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Hi tailors just need a quick feedback. Got this jacket altered from my tailor. The fit feel good. Just taken in mid section. Now my tailor didn't suppress the jacket all the way till the bottom. Today wearing the jacket 2nd time i felt the bottom is a bit too loose. Just 1 picture. do you think the bottom part loose or is it ok. How do you rate the over all fit ? Thanks in advance.
Ae Sanford
Received 2 business shirts from yoox. They were sold out in my dream box they popped back up after 2 weeks. Knew they were returned. They were just dumped in box all buttons undone not folded even . But for the price and I like the fit . Bloody customers when returning don't have the curtesy to button up and fold at least half decently. If you are banned from yoox due to excessive returns - I don't feel sorry for you.
Sockless Friday Navy Grenson
Today hentsch man jacket oxford cotton 1/4 lined soft construction. Shirt RL custom fit .Navy linen herringbone pants, RL Marlow .
SAB is one of the best case makers around. I was lucky to get mine when GBP & EUR was hammered. I paid in EUR and conversion was around 1.18:slayer: [[SPOILER]]
Once you prep the leather and re dye its permanent. I think its best to do it on a brand new pair. Mine looks like it came in navy from the factory line.
I actually re dyed grey PA into this ! Ae standard navy calf is almost black.
Few weeks ago. Navy PA
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