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^^ this is very true. But best discount and also many heavily discounted items are only available on us site.
DJs Elizabeth St for Loake 1880 . Just under $400.
SAB can do hand stitched briefcases (full/partial) , with Extra premium. Some SAB models also specify if any parts are hand stitched (mostly the top handle). Where papworth is entirely machine stitched . Also all SAB comes standard green seude lined. Where as papworth also comes fabric lined/ unlined. A SAB is classic piece of investment , I have one and love it. Either papworth or SAB briefcase will outlast you.
Papworth is fully machine stitched.
^^ mj bale is the store you need to visit. Just got back to Bangkok from Nepal . Nepal is amazing - had really great time. Below is machapuchare during sunrise (taken by iPhone 5!) . A tailor making suit on the side of a road .
^^happened to me many times. Look at the positive side. Once you click complete order button , you get the joy and excitement of a new purchase . And then you get your money back too. Lol. Just got the Pal Zileri dark blue suit in 36r for a smashing U$197. It was $230 and used a personal 15% off code. On a another note AUD is getting slaughter tonight - making online purchase more expensive .
A comparison between new vs old Italian fit pants. My natural waist 26 inch , 55 kg and 5'9". Howard yount old Italian size 28 quite loose fit. But in a way look classic. May not be everyone's cup of tea. New size 28 is extreme - waist is 28 inch but seat and thigh and knee below are extremely slim. Not skinny- but a centimetre away from being skinny. I would recommend every one to size up by at least one size . I could easily size up to 30 and take in at the waist. For...
Duckiebrown navy she'll. And brown cordovan long wing.
And which one of you purchased the last Italian 28 light grey pants???
Happened to me many times.
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