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^^ sarcastic laugh.....
Did you and your partner chosen the user id for this forum ?
Sorry not sure how wide these are. I am happy with the width. Lapels are canvased, so has a nice roll.
So far I have 4 suits from them. I was hesitant at first of quality. But I was sold once I visited a store. Love the Havana . If it wasn't for this suit- I possibly wouldn't be SuSu customer. Thanks coxsi.
True. But fabric aren't as nice , small selection, a bit much padding, higher buttoning point .....
I went to a physical store while I was in U.S. There are many different fits and sizing can be tricky. But on a positive side you may find a cut that fits you off the rack without alterations.
^^ once you buy from SuSu - it's hard to go back. The selection is just massive. And show me where else can I buy a decent half canvased suit for under $500 aud. fabric is decent- this is ormezzano linen.
Great quality vs value. I recently been converted to SuSu. It's pure linen and fully lined. Very light and no padding.
SuSu Havana light grey linen . Excuse the poor selfie
SuSu Havana light grey linen- maiden voyage .
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