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Poor quality elevator selfie- Suit Stile Latino linen/ cotton, perfect for Sydney summer.
Thanks for the detailed post. My white linen one is about 13" . I only make a TV fold with this. But with silk bigger ones gives more opportunities to play with. I'm 34/36 suit size and find the silk 12" looks a bit flat. I do have few of them and wear them with suits that allows small pocket squares.Your collection is great. Here is my humble rotation
I started with white linen. Now I mix it up with few prints. Again wear what you are most comfortable with.Today wearing this grey linen/ cotton suit by Stile Latino. Unlined and zero shoulder padding.
Thanks. I have a white linen from HC. Few from brooks brothers, PRL and Isaia. But recently feeling the urge to add few more. Drakes too expensive in current exchange. Price range below $50 , must be hand rolled in size 16"sq.BB was great on sale $35 a pop. However they (bb au)reduced their range and increased their prices by 40%.
Thanks for the heads up. They have a small glass face which probably is the culprit. Maybe try to polish using car polish. I would use AGP SRP.Where do Australian members buy their pocket squares from? Any good places to buy multiple at comparably cheaper price?
Bought these naked ladies this weekend.
Just an update on the recent shirt topic- tried on a MJB super slim shirt on their recent 36 size. Awesome fit. Down side is that they don't have many on this size.
I'm also 5'9.5" and 53 kg take 34r. Can fit into the 32r but sleeves way too short. My standard sleeve length is 24.75". Even the 34r is a bit short. Plus the 32r tad too short as well. I don't alter the jacket but pants take in 3 inches. I have wide shoulders and chest 37" waist suppression cause ripple under the collar.My waist at 26". Looks though you may have some roll behind your jacket.
I think some women look good in men's wear. But they would definitely look much better in bikinis. / thread . Lol Jokes aside, women have a lot more variety than men and can get away with a lot more. Personally I like women in cute clothing.
I mean 5 for $200 @ outlet store. Samurai is a weird cut. You mentioned you are slim build, I am also skinny 5'9.5" , under 55kg and MJB SS 37 works well for me. I could make the existing darts deeper. But I am quite happy with how it is. It's actually best fitting OTR shirt. I have wide shoulders and long arms- most OTR shirt at 37 don't have my sleeve length.
New Posts  All Forums: