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I like your fits- disagree with strips on stripe. I actually bought a navy pin stripe suit after seeing yours. Have you fired the tailor who made your jacket?
Thanks for sharing- just emailed SuSu if I can get a store credit for 2 suits I bought earlier this month. BTW received my Lazio navy check Suit today. Very happy.
^^ SuSu is the best value if you can fit into their suits. Which they have many different fits. Variety of fabrics they use is also amazing.
Pal Zileri mostly use lanificio cerruti fabrics. I have 2 PZ suits both are Cerruti fabric. If you are desperate then try contacting them.
It's showing the SS Sydney address on the confirmation email. I am size 34 in Havanna , ordered same size in Lazio.
This is insane. Ordered a Lazio blue check suit. Pricing error or just to hype up the first Australian store opening! Either way I am broke now.
Beautiful suit. I purchased this last week. It was the last one at some store.
Received my linen/cotton suit. Waiting for summer now. Beige/khaki suit can be challenging if the shade isn't right for your complexion. My third attempt and this one works for me.
on my last day at NY picked up this summer suit. 48% Flax and 52% Wool. Quarter lined , completely unstructured. Navy pinstripes in a casual setting. Pants have side adjusters. 2r3 , double vented. Also picture of my latest PZ . Absolutely beautiful. Patterns matching is flawless. BTW it feels good to be back home.
This was waiting for me in SuSu Soho. Super excited.
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