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Gents, what is your thoughts on olive suits ? I have really liked this suit supply green check suit and thought about it for over six months. And finally pulled the trigger (possibly not so popular and didn't sell out in all these times). Apparently blue shirt is a must for olive suits. There aren't many great images on the net for olive suits. Any words of wisdom on how to wear this suit .
Yes also the fact that he offers "Bespoke " , and the fact that himself is a "Savile Row" trained "Tailor ".Rumour has it that he can also topy on a pair of trousers crotch to prevent premature wear and he provide a service to shrink your tailored garments for a contemporary look !
On Belstaff roadmaster. Still finding ways to wear it. But getting used to this style of jacket.
@Gerry Nelson I believe you have a green flannel suit. Couldn't find the fit pictures. Would you mind posting some pictures. Also how versatile is it? Green vs dark olive vs lighter olive with faint check- what's your thoughts? Seriously thinking of adding a olive suit this winter.
Logo can be removed. The jacket design itself is so outrageous , makes the sleeve logo hardly noticeable .Picture of the logo and old Barbour vs new belstaff olive colour.
I went with the faded olive. Lol that you asked me if I am still happy with it. Truthful answer is I am waiting for it grow on me. This is a very masculine jacket and over powers most of my outfits. I'm still in the process to find how to wear this better. I think six months of wear will soften the silhouette.Did you end up getting the navy commander? I actually stocked up and bought a navy liddesdale.
Navy is more versatile, more city appropriate. Olive is the most iconic colour for Barbour.
End clothing has 20% off with spring20. Anyone fancy a belstaff roadmaster will come down to $830 shipped!
RMW had a corporate discount with my employer of 20%off prepaid gift cards. They have terminated this program few weeks ago. I assume they might have done that with others as well. They obviously want to upmarket the brand.
New Posts  All Forums: