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Nice . Gilt was selling them for $149 plus 15% -30% off depending of what voucher you have. Didn't look good on their website at that time . Looks better when you wear it
Partly agree - leather briefcase with suit does look better in a formal way. But what canvas does is make a formal / business outfit look a bit less stiff . This bag will be my 4th work bag . I have 2 leather briefcases including a SAB. But 80% of the time I find myself carrying my canvas briefcase.
Did you buy ? Best price on the net on this beauty. Wasn't keen on getting second navy bag but price was just too sweet.
So much of filson talk lately here - bought the 256 in navy - on sale for Usd $ 200 free standard shipping from urban outfitters. Was planning to get the 257 in otter green for nearly 12 months now. But I think $220 aud shipped is a good purchase.
Dandy Friday - rugby RL cricketer jacket , PRL corduroy pants, shirt , V neck sweater , scarf and Ae strands.
I am sure you will love the food and service at nomad . Lovely wait staffs as well .
Yeah it was great. Food was excellent as well . Thanks Nabil for organising .
Expect to find any and everything in yoox.
7 30 tomorrow . I will be there. Any dress code ? Other than DB jacket , 2" cuffed pants and dub monks ?
I have 3 pairs in shell and one calf pair as a boot. Same fitting .
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