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Prior handing over to the store show them that its brand new and you expect them not to scratch. My experience AD they are bunch of idiots and both watches of Switzerland and bloody Gregory jewellers scratched the hell out some of my watches. I now change straps and bracelets and do much better job. Just be careful. It takes less than 5 minutes to do a chance carefully.
I wear 34 SS in Havana and Lazio. Haven't tried the Napoli. But shoulder measurements alone isn't the right fit indicator. You need to consider the chest as well to get a better picture.
Just pulled trigger on a belstaff roadmaster olive from mr porter. I had been looking for one on sale for over a year. No luck .As much as I hate paying full retail-This was the last one in size 36. its better be worth it !
Howard Yount is still the best option.
Mj bale is doing 25% sale prices on their website. Some decent items left. Picked up a navy blue cotton suit for $299.
Personally I think it's a great jacket. But it's not an essential piece on any wardrobe. I think Barbour beaufort is the jacket to have. For shorter gents bedale. I wear suits to work and have multiple over coats and Mac to go over. The days want to look rugged I put this( my only waxed jacket) over my suit.
Barbour commander is a great outdoor coat. On my last doof it kept me warm and dry on a gloomy rainy night.
Gents , what's your thoughts on belstaff trailmaster/ roadmaster? I plan to wear it over a suit occasionally. Quite expensive jacket. Trailmaster aka tourist trophy is the heavy 10oz fabric with removable d3o armour & removeable vest . roadmaster is the fashion line with 6oz fabric. Which would be a better choice? Also colour wise would you pick olive green or mahagony brown? FYI I have a Barbour in olive green. Thanks in advance for your contributions.
This. Susu suit range is the largest in the industry. Customer service is insane. Multiple times these guys went above and beyond to fulfil my requests. I have been buying RTW suits from many different makers- but ever since I purchased susu I just don't bother looking at others.
Tudor Black Bay is beautiful watch. Breitling superocean 2 is also an alternative. I have one and love it. Oris aquis date is also a solid watch which I love to wear - total tool watch look.
New Posts  All Forums: