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Thanks for the reply. How do they compare to MJB suits? Specially SuSu never have discounts?
Hi guys, what is your take on suit supply? I will be visiting U.S. Next month and want to buy few non Staple suits (patterned suits). SuSu seems to have hundreds of suits between $500-$600. Are they any good? Don't want to spend more than $600 per suits. Cox has few SuSu - how do you rate them?
Au store has Milano suits for $500USD. Or should I just pull the trigger now?
Hi gents,, I will be in the USA next month- LA, Chicago and NY . Interested in picking few suits from BB. Is Milano suits are available in outlets ? Or just 346 craps? Also on sale how much does Milano goes for? Thanks guys.
^^ this one was on sale at DJs few years ago right? Kicking myself for not buying.
It's a nice looking bag. I will definitely add a top handle leather briefcase on my rotation - most convenient bag for commuting.
My rotations/ SAB, Mulberry, Coach,Filson 256 &257 and Brooksbrothers black fleece
Gents what do you use as your daily briefcase/bags ? For me it started with a messenger bag , then few bags here and there. These are on my rotation 😎. SAB too grand at times, Filson 256 is easy, 257 a bit too bulky, BB black fleece is a bit too casual, dark brown Coach is a bit too small. Mulberry is quite good.
New Posts  All Forums: