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TM Lewin and MJ bale both would do the job nicely. I recently bought a couple of MJ bale white shirts and fantastic value and quality . I wear them under suit and odd jackets.
Today Tagliatore jacket. Cashmere , wool & cotton flannel . MJ bale shirt , HY mid grey wool trousers. Close up
Went really out of control. I think after such rampage I feel a completeness in my wardrobe and I should be able to keep it tight for next 6 months. Last 4 weeks 4 pairs of shoes including 3 suedes. Received 2 new belts today . A double breasted blazer in slate blue flannel. Another pair of grey pants by Mabitex. Total shirts purchased 7. HY pants received 3 last week and 4 in mail. 2 pairs of Rayban aviators . RLBL cardi, 2 pairs of shorts , and a polo. I think I missed...
Get something in linen , silk and wool mix in herringbone tweed. I have a RL jacket summer tweed really nice . Went crazy with HY sale and bought 7 pairs of trousers . Today Classic VBC flannel 360 gm. Also went crazy with suede shoes bought 3 pairs in last 4 weeks.
Does anyone here wear MJ Bale business shirts ? Got myself 2 white , 1 light blue- at $49 each at Birkenhead outlet store. They are also offering 5 shirts for $200 till 27th April . Their super slim fits extremely well on me plus 2 fold cotton , 4 piece yoke and canvassed collar. Really happy.
I wear Ae 8 EEE or 8.5 E in all Ae lasts . Wear uk 8 in rain last .
I am a 8 EEE in most AE (5 last) - I think I should be sweet in cannon 7.5uk.
Took a chance on Loake cannon brown suede. Paid $188 USD with disc code.
^^ ae leather quality seems some what superior than loake.
Price went up as circle of friends sale ended. Some items price went up by up 25%. I picked up a jacket on sale . Glad that I did.
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