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Replica omega on eBay Aus- I reported to eBay but they still allowing the listing. Balance wheel is golden instead of the silicon black and not at 6 o'clock. Buyers beware
Thanks JM - I bought the silver dial. I thought the piece was really warm looking and priced quite reasonably.
Just bought a new piece today from eBay. It's a 35mm longines conquest heritage. Silver dial and plexiglass. I think I got a good deal, never worn with warranty card stamped from 🇦🇺 AD. And 40% off retail. Not sure if I can pull it off on my 6.25" wrist size. Will post pictures when it arrives.
That Tudor got thing right . would you mind posting a wrist shot.
^ jm - I agree with the people strapping massive watches on their wrists these days. Some watches though were large even when small wrist watches were in fashion. They were/are obviously tool watches/ instruments. Personally I am not a fan of watches larger than 42mm. Only exception is Panerai .
Thanks Gerry - it is a big piece. Will definitely not hide under shirt cuff. If I pull the trigger I will go for the cal 11. I think though this watch is supposed to wear large.
What do you reckon gents? Been in love with this for over a decade. Deciding between this or a speedy or Pam 1000 or Pam 380. [[SPOILER]]
Gents, what's everyone's thoughts on Monaco cal11?
All that conversation regarding speedy- makes me want get one. Hate to admit I can't seem to like this classic design. Anyone else have a similar issue?
Sorry gents , will not be able to make it tonight. some last minute work things just popped up.Enjoy tonight's drinks/dinner.
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