pointing towards a mixture of Rugby and PRL . So once they close RLBL they can definitely mix the line into RLPL. Just have to wait and see. But quality and price something...
Purchased this last weekend. My 7th briefcase, but this really fits my needs. On sale paid 1.2k.
It makes sense from RL point of view. They are on business to maximise profit. Selling rubbish gives higher profit margins.I personally never paid full retail on PRL / RLBL stuff. Higher priced PRL /RLBL suits and SC was always available when sale hits 50%. Why? Because most general buyers never paid or couldn't afford buying at full retail. I always tell RL sales staff that I will wait for it to go 50% off as it will still be expensive for most buyers, and it will still...
You are right. Not so cbd . 😉
Today- cbd
Sadly it's my rmw boots
Hi tailors, Is the shoulder on the suit way too big?
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