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Excuse the poor quality selfie. Prl jacket.
Is it linen with polyester mix ?
Lol not me. Loud suit day today blue glen check, tan with blue polka dot scarf sticking out of jacket lapels and old English flower print pocket square (beige/Ivory/ red/blue/ green). Pale pink shirt. Sneak picture.
Lol makes sense. I actually never met/spoken to the bride/groom. The Bride is my wife’s ex- work colleague. Asked my wife to confirm the dress code.
sorry - Palm Beach in Sydney.
Hi gents, just a quick question on wedding attire. End of September I will be attending a outdoor wedding at Pam Beach. Wondering if wearing a tan cotton suit (garment dyed, deconstructed) is appropriate. Thinking of pale blue or pink with knit tie. Loafers or driver- no socks. Or a light grey linen suit with similar shirt, tie and footwear. Old picture of the suits bellow. Don't want to stand out too much for the right reasons. Alternatively I can go charcoal/navy , white...
Today double breasted jacket by ovadia and sons. [[SPOILER]]
Today this fantastic double breasted jacket by ovadia and sons. Tailored in New York , beautiful fabric and construction. Sad to see this brand went to $hit. Don't hate - no tie still.
Bally outlet in St. Peter's
true. This 34R Lazio has sleeve length of 24.7" where I need a 25". Plus the cashmere cable knit is quite chunky taken out 1" off the sleeves easily.
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